Thursday, July 19, 2012

REPOST-Silly pregnancy photos

I am re posting this from my old blog.
For my old readers you may remember these. I was looking at them and forgot how funny that day was.
Actually, I am posting these for MCW because she LOVES how people do photo shoots of everything, Especially Maternity photos :)  These are not quite Professional though- My friends took them...if you cant tell by the wrinkly sheet backdrop! lol.
She also asked  how Andrew likes getting his photo taken...well, here you go :)
He does lighten me up a bit when I take things so serioulsy.

OK, this one is not a blooper, but It was one of the first ones taken and I felt SOOOO Awkward!
Also, as I told you in yesterday's post with the better photos, my dad was working right outside my front door, and whenever I heard the door open, I would run away. I didn't want him making fun of me. At one point, he did ask my friends "What are you guys taking picture for? Trying to get a good photo for THE Facebook?" hahah- "The Facebook" I was like, NO none of these are going on there. Little does he know I have a blog to share them on instead! haha

Andrew sticking his finger in my belly button, which made me laugh of course. Too bad you cant see our faces when he did that.

In a picture I posted yesterday, he was licking my ear- in this one he is biting it. AND, our backdrop is all a mess.

Sticking his tongue in my belly button while I try to be serious.

Susan or Kate lifted up his shirt as a joke...hahaha, but it looks like he is flexing and being all tough guy.

Dumb smile.

Um, ya. I think this one is self explanatory of why he thought this was funny.

He wasn't really hurting me! Fyi.

ANother dumb face.

I told Susan and kate to take pictures above knees...because we were in our boots! Andrew is gum boots and me with my pants stuck into my pants. They took a picture anyway! :)

Me mid yelling at ANdrew :)

They told him to put his face up to my belly...he squished a little too hard.

This was a picture Kate wanted to mimic- she got it off google images. Want to see what it looked like when I tried?

hahahahahaha. I couldn't get my foot up to my crotch. AND, look how DIRTY my foot is on the bottom! Oh, and I am not on the sheet. hahah


  1. I liked your blog and I posted similar to yours....

    early signs of pregnancy

  2. HAHA! Oh lord. These are funny :)

  3. You guys are a riot! How far along were you in these pictures?

  4. I remember them from last time. I was thinking: those two must have some wild sexual intercourse!

  5. These pics are cute & funny!! The two Naughty ones are, naughty!! Haha looks like you had a blast doing them :)

  6. These are hilarious! I don't remember these!