Friday, September 27, 2013

Fall time and 34 weeks

I wanted my FIL to take some family photos with my bump.
Well, he took some.
And I hate myself in ALL of them!!
I will print one and hang in the kids' room.  You are lucky I am posting some here.  As much as I hate myself in them, I guess it is what it is.
My cheeks eat my face and I look a lot bigger than I thought I was.
When I look in the mirror I don't see this. The scale has tipped up and I have reached the maximum amount I wanted to gain for this entire pregnancy.  I don't feel this heavy though!!  Its so odd. I still feel fantastic. I still do spin, boot camp, etc.  People probably look at me and don't believe I work out as much as I do, but its true!  I am just blowing up anyway. I do eat a lot of healthy foods, but I also have been a sweet hound and I do eat a lot of fro yo and chocolate. And sweets. ha. 

It was awkward too. The twins were there too and they wanted to run in pictures.  It was just hard to get a good family shot. Toddlers are hard to work with and my FIL wasn't directing us. I need a girlfriend who will make sure I look good! make sure I am in the best angle to look the smallest! you know girls will do that. haha

I got some more beads for my necklace!

Fall means firewood delivery and stacking.  Andrew does most of this, but I put in an effort to help when he was away.

Still eating our garden veggies! We had con on the cob almost every night last week.

I have been taking this to boost my immune system with all the sickies coming out.  I give it to Anika too, but she can also take my Echinacea and goldenseal vitamins, but I cant take goldenseal while pregnant. This is an immune booster safe for pregnancy and my midwife told me I could take it.
We also take lots of vitamin D this time of year. Whenever we are around sick people, we LOAD up on all our supplements.

I made this bento inspired lunch for Anika. I just used stuff I already had at home.  I have had my eye on cute stuff to buy, but I really shouldn't right now.  The far left corner is a heart shaped sandwich. We use Appelgate organic lunch meat turkey, organic raw cheddar cheese and the bread is homemade. We try to make bread (or we have been getting it from the farm) because Andrew is not supposed to eat any soy and there is soybean oil in almost all store bought breads. The plum is from our yard. The pepper was from our local farm share and I made the hummus. Anika loves hummus. The sandwich is in a thing to make poached eggs! haha and the heart containers are muffin cups I had and I have been using letter birthday candles I already had to make it more fun.

This is Anika in a vintage nighty I picked up for her.  She has a jean jacket over it so you cant see it all, but I Love nighties on little girls! She loves nighties too- easier to lift up and pee when she has to go. I live in nighties at home as well.

I had a sample of lipstick I tried out last weekend. I never wear color- just gloss. I was trying to take a pic of the red lips and I noticed in the pic after that A was pulling me. ha.

And, this is what Anika chose to wear that day. We have a lot of tantrums over clothes and I try to just let it go most days.

We have life factory bottles- Anika had a baby bottle and a sippy bottle. I have a sports top bottle and Andrew has a big regular bottle. Well, they came out with STRAW bottles!
Anika got a new one and I got a big one too. I LOVE it. Yes, they are glass, but they have the sleeves over them and we have never broke one. We have lost one (Anika left her small one at marathon Monday). I was also told that you can put different nipples on the baby bottle sized ones. I need to try that out.

More red lips. I see I didn't apply it very well! haha. Maybe I should stick to my gloss.

Blue hair!

These couches were at a yard sale we went to with my friend. Little and old and so cute!  They also had vintage jewelry and costume jewelry. Anika got a necklace (Not pictured). I wore it to work yesterday and when I picked her up from the sitter and said "hey, you wearing my necklace" I was like, yes I am and you always wear my jewelry so its ok! ha.

It was hot for a fall day!

I  love how she is touching Leni here :)

I tried to put the infant seat next to her convertible seat last week. She now wants to ride in the infant seat.  They are not supposed to be touching and they were, so I nee to try it with hers in the middle and the infant on outside and have Andrew do it. He is the car seat guy.  I want them next to each other. And yes Anika is still Rear facing. Her seat is rear facing until 45 pounds (She weighs 27ish)  and its just like 300% safer (stats show).  We are in the car a lot so its just what we feel best doing. She doesn't mind at all.

More and more tomatoes!! 

More from our FIRST time apple picking. There are some really cute ones of her and her twin cousins, but I don't want to post their faces on here. I haven't asked so just doesn't feel right.

checking out a caterpillar

Such a little ham bone. She is so fun!

Ha, Andrew took this and cut off my head. Maybe for the best.

Tomato soup. Or maybe this was the pumpkin soup! I cant keep up with all this produce!

The other morning I yelled from my room asking her if she was ready to go and she yelled back, No. I busy. Having tea party with my friends" ha.
I CANT get her out of these dress up clothes! We were going to hang out with my friend and her daughter in MA that day..she ended up riding down there in her underwear because she refused to put on real clothes. She put on clothes when we got there :)

We went to lunch at Cheesecake factory. We do NOT have that up here, but I used to live next to one in Boston. I Love it and its been years since I have been to one. It was Anika's first. We went with my friend and her daughter.

The four of us split a cheesecake. yum. ANika loved the cream.

We sat outside and A and I were right in the sun. I was sweating and her face was so red!! This was this week!

Then we went to another orchard in MA. Ha. IT was way bigger than the one up here we went to. AND, their apples looked picture perfect but they had this whitish coating on them. SPRAY! yuck! we washed them off, but kinda grossed me out.  No wonder they were picture perfect. You should see our non sprayed apples from our house! hahah- ugly and bug holes.

the girls were SOO cute and played so lovely together. S is actually 2 months YOUNGER than Anika, but towers over her.

A pear too?

Im gross here.

Hay ride!

I saw this on fb. That's me. haha

And, she slept in this damn dress. I told her she couldn't come in my bed with it on, but I guess she sneaked in when I was sleeping. She does that often and I don't wake up until my alarm goes off.

HERE I am after boot camp at 34 weeks pregnant.

34 Weeks.  My blood pressure was 105!  That's low. I am usually 115-118. I was stressed before I got there so I was surprised. Its nothing to worry about though.  I am starting to get MINOR swelling.  All my other tests and stuff are picture perfect.
One complaint I have for pregnancy- my weight gain.

Then, Anika went apple picking AGAIN with her sitter! lol. Three times in a week. She is an expert now.

We made these last night. Just cut up tomatoes and kale from our garden. Added in some sweet potatoes and herbs and eggs and cheese and baked. So crust less quiche I guess.
Oh oops, this is out of order.
We have another busy weekend ahead!