Thursday, November 29, 2012

What We have been up to.

 Anika's sitter took this picture of her playing. She has so much fun there.  If you remember, Anika's old sitter returned to a professional career at the end of the summer and Anika started at a new place. Two girls Anika got babysat with at the old place went to the new place too. IT is just the 3 girls and the sitter's son, who is in school half the day.  We have been so extremely blessed and fortunate. We LOVE this sitter too.
Anika turned 20 Months! Ah

We did the annual Turkey trot Thanksgiving morning. There are no photos because Anika was NOT happy. She usually loves walks/runs, but oh no. Miserable little girl. I don't know if it was being all bundled up because it was so cold, or WHAT her deal was.
We went to my Gram's for dinner.
my cousin insists on giving Anika the whoopee pies she makes.
I couldn't find Anika and I walked out in the hall and she had gotten up on the bench and was playing some tunes :)
We got home from my Gram's about 8 PM Thanksgiving night and we put Anika to bed. I put my jammies on.  Andrew and I looked at some black Friday ads and I realized that all the sales were THURSDAY night. I was WIDE awake, so I got dressed again and headed to walmart (25 minutes away). I parked and walked right in around 9. I went and bought the on sale Leappad.
Then I looked around for where the Ipad line was. I found it. I was 21st in line. They couldn't sell the Ipads until 10 pm. They were selling 85.
I waited and was very entertained playing on my phone with no husband or baby wanting me :)
Then I got thirsty. REALLY thirsty, so I asked the girl behind me to hold my place. I  went and got some water. I came back and talked to the girl and we just chatted and before I knew it, we got our Ipads. There was no pushing, no yelling, nothing like you see on TV. This is rural NH, people.
After the Ipad, I went and got a few more things.  Then, I went next door to the outlets. Jcrew was 50% off so I got a gift for someone and some tights for me. It was so crazy to see TONS of people out shopping at midnight. The parking lot was full. Everyone was happy and I thought it was very neat.  I know IM an asshole for supporting Thursday shopping, bla bla- so Un hippie of me, I get it. I went to a few mores stores and went home. When I got home at 1 AM, Anika was awake! WHAT?? Andrew said she woke up at 10, wired! I have my suspicions of why she was up wired, but we finally got her to sleep with us, but it wasn't real sleep.
Friday, we went to my parent's house to get our Christmas tree. We always get it from my dad's. They are not always the prettiest, but they are free and my dad grew them.

 I had to crop this because for some reason, Andrew's hand was on his crotch.

my niece helped us!
Anika was SOOO much fun decorating the tree. It was a lot of work pulling out all the decorations from the basement and such, but she loved hanging ornaments. She is so gentle and followed directions quite well. I was really impressed. We played Christmas music. She LOVES the nativity Scene. My mom bought her one - a nice one made in Italy. She loves putting baby Jesus night night.
The Star!
Charlie Brown Tree
ON Saturday, Anika and I went to a baby shower. It was fun. THen, we went shopping and I returned a bunch of the stuff I bought Thursday night! ha.
I got carried away. I also returned the leap pad. We are going to let her use the Ipad with apps (sometimes) instead.
We also went into Ann Taylor Loft and this happened: there was a display of women's headbands and Anika reached for one so I let her try it on and then she started saying mirror so I brought her to the mirror and she smiled and said "Anka want one" ! I said, you have some at home and she was ok with that response.
Then we went to walmart, and she started yelling Barbie at a Barbie display. I don't even know how she knew what that was, but She picked it up, and I asked her to put it back and after a few times  of asking, she did, but I saw it was $5 so I got it for her! ha.
I cant believe I did. Andrew calls the doll YUCK, so now Aniak drags it by its hair and calls it Yuck too.
Andrew and I exchange ornaments.
I got him this one with the new NZ house painted on it from an etsy shop.
It came in the mail today and I let him see it. I'm so bad at surprises! ha.
We also get Anika one. Ill post hers later.
I posted about this picture on FB, but if you are not friends with me, here is the story:
The other morning  we were JUST Getting up.
 Anika wanted to play with my ring, and I wouldn't let her. She started to cry and have a little tantrum. I said "If you are going to cry, please go do it in your room. There are toys in your room you can play with"
  She stopped crying and walked immediately next door to her room. It was VERY quiet, so after a minute or two I walked into her room and here she was.
I asked "what are you doing?"
Anika: "time out".
Me: No one said anything about time out. You don't have to sit there
Anika: OH. (got up and played).
Seriously, I don't know what's up with her doing that. We don't even USE TIMEOUT!
Oh friends, I could go on and on, but this is pretty long. I wish I could keep up on a normal basis.
Hope you all had a great Thanksgiving. 


Monday, November 19, 2012

Weekend and A guest post!

Knock Knock.
I am here.
My friend Meagan is doing a series on super Moms. She was nice enough to ask me to answer some questions for her blog.
The post appeared last Thursday and I wanted to tell you all!
So, go Read it.
I think I want to get Andrew a bread maker for his Birthday. Any suggestions?
Not too Pricey!
I got him an Iphone 4 and gave it to him early. I thought I could pull that off as his gift from his generous wife, but he found out I got it for free! (He was eligible for an upgrade).  Bummer.
 Guess what he got me as An early Christmas Present:  
Frye boots. The ones on the RIGHT.  They dont have a zipper. I have replaced both zippers on my Ecco boots. I LOVE LOVE my ecco boots and I have had them for 4.5 years. Boots are my everyday wear around here this time of year. The ones above with a zipper were a little taller, but also a little tighter on my leg.
Anika playing in the leaves with her cousin!
A few lights and a "horse" as Anika called it.
We went to some new outlets in our state this weekend.
We have outlets pretty close to our house though, but these ones are a little more upscale. Andrew FINALLY Found a pair of jeans. I was about to beg the sales people in some stores to find him a pair that fit right. Its seriously been a two year search.

We also went to Macys which is over an hour from our house and I got Anika's Christmas dress!
Friday, Andrew asked me to pick up desserts at our butcher when I got some tips for dinner.
One dessert did not survive the trip home.
I lack control. I really do.
Hope you had a lovely weekend!

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Chicago: Our first Plane adventure

Anika and I went to Chicago last weekend. Thursday-Sunday.
As you can see I had my hands full.  Southwest allows you to check 2 free bags, so I brought a good sizes suitcase and the pack n play as my 2 bags. Then, they allow a free stroller and car seat. Since Anika is still under the weight and height requirements for the infant seat, I brought that. It was easier to manage because I snapped it into the Bob.  She uses convertible seats usually at home, but I didn't want them getting bashed around either. The straps on the infant seat just BARELY fit her right now.
Then I had a back pack with snacks and toys. And I wore Anika in the sling.
I also DID bring cloth diapers and cloth diapered the whole time, so those took up some room.
When we were waiting in the security line I looked up and saw a familiar face! My friend Kate. I was shocked. She said she was going to New Mexico, but flying through Chicago! I cant even tell you how excited I was.
First of all Kate LOVE Anika. She is very good with her and has been since she was born. Kate doesn't want her own kids (yet) but I can always trust her with Ani.  Actually, Kate has even seen my birth video of having Anika! ha, but she wont even go to her own sister's live birth.
Anyway, Southwest doesn't have assigned seating so I was even more excited.
Anika and I didn't have to go through the xray machine which was a relief to me.
But, then my Bob stroller did not pass some test, so I had to be patted down and all my other stuff had to be searched and tested. They couldn't even tell me why my stroller failed.
Kate took Anika while I dealt with security.
When we got to the gate I folded up my stroller to put in the stroller bag I bought from Monday and shipped 2 day.  IT DIDN'T FIT. The description said it fit single Bobs, but it didn't, so a wheel was hanging out.  I was sweating after attempting so many times.
Kate had boarded with Anika by then and I dealt with that.
It was so nice to have Kate and Anika was pretty decent on the plane ride. It was 2 hours. When the plane first took off Anika squealed with delight "WOW!!" which made people near us laugh. It was a full flight. She also Flirted with the boy behind us ridiculously. She would get shy and hide but then smile at him. She did ask to nurse almost right away, which I don't like to in front of people so I maneuvered to hide that. It was hard for me to get into my bag with A on my lap, so on the flight home I made sure to have a smaller bag and more organized.
Saying bye to Kate in Chicago.
My sling is a K'tan. It also works like a Moby for infants.
E went to O'Hare airport instead of Midway, so Anika and I collected our bags and waited a bit.  She cleaned chairs at the airport for a while ...I pulled out the camera at the end, but this entertained her for a long time.
Thursday night we went to E and J's place. E was my college roommate and J also went to college with us and is E's fiance. We had dinner and I put Anika to bed and we had some wine.
Friday morning we had breakfast at the Bongo Room. It was delish!

J's dessert breakfast.

We drove out to Northwester where E is getting her masters.

Then, we met up with my friend C who also lives in Chicago. E just moved to Chicago this summer for school. C has lived there a while and I went a couple years ago for her bridal shower. In fact, I found out I was pregnant the day after I returned from that trip!
Then, I went when I was 18 weeks pregnant with Anika to be in C's wedding.
This was A's 3rd trip, first on the outside :)
We went to the city zoo, which is Free and Amazing!! 

We saw lions..
and Tigers
and what Anika said was a kitty!

Anika called this big fake Gecko "Froggy" she was REALLY excited.

She also identified Turtle.

John was with us too. A wasn't sure about him the first night (Thursday) but by Friday she was calling his name...EARLY in the morning. I had to say "Shhh" and she would yell  JOHN SLEEPING!

At the park

Making music.
Since Anika didn't nap on Friday, she went to bed kind of early. Then, Erin and I met up with C and Allyson (I was going to link Allyson but she no longer has a blog)  for dinner and drinks at Fork.  
John "watched" Anika while she slept. He was nervous, but luckily she didn't wake up. I knew she wouldn't. Not before we got back anyway. She was OUT like a light.

Saturday morning E had to go to school.  C came to meet us and we took the train to breakfast.

Then Anika fell asleep in her stroller and we went to Michigan Ave to shop a bit.
I had a few small things to pick up (a lip glass at Sephora, a mascara at Macys but we went to Nordstrom instead). We went to a 3 story H&M. I used to love H&M when I lived in Boston.
Anika got a new pink hat and a scarf! I had been wanting to get her a scarf but never saw them before.
She also picked up some leopard print pants, a skirt and a sweater!
We then went to C's place. I got a tour, saw her husband and then we got sushi for lunch, which Anika mowed down (and got her grimy hands everywhere).

THEN we went to the park!

(We were going to go to the Children's museum and stuff, but the car seat was still at E's place. The park was free and I think A had a blast!)

Saturday night, C, her husband, Ani and I walked to dinner-Mexican. Anika had a bit of a tantrum so we decided to walk so she could fall asleep in her stroller and she did. She slept though dinner, but when she woke up, she was MAD. I tried to hand her some leftover rice and she was not having it. Luckily we were done, so we walked home.  She went to bed and E came over that night.
-Saturday was daylight savings, and Anika was UP at the crack again, just like every morning, but while staying with childless people, its hard. She is loud! She woke up all our hosts all weekend.
On that note though, our hosts were all fabulous.  I will admit, I was really happy that my girlfriends and their partners were so patient and great with Anika. It really did make our trip so much easier and fun.  She had a few doozy tantrums where I looked at her and thought "WHO ARE YOU and Where is my baby?"  I know we were travelling and things were new but I wasn't prepared for those.

Sunday, we met E and J for breakfast again and I had a Flight of delicious French toast. Have you heard of flights? Chicago had them at every place! Its a sample of 3 things. For example, a  flight of 3 wines, a flight of 3 tacos, 3 kinds of French toast, the list goes on.

Out of order. This was A playing the keyboard with J Saturday.

And, our plane ride home was pretty good. There were about 10 minutes that Anika was not great and those 10 minutes felt like an hour.  She pulled herself together though. After ripping skin off my face and ripping the magazine out of the hands of the lady next to us!

She colored, read books, ate snacks, and looked at her cards on the plane ride.
Ok, I want to post this tonight. I am so tired and I should review this first, but I'm not :) 
PS. Rachel- when you comment, it doesn't link to a blog or an email. If you see this can you tell me how I can reply to you or see your blog. thanks.