Thursday, May 8, 2014

It has been a while...

Wow, I cant believe it has been so long. 
Things are good and busy. Leni is 5 months and growing. She is 16 pounds (66th percent) and in the 90th percent for height at 26.5 inches.  Anika is 3 (turned 3 at the end of March) and she is 30 pounds which is around 40th percentile and her height is petite, around 20th. I cant remember Anika's exactly.  Anika has always been petite. Both girls are lots of fun. Leni is the HAPPIEST baby. I know I said that about Anika, but Leni takes the cake and everyone who has known both kids say that too.  They say Anika was easy, but she was more serious. Leni smiles at air! haha.  Anika was a lot more physical, but Leni is getting wiggly more now. She rolls around everywhere and likes to do these things that look like sit ups/crunches. It is pretty funny and cute.  She sits alone, but not for long periods of times like A was at this age, but she will spend almost an HOUR in the jumperoo or a high chair just playing with toys or jumping in the jumperoo. That is a LONG time.  She will just hang out the whole time I make dinner or do stuff, whereas Anika at 3 is all up in my business and distracts me more than the baby while trying to get tasks done. haha. SHE LIKES TO BE INVOLOVED IN EVERYTHING.  Generally, she is a great help and her stories and comments keep me laughing for days.
I really want Leni to stay a baby! haha. We can enjoy watching Anika grow and learn, but its so nice to just have a happy smiley baby around all the time.  She just brings so much peace and happiness if that makes sense.   She is still exclusively breast fed when I am around and she drinks breast milk out of bottles while I am at work.  She reaches for food and rubs it on her lips, but doesn't try to eat it, so we will just wait until she is ready. 

Ok, I keep trying to add some photos and blogger is not working.

 I really only came on here to tell you that I joined Instagram. I am posting there more often, but I am being selective with who I let follow me :) haha. But, if you are a blog reader and miss my posts (I don't think I will be getting any better about blogging in the near future) so, comment or email me and tell me your IG name and I will find you :)
Damn, I want to include photos of the kids, but it wont let me. I give up.