Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Is it Friday yet?

Dinner tonight- Zucchini from garden, tomatoes from garden...then avocado and cheese (not from garden) and I added some left over salmon from Alaska after I took the photo. I have tons of basil and other spices right out my door, but forgot :)
A few more photos from our summer....

When we went to Boston- Eating in the North End (Italian). It was a fancy restaurant and Anika was NOT on good behavior. AT ALL. I barely got to eat.
We forgot a bib so Andrew put a napkin on her.

Piri is SO good with her!

So, the story that happened at the gym. Basically, this lady who always says hi to Anika told me how lucky I am and how sweet and special Anika is. Then, as she was saying that, my nose burned and my eyes started to water. (Nose burning is sign of crying coming).  I hugged/head locked Anika and was like "I KNOw, I just love her so much" ...and Anika looked at me like "WHAT the eff mom!? Get yourself together!" but I HAVE NO IDEA why I got so emotional about it! It was Monday and I was super sad about the weekend being over, but that's always the case.  You would think it would get easier and easier as time goes by, but it actually is getting Harder For me to leave her.  I miss her so much. NO, IM NOT pregnant- that's not why I am being VERY ODDLY emotional. ITS Odd for me, not all people, but it is for me. I don't know what is going on with me. IM just SUCH a sap lately when it comes to her, and even Andrew.  I just love my little family I guess. Don't get me wrong, she can be a real brat at times...testing me and such.

She told me she loved me last week. She also has been giving me hugs- like real ones. She also has liked to give me a LONG cuddle before bed lately. I EAT IT UP. As you know, she has never been much of a cuddler (not a word?), so IM taking what I can now!

She LOVES to help, and I let her help a lot. She helps do chores like put away laundry, pick up laundry, she even uses the dish towels to clean up messes she makes! She helps me water the plants and garden. She puts things in the trash for me, especially when I'M lazy and I'M like "Here, go bring this to the trash"  Actually, she brought a wrapper to the trash for me this weekend when our friends were here and they were surprised she did it! ha.   SHe also likes to feed Piri. As soon as we get home, I say "lets feed Piri" and she goes to where the food is kept.  My voice is SUPER annoying in this video because i was tyring to speed it along- the longer it takes her, the longer the video and the longer and harder to load :) I even had to cut this off to load...

He saying her sitter's name...Im trying to make her sitter a little video to post on FB, but so far its not working like I want...her last day there is THIS THURSDAY! IM SAD.

AND- well, I think you all know what she is saying here :)

Hey there

Ugh, I suck. I haven't been on to post in Well over a week...and my last post was a Repost!
My in laws went back to NZ yesterday. They were here for 2 months. We already miss them so much.  Summers are busy, as you know :)

I put this photo on fb, but I cropped myself out in it...I just don't like myself, but Ill put the whole thing here for you all to see :)  I LOVE the other 2 family members in it- you know, my baby and the guy that lives with us. haha

Another of my sweet girl and the guy who lives with us. That guy is pretty cool and sweet most of the time.
 HE SURE does miss his girl when he is away working. Oh, his girl, meaning Anika! ha. Im sure he misses me too, but she is the light of his eyes these days. We have a sweet deal...well a fair deal. Since he gets up around 4 AM for work most days and I get up around 6 ISH (Anika wakes earlier, but I get her back to sleep), we take turns on weekends. HE gets to sleep in one day and then me. HE gets her up and goes outside and plays with her while I sleep.  I slept in this past Saturday while they were out playing in the yard. But, oh man, after a party on Saturday night, I REALLY wanted to sleep in ON Sunday. So, I just went into A's room and fell asleep on her floor while she played in there :)  It worked- her room was a huge mess when we woke up, but she was safe and happy.
She turned 16 Months since my last post. She is a chatty little girl. At this age, they just continue to learn new things on a daily basis so its hard to write it all out.

She doesnt just wear her mom's old clothes, now she is using her Mom's old potty! hahaha. YUP, my mom brought this over to me. The feeding tray? well, that's weird. We use it as an activity tray :)

She likes to put my undies on herself like they are an accessory Hey, they were clean!
She also puts her OWN bows and headbands on now! We had friends over this weekend and Anika sat in the bahtroom watching my friend do her hair and make up with SOO much interest. She also loves necklaces and bracelets...oh and carrying bags like purses. I mean, Girly girl? Yes, but she also likes to play ROUGH and dirty- so a nice well rounded little girl, Id say :)

My dad was away in Alaska last week. He brought me home some salmon- FRESH.  I cooked it up for Anika and myself last night...but then I got distracted by the dog running to the neighbor's house and well...it got over cooked!  I was SOOOO bummed. Ugh. Damn Piri.  AND, It reminds me- ANDREW promised to buy a dog fence WEEKS ago so I can get Piri trained during the summer light hours. We are running out of summer, so he better get it done SOON. Once we have the fence, our life will be so much easier and better for Piri.
This is such a short update, but everything is good on this end.  I had a SUPER sappy moment at the gym yesterday when talking about Anika. Ill tell that story later, but Anika is at my leg, and I have to get to work :)

Thursday, July 19, 2012

REPOST-Silly pregnancy photos

I am re posting this from my old blog.
For my old readers you may remember these. I was looking at them and forgot how funny that day was.
Actually, I am posting these for MCW because she LOVES how people do photo shoots of everything, Especially Maternity photos :)  These are not quite Professional though- My friends took them...if you cant tell by the wrinkly sheet backdrop! lol.
She also asked  how Andrew likes getting his photo taken...well, here you go :)
He does lighten me up a bit when I take things so serioulsy.

OK, this one is not a blooper, but It was one of the first ones taken and I felt SOOOO Awkward!
Also, as I told you in yesterday's post with the better photos, my dad was working right outside my front door, and whenever I heard the door open, I would run away. I didn't want him making fun of me. At one point, he did ask my friends "What are you guys taking picture for? Trying to get a good photo for THE Facebook?" hahah- "The Facebook" I was like, NO none of these are going on there. Little does he know I have a blog to share them on instead! haha

Andrew sticking his finger in my belly button, which made me laugh of course. Too bad you cant see our faces when he did that.

In a picture I posted yesterday, he was licking my ear- in this one he is biting it. AND, our backdrop is all a mess.

Sticking his tongue in my belly button while I try to be serious.

Susan or Kate lifted up his shirt as a joke...hahaha, but it looks like he is flexing and being all tough guy.

Dumb smile.

Um, ya. I think this one is self explanatory of why he thought this was funny.

He wasn't really hurting me! Fyi.

ANother dumb face.

I told Susan and kate to take pictures above knees...because we were in our boots! Andrew is gum boots and me with my pants stuck into my pants. They took a picture anyway! :)

Me mid yelling at ANdrew :)

They told him to put his face up to my belly...he squished a little too hard.

This was a picture Kate wanted to mimic- she got it off google images. Want to see what it looked like when I tried?

hahahahahaha. I couldn't get my foot up to my crotch. AND, look how DIRTY my foot is on the bottom! Oh, and I am not on the sheet. hahah

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Videos- My love

More Videos from Our Weekend.

The Mall. That little romper was mine as a baby :)
The videos above are from when we went to the Maine Mall last Friday while up in Maine.  Then, on  Sunday, We went to a new outlet center in Merrimack with my inlaws on the way to Boston, where she took my MIL and FIL's bags and Walked around with them! lol. People kept telling Andrew he was in trouble...especially since the bags were Calvin Klein and Saks, I think. Andrew and I didnt buy anything so she had to use nana and poppa's bags.

Ok, so I just watched these again- and ONE, IM super loud in them. 2. I yell at my mom both times! lol. The reason being- Anika was going down the slide several times, and THEN, I taped it. Same with water- She was jumping to me in the pool for a long time. Then, I got out to tape it, and my mom "didnt do it right" lol.  I swear, im not that bossy all the time.  I want to record all the things she does, but they are never the same when I get the camera. I know it shouldnt matter, but I forget things!!   Really, I do. So recording EVERY little thing is important to me :)
Just feel lucky I dont put EVERY little thing on here! ha.
AND, A Reward to the first person who guesses What she is saying here:

Monday, July 16, 2012

Are you SURE Channing isnt my Daddy!?


Anika and I went camping for a few days up in Maine- at Old Orchard beach (as I wrote in last post). On Saturday we were at the beach and went to the Pier for lunch. After lunch, I put anika down on a platform so I could get my Ergo (baby carrier) back on and she walked over to that pole and started dancing! lol- People walking by stopped to watch and laugh. One guy was even pulling out a dollar bill! lol. by the time I got my phone out to tape, my niece went over to also dance, so she is in this video.. Also, as usual, as soon as I got my camera out, she wasnt doing it the same, but she still did a little :) At the end of video, anika was looking at the people looking at her! lol. I know I should have stopped it. I know it was wrong. Its wrong to even post this....isnt it? Tell me. I have a few more Hilarious videos from the weekend, and tons of pics :) The last hour before I left, my camera broke :( It is a Nikon D3100. Andrew bought it at Best Buy and I got an 18 month service plan. We have used it once when I broke the lens. Well, it has been 19 months since we bought it :( So, instead of having best buy send it out and take forever, I said no thanks. I took it to a camera shop and they told me that the mirror inside slipped out of place, but that the whole camera would have to be taken apart. They still have to send it away. It will be FOUR TO SIX WEEKS! AND, $220! WAHHHH. What will I do for 4-6 weeks? I suck with my iphone.

Friday, July 13, 2012

Thomas the Train and Baby Wearing

Last weekend, we went to see Thomas the Train. He was a little over an hour north of us. It was a hot day.

At first, we thought the 20 minute ride would be too long, but it was just long enough! :)

Anika went in a bouncy house.

She played with train sets. She also has one at home she got for her birthday but we need to set it up.

Riding in the little trains.

And below is just to show how much my little girl has grown.
July 4th last year- 3 months and this year, 15 months.

I am actually writing this post from our campsite. Anika and I are up in Maine with my Mom and my niece. Just for a couple days.  We went to a HUGE water park today! We more went for my niece, but it was fun. Anika had fun and then she took a TWO hour nap in her stroller while we did rides and stuff.
We went to the Maine Mall last night and OMG, Anika was such a ham! She is just too funny and was attracting lots of people. I guess we should go to malls more often :)

I also wanted to share this article about the benefits of baby wearing. I wore Anika a lot because the car seat was really awkward to carry and I couldn't be bothered. SINCE then, I have learned of all the other benefits. CLICK here to read if you care :)  I was laughing my butt off last night because I put the Ergo on My mom to carry Anika in the mall, and it was SOO wrong. I couldn't figure out how to put it on someone else and they just looked silly.
This post was short and sweet...and I hope it makes sense. After ALL day at a SUPER crowded Fun Town and Water Town, I am sipping (gulping) an adult beverage :)