Monday, August 6, 2012


I don’t know WHAT just went down tonight- I felt like I was in the twilight zone.
My mom dropped A off at my office at 5 and said she was not herself today- didn’t want to eat and would cry out of nowhere and then be fine.  There were bursts of crying at times. She fell asleep on the way home which was not normal, but not weird…but then it was kind of hard to wake her up. I brought her in the house and she nursed- and THEN She DID Something she has not done since she was an infant- SHE FELL ASLEEP IN MY ARMS!  She was VERY hard to wake. At that point, I was freaking out.  She stayed sleeping while I got up to go get my phone (WEIRD) was sleeping when I got back…I just sat next to her on couch and let  her sleep, but kept poking her to make sure she would move. While I let her sleep, I turned on Keeping up with K’s to watch…about 10 minutes into the show,  she woke up and was WILD!  TOTALLY WILD- I played along and we played on the floor.  She was climbing on me, and Standing on me and we were playing pretty rough I guess. She was leading and I figured it was ok. THEN she got quite aggressive with Piri! Like, pulling her ears and pinching her skin!  I kept telling her to stop, and then she hit Piri in the hoo ha, and then started TWISTING her nipples.  Piri has HUGE nipples bc she had a few litters before we rescued her (I doubt my baby  Piri would have been so careless,  so IM sure she was gang banged). So, Piri was starting to get pissed off, and Anika was just laughing and wouldn’t let go, so I HIT her hand out of desperation. She got all upset.  I haven’t done that before, and I know it was was a weird reaction! She let go of Piri and then HIT Piri! I mean, I obviously just gave her the wrong message.  I felt guilty and bad.  She continued to be quite wild, but I had Piri sit with me and I gave Piri some one on one attention with gentle petting. Anika finally came over and pet her nicely.
Anika ate half a watermelon for dinner. She didn’t want anything else, and I just wanted her to eat.  She also nursed a lot. Then, I was putting dishes away, and I put 2 dishes on a dish towel, and Anika pulled the dish towel from the counter and two plates when Crashing down and broke. Anika wasn’t phased in the least, but I had to clean up 2 plates.  After that, she started to calm down and we went upstairs.  I was hanging up clean diapers to dry and she actually helped me carry them from the washing machine and hung quite a few…and she was back to sweet as pie!  I was like, Um, hello? 
THEN we were getting ready for bed and I was changing her and she looked at me and said “IM Pretty”
OH man.  Then she gave me a BIG hug and we cuddled for a bit. Then, I placed her in bed and she looked up at me and said nigh night and blew me a kiss. As soon as I walked out of her room, Andrew called to check in and his first question was “What did she eat today?”   I don’t think anything different, but I need to double check with my mom.  MANY MANY things can be linked to food, so we’ll see.
Ugh, I wanted to get this out here- Anika's crazy toddler behavior while it was fresh in my mind. 
On a totally unrelated note, We went to a WEDDING in NY this weekend. Upsate NY- 6 hours away. Andrew and I left at 6 AM Saturday-dropped Anika and Piri off with my parents, then made the trek. We stayed over and came back Sunday.  We had a good time during our ride. We missed A of course.  My camera is still away being fixed, so I only had my Iphone. I got to see another BLOGGER at the wedding, so I am going to do a seperate post for that.


  1. If you find out if she ate something weird let us know, maybe that will solve out toddler problems too.

  2. OMG. It was great to see you. Love you. We had a terrible time getting home. It was a nightmare!

  3. Wow. My nephew goes a little crazy when he has sugar. He's on a limited diet due to allergies so sugar is usually excluded but when he gets sugar he becomes a madman. After his rush he's back to normal. Hope you find out what made her a little crazy.

  4. I wish I could blame it more on food, but I'm afraid it's just the toddlerhood stage. Giada goes wild all the time too. Somedays there are a lot of timeouts at our house. But of course, she goes super crazy if there is lots of sugar involved.

  5. Let me know if you figured out what was up with her!