Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Hey there

Ugh, I suck. I haven't been on to post in Well over a week...and my last post was a Repost!
My in laws went back to NZ yesterday. They were here for 2 months. We already miss them so much.  Summers are busy, as you know :)

I put this photo on fb, but I cropped myself out in it...I just don't like myself, but Ill put the whole thing here for you all to see :)  I LOVE the other 2 family members in it- you know, my baby and the guy that lives with us. haha

Another of my sweet girl and the guy who lives with us. That guy is pretty cool and sweet most of the time.
 HE SURE does miss his girl when he is away working. Oh, his girl, meaning Anika! ha. Im sure he misses me too, but she is the light of his eyes these days. We have a sweet deal...well a fair deal. Since he gets up around 4 AM for work most days and I get up around 6 ISH (Anika wakes earlier, but I get her back to sleep), we take turns on weekends. HE gets to sleep in one day and then me. HE gets her up and goes outside and plays with her while I sleep.  I slept in this past Saturday while they were out playing in the yard. But, oh man, after a party on Saturday night, I REALLY wanted to sleep in ON Sunday. So, I just went into A's room and fell asleep on her floor while she played in there :)  It worked- her room was a huge mess when we woke up, but she was safe and happy.
She turned 16 Months since my last post. She is a chatty little girl. At this age, they just continue to learn new things on a daily basis so its hard to write it all out.

She doesnt just wear her mom's old clothes, now she is using her Mom's old potty! hahaha. YUP, my mom brought this over to me. The feeding tray? well, that's weird. We use it as an activity tray :)

She likes to put my undies on herself like they are an accessory Hey, they were clean!
She also puts her OWN bows and headbands on now! We had friends over this weekend and Anika sat in the bahtroom watching my friend do her hair and make up with SOO much interest. She also loves necklaces and bracelets...oh and carrying bags like purses. I mean, Girly girl? Yes, but she also likes to play ROUGH and dirty- so a nice well rounded little girl, Id say :)

My dad was away in Alaska last week. He brought me home some salmon- FRESH.  I cooked it up for Anika and myself last night...but then I got distracted by the dog running to the neighbor's house and well...it got over cooked!  I was SOOOO bummed. Ugh. Damn Piri.  AND, It reminds me- ANDREW promised to buy a dog fence WEEKS ago so I can get Piri trained during the summer light hours. We are running out of summer, so he better get it done SOON. Once we have the fence, our life will be so much easier and better for Piri.
This is such a short update, but everything is good on this end.  I had a SUPER sappy moment at the gym yesterday when talking about Anika. Ill tell that story later, but Anika is at my leg, and I have to get to work :)


  1. I need a potty chair like that!! Seriously, it would be perfect!!! She is such a cutie!! I like that pic with you in it- beautiful family. And the guy that lives with you?! Story of my life haha at least you have a sweet deal. Lexi still doesnt sleep through the night or sleep in ever :(

  2. Thanks for the update! I really like that first picture of you guys. How cute is Anika!!??!

  3. I've tried to lay down and sleep while Hadley plays but after a few minutes she grabs my hand and tries to pull me up "up mama". No such luck.

  4. Oh my gosh that salmon looks AMAZING! Love Anika's cute pink dress!