Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Family of 4 and Leni is 2 MONTHS!

I have been a bad blogger again.  Hard to get some computer time during the day and at night I just don't want to get on here.  Lennox is a dream baby.  Anika was an easy baby too though.  But these days Anika is FULL OF IT!  Lots of sass and attitude.  She can be the sweetest little thing and then the freshest little thing.  She tells me things I didn't expect to hear for another 10 years. She tells us when her feelings are hurt, when she is frustrated, when she is irritated, mad at us, feeling left out, etc. So one thing is for sure, she knows how to express her feelings, which I guess is helpful! ha She likes to tell me she doesn't love me anymore when she doesn't get her way.  And when I don't react, she will say Leni doesn't love me either :)  She tells Andrew I am mean to her and even told him I hit her! I never have! She did recant that and say she was kidding when he pressed her though.  She asked when I was going back to work the other day because she isn't having fun with me. She recanted that statement very quickly when I told her ok, we will cancel our fun plans for the day.  PS. She isn't even 3 yet!  She also tells me sweet things and is a joy at times.

I now give you some picture overload covering SOME of what we have been up to.  I am SOO not looking forward to giving this all up in a couple weeks to return to work. Andrew has been home most of this time too which is nice... mostly :)   Pretty lucky we both got this time off at the same time to spend with our kiddos.  This time of year isn't Andrew's busy time.

She loves to play grocery shopping. I took this photo right after she told us she was going grocery shopping. She asked Andrew what he wanted and then told me, don't worry mom, I will buy you lots of wine!

Leni bug turned 2 months.  Hard to believe, but I know this game. The time just flies by. 

She is sitting with lenny the lion. Her dad's childhood stuffed animal.

She likes to be worn a lot and I like wearing her. Its easy so my hands are free for Anika and other stuff. And, I just like having my little love close.

She hangs outside the shower while I shower and when I peak out of the curtain she giggles at me.
Before I had Anika, I remember people telling me they didn't have time to shower after having a baby. I have never experienced that.  Below is Anika and leni outside the shower.  Nowadays, Anika can play wherever, but I bring Leni in with me.  

We cook salmon once a week (about) but we tried a new recipe last week my friend told me about.
Mix rice vinegar, garlic, soy sauce or amino acids (I use the latter), shaved ginger and coconut sugar and then spread on top. Tasty! I even added some of that mixture to the couscous

SHE LOVES the buzzy bee mobile above her changing table.

Andrew and Anika playing doll house. I have a video of this too with Andrew pretending to be the dolls. Its pretty cute to listen to them play from the other room  :)  I think they made a man cave room in there.  His make believe and play skills are fantastic. Much better than I could ever do. She is really lucky to have him to play with.
We have this 2nd hand store in our town we like to visit. Anika LOVES the dress up clothes section. We usually let her get something from that section.

Not many photos of me because Im feeling gross and fat these days.
The last time I wrote, weight had just fallen off. Then I gained 6 pounds back around Christmas. I am signed up for a weight loss challenge right now, so I am using my Fitness pal to count calories.  I am also at the gym 5 days a week.  It is coming off VERY slowly.  I felt better about my body immediately after birth than I do now :(

I think Leni looks like her twin cousins here.

Trying to get a pic of Anika in a dress that used to be mine.

Saw this cute baby coat at a boutique store in town, then realized it was $80. nah.

They also have this brand zutano. Leni received a pair of booties, hat and mittens from my friend from this brand. I had never seen the brand before, but people always recognize Leni's booties when she wears them and say they love the brand. They are GREAT booties and if I ever have a friend having a winter baby, I will definitely get them.  GREAT gift, C :)

We go to the library every Friday. We do a tot time- story time, craft, etc. Then we head upstairs where Anika plays some more and returns her books and picks out new books. She always picks her own books. I love how she does all that.   Well, last week she was playing with the doll house and she used that tub there and put the mom in it and then started reenacting my home tub birth! lol. 

Anika wanted to make juice the other day. We had pineapple, orange, lemon and ginger.
Then it had been one of those days, so I added a drip or 2 of vodka. ha. First time I did THAT with my juicer juice, and not the last.

Got Leni this cute little onesie.

we have been spending a lot of time at the ski mountains. The Mt. I grew up skiing at just put in a tubing park, so we went tubing!

There they go!  I held Leni and then Andrew and I took turns.

We went in the little tent to warm up.

IT was hard to tell in the pics until it was dark, but it was snowing really hard while we tubed. We ate dinner at the Mt. after and I had a couple wines and I enjoyed that :)
They had fireworks at night to celebrate the grand opening of the tube park. Anika and Andrew watched from the window. ha.
Yuck of me. Sweet of Lennox.
Anika buckled Leni in when we were trying to go somewhere the other day and then read to her :) see, she can be so sweet!
 I need to show Anika how to buckle her properly :)
This was another day at the Mt.  I was feeding Leni in the car while Anika was skiing.
Then we went out to watch big sister who is doing a fabulous job. She has been several days this year.  

Leni and I hanging it the lodge.
Anika loves going to my Gram's and visiting. Gram has lots of old doll stuff. I am so happy my Gram is still around for Anika to get to know...and Leni too :)
Ha- Anika zonked out after some skiing one day.
Leni tired too in front of the fire with Piri :)
ANika asked my Gram to play School with her.
On one of our playdates with my friend and her daughter Anika's age.
This fun indoor play place. Fun for kids. ha.
So much fun, I couldn't capture it without blur!
Dance party with black lights. haha. Look at anika.
Anika won a gift card to toys r us several months ago. She finally went to the store to pick something out.  "I cant decide. I want everything in the whole wide world"
And boy, did it take a long time to pick something.

She found lots of things she wanted, but I reminded her she could pick one thing. Well, she already had said she wanted a crown (those are cheap), so I said a crown and ONE more thing.
SHE WOULD not get out of the kid computer/tablet aisle. I said they were off limits. 
SHe picked this register at one point, but put it back. I will put a register on her bday wish list though. I think it will get a lot of use because she loves to play things like store. She ended up getting a chinsy plastic "tea cart" that I didn't really like, but she has been playing with it a lot. She pretends its a tea cart, a flight attendant food cart, ect. Then the tray thing comes off for her to serve us food.
Leni also loves the mobile above the crib. I just put her in here while I was folding laundry and stuff. She likes the blanket touching her face. No joke, if you do this, she instantly falls asleep.  I think she will be a blankie kid like me :)
Here is the tray from her food cart! ha. She wants to have REAL breakfast in bed soon. I said ok.
I leave you with this gem of a jacket Andrew got for himself that he thinks is pretty cool.
Oh boy.