Friday, June 28, 2013

NO more Reader- BOO!

Reader will be gone MONDAY!!
I'm sad. I have tried to move all my blogs, but I don't know If I have!
Please please leave me a link to your bloglovin if you have a blog and you read mine. I want to follow and READ! I often read blogs in reader and don't always get to the sites!!
My mom is doing a Super Spartan race up in Montreal this weekend. She has done Spartan races and Tough Mudders before.
Anika wished her Luck by getting a little Muddy herself :)

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

The same dress, weddings almost 3 years apart.

This first group of photos were taken of me back when I was about 16 weeks pregnant with Anika.
I bought this dress to wear to a friend's wedding in September, 2010.

Here are photos of me from that wedding back in September, 2010

My hair had some curls and it was blonder. I like it.

FAST Forward to JUNE, 2013.
My friend J came over about a month ago to help me go through my closet to pick a dress to wear to a wedding that took place this past weekend. The groom was my old roommate in Boston for the year before I went to NZ to study abroad :)  He also is the older brother of a friend of mine from high school. That's how I knew him. I needed a roommate after I broke up with my college boyfriend and had an apt. we had signed a lease for together.
It all worked out beautifully! He was a great roommate and friend!
My friend J told me this dress was the best choice in my closet for my growing belly.
I took it to my seamstress to get altered- the sides seemed poofy. I waited a week and had my dress back for $15 alteration- just the sides taken in. Then this past week, I tried the dress on for Andrew and he thought it was much shorter! I gained 5 pounds and knew my belly had gotten bigger in the weeks since my friend came over. He thought it seemed too short. So, I freaked out and on Friday night after working late (Night before wedding), I went to TJ Max. There were VERY few dresses that fit my belly!  There are no stores with maternity around here! And, basically no stores at all!  Remember, we live rural. I was kicking myself for not buying a maternity dress sooner. Last time I was about 16 weeks pregnant with MY First and now at 20.5 weeks with my 2nd, I was bigger.
I tried on the old dress and new dress again and had Andrew take pictures to send to some friends via text for advice.

Andrew had me do this to show me how short it was if I bent down! haha.  There is one from the front too, but I will spare you :)
Also, this dress was low cut. So, short and low cut at the same time didn't seem like  a good idea for a pregnant mom who was bringing Anika to the wedding.

Friday night rush dress - old lady lace.


After lots of texts and advice, I went with the original dress. But, my friend J met us in town to ride with us and brought me a lace black tank top to put under the dress to take away some cleavage. I felt more comfortable not worrying about my boobs.

This time I wore my hair straight and its not as light as 2010.

Me and my two babies :)

Anika wearing J's shoes at cocktail hour. ha
Oh, the ceremony was at a large Catholic Church. Full mass.  Anika kept talking so Andrew took her out until the end. There was a girl 4 months younger than Anika and one that was a year or so older who didn't make a peep!  ha. She was just commenting on EVERYHTING. Would say, Sit down, stand up. Just too loud.
ANd, a few weeks ago, we were not planning on taking Anika. I assumed adults only.
But, then the groom texted me asking if Anika was coming. I was shocked. HE said kids were invited.
I called Andrew who was away for work and he wanted to take her. I told him I was already planning on being off duty that night, so he would be responsible for her. He said sure,  and just said he missed her. I texted the groom and let him know and he asked what she wanted to eat! Like, to pick one of the meals we were given a choice of. 
I will add, if I was not pregnant, I would have been drinking and I would not have taken her :) Even if Andrew wanted to.

Giving daddy a hongi (Maori kiss/greeting)

The bride is British. There were real tea cups set up for tea and coffee. Anika immediately wanted tea so she sat and had her tea in her fancy cup.
An hour after cocktail time started, it started to rain. Anika wanted to play in the rain and convinced Miss J to go with her!! She was having a blast!!
The reception was at a farm. Cocktail time was  under at tent right near the barn and then we moved into the barn for dinner and the rest of the wedding. 
There was champagne and wine on the table for everyone and Anika kept asking where her wine was. She also snagged J's wine and ALMOST got a sip!
Dancing with her little friend!
Anika RIPPED up the dance floor.
Oh, we took her out during speeches. Because again, she wanted to talk too! ha
Plus, it was VERY hot up where we were sitting, so going down and out was a nice breeze.
A stranger lady came up to me and said what a good dad Andrew was. She said she saw them dancing together and she got choked up because she could see their love for each other and that would be them in 20 years on HER wedding day!  I was like, ohh that's so sweet. So, I went to tell Andrew and he said "Oh, Ill probably be dead in 20 years and it will just be You  At her wedding"  UM- Tears JUST ROLLED down my face at the thought of that.  I had to go outside! J overheard and told him that was NOT NICE!  
Other than that rude comment, we had a great time. J is a teacher and she danced and played with Ani a lot too. They adore each other.
It was after 10 and I was looking for them and found them over coloring at a corner table. ha.
It was hard to get her to leave, but I was tired and I HAD a BRIDAL SHOWER to host the next day in MA!  That will be a separate post :)
So, the dress worked out and we had a great time!