Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Is it Friday yet?

Dinner tonight- Zucchini from garden, tomatoes from garden...then avocado and cheese (not from garden) and I added some left over salmon from Alaska after I took the photo. I have tons of basil and other spices right out my door, but forgot :)
A few more photos from our summer....

When we went to Boston- Eating in the North End (Italian). It was a fancy restaurant and Anika was NOT on good behavior. AT ALL. I barely got to eat.
We forgot a bib so Andrew put a napkin on her.

Piri is SO good with her!

So, the story that happened at the gym. Basically, this lady who always says hi to Anika told me how lucky I am and how sweet and special Anika is. Then, as she was saying that, my nose burned and my eyes started to water. (Nose burning is sign of crying coming).  I hugged/head locked Anika and was like "I KNOw, I just love her so much" ...and Anika looked at me like "WHAT the eff mom!? Get yourself together!" but I HAVE NO IDEA why I got so emotional about it! It was Monday and I was super sad about the weekend being over, but that's always the case.  You would think it would get easier and easier as time goes by, but it actually is getting Harder For me to leave her.  I miss her so much. NO, IM NOT pregnant- that's not why I am being VERY ODDLY emotional. ITS Odd for me, not all people, but it is for me. I don't know what is going on with me. IM just SUCH a sap lately when it comes to her, and even Andrew.  I just love my little family I guess. Don't get me wrong, she can be a real brat at times...testing me and such.

She told me she loved me last week. She also has been giving me hugs- like real ones. She also has liked to give me a LONG cuddle before bed lately. I EAT IT UP. As you know, she has never been much of a cuddler (not a word?), so IM taking what I can now!

She LOVES to help, and I let her help a lot. She helps do chores like put away laundry, pick up laundry, she even uses the dish towels to clean up messes she makes! She helps me water the plants and garden. She puts things in the trash for me, especially when I'M lazy and I'M like "Here, go bring this to the trash"  Actually, she brought a wrapper to the trash for me this weekend when our friends were here and they were surprised she did it! ha.   SHe also likes to feed Piri. As soon as we get home, I say "lets feed Piri" and she goes to where the food is kept.  My voice is SUPER annoying in this video because i was tyring to speed it along- the longer it takes her, the longer the video and the longer and harder to load :) I even had to cut this off to load...

He saying her sitter's name...Im trying to make her sitter a little video to post on FB, but so far its not working like I want...her last day there is THIS THURSDAY! IM SAD.

AND- well, I think you all know what she is saying here :)


  1. OMG. I love her so much! Great pictures! When I travel to Boston one time you will have to come in and meet me. Screw work. Or your mom can bring her. Ha.

  2. You guys are such a cute family. And Ash, you look so skinny and beautiful!
    Also, let me tell ya, I never get to eat at restaurants anymore. Giada is a total crazy person when we go out and only wants to run around. I really hope she outgrows that part soon.

  3. She is such a doll! And you are Looking great! (not that you didn't before- you just look so Happy and content with yourself) you better not be pregs- not without me lnowing at least! Haha, I do not need details though. Isn't it the sweetest thing how they are so little and already trying to help do so many things? It makes my heart happy. You are one tough cookie though. I cannot imagine leaving lexi. It hurts my heart to even Think about :(