Monday, July 2, 2012

Weekends- Parties, Channing and Camp!

Last weekend, we went to a birthday party. The theme was Construction. Look at the cake my friend made her son! How cool, huh?

Anika didnt want to wear her construction outfit....

Kate wore Anika's construction hat.

Ditched the tutu for some play time! It was also pretty warm out!

There was a pedal she couldnt reach to make it go. She needs one of these tractors, no?!

She played in the little house!

There were other kids there, but I dont have permission to post pics of them :)

Then, the next day we took Nana, Poppa and Nona to brunch.

Anika stopped to smell the flowers. she loves them.

Hey Dada! I dont know why he has a tooth pick hanging out of his mouth...

Andrew and his dolly :)

 a little monkey
Then, this PAST weekend we had ANOTHER birthday party down on the Seacost.
I DIDNT TAKE ONE PICTURE! Can you believe it? 
We were late, but it was fun. I acutally got mad at Andrew if we are being honest here. ha. I was really annoyed with him.
So, when we got home, I decided I was going to go do something I wanted to do... I went and saw Magic MIke. ALONE!
I Have had a crush on Channing for 7 years.
I smiled during the movie, A lot.
I moved in my seat, A lot.
I was happy. I enjoyed it, A LOT.  I had dreams about him after. ha. I had a glass of wine during the movie (The theater serves food and drink).  Did you know the WRITER of the movie was acutally IN the movie? HE was the boyfriend of Brook- his name was Tall Paul in the movie.  Did you also know Channing was a stripper in real life when he was 19? I mean, its obvious...did you see his moves in the movie? Did you see him on stage? OH.MY.GOSH.
The ending was ehhh, but who cares- Channing and Joe (Alcide from True Blood) were hot and made it good!

We also went out to my Parent's camp this weekend.

We have to take a little boat to get out there.
Ready to fish :)

Its pretty quiet out there!

That little structure is a Sauna. My dad built it.  HE goes in it, and then jumps in the pond.

That would be my dad and Andrew out there in the middle of the pond.

Anika going up to the camp.

My mom making dinner on the grill. There is no running water or electricy, but there is a fridge that runs on gas...


Sitting on the swings with Anika looking out.

Learning to fish with Grampa and Dada.


The potty. Yes, an outhouse.

Anika trying to go in the sauna.


And, this was today. Anika eating Vegemite. Its a NZ thing. Andrew's dad brought it over for him.  He love sit. It is made of yeast extract. Looks like chocoloate- tastes like shit. ha
I actually thought it was OK with a tiny tiny bit on my veggie burger sandwich tonight.


  1. Anika is so cute in her little life jacket swim suit! And your parents' camp looks amazing and really peaceful. Slightly jealous over here!

  2. What is in that stuff? Is it all natural???

  3. I want to see Magic Mike bad!! Im supposed to this weekend! Did you know supposedly Channing Tatum is gay? Either way, that man is Hella fine! Ahhh!!

    Your parents canp is gorgeous! And that is so awesome he built that!

  4. Your parents camp looks interesting! Do you guys stay the night up there? I'm one for camping but not without running water!
    Not sure about the outhouse ;0
    Cute 4th of July outifit on A

  5. oh my gosh, I am dying to see him too - i dont know there is a man on the planet hotter than channing! and MM is one of my faves too - can't go wrong with a movie like that:)
    Your parents camp is beautiful and the sauna so cool! Your parents just amaze me, seriously!
    Love all the pics as usual - especially the ones of A smelling the flowers in that adorable outfit and the one of her on the tractor looking a wee bit devilish:) Happy 4th!

  6. She looks so darn cute! And easygoing and fearless! Giada will get into most things, but when it comes to those little vehicles she totally freaks out! Brandon bought her a four wheeler and my SIL got her a camero remote control one, and she will have nothing to do with either one! I laughed out loud at your description of that vegimite! You kill me! And why are you eating veggie burgers? Did I miss something?

  7. I love that you went to see that by yourself!