Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy Halloween, 39 weeks and World Series

It seems like its so much colder sooner this year! This was INSIDE my house last week. I had to suck it up and turn the heat on, a little bit. I guess we need to get the wood stove going. Yuck.

Anika wore overalls last week for the first time in a while. She loved having a place for dolly to ride.  I always have liked overalls on kids, but for the past year I thought regular pants were best for the potty. 
Oh and I am still kicking it at 39 weeks pregnant.

After spin class one day. Had to wait for the room to clear out.

I have gained about 40 pounds. AH. WHY Did I let this happen again!?
The good part is I feel amazing. I would never know I am so heavy if it wasn't for scales and photos.

I am doing boot camp, tabata, spin and walking.
And eating. I am a bottomless pit!! I cant stop.  

I took ANika to the Halloween tot time at the library. I never get to take her to tot time because of work. I cant wait to take her more when I am on maternity leave.
She mostly sat with me but went up to listen to the story right next to the lady for a whole hot minute. ha.

They did a craft.

She wore this costume My mom got her on sale this past summer. Its easy to put on and off, but not what she asked to be and not homemade. A cute little Watermelon.

I have been getting more beads in the mail for my necklace!
Pretty excited about that.

Andrew and I made Anika this spider costume since she asked to be a spider.

WE debuted the costume at a Trick or Trot 5K last weekend in our town. IT WAS SO COLD!

Andrew painted puff paint web. I stuffed black tights with fluff and then sewed them onto the shirt. Hot glued eyes on a black hat and used fishing line to hold up the legs.
Most everyone ran the race, but I walked pushing Anika.  Since Anika was a spider, we dressed up as Charlotte's Web characters. Me- the pig, My niece Fern and my mom the famer- cant remember her name. 

Yup. I degraded myself dressing up as a pig this fat. Andrew is not familiar with the story so he thought it was really strange I had a sign on me that said "SOME PIG" ha.  Also, I had a tail pinned to my ass. So, when people drove by me on the roads in our town walking pushing a stroller they only saw my butt with a tail on it. Ya, way to draw attention to that big thing! ha.

We passed this big house being built in our town. More like a complex. Anika thought it was a store.

After the walk. I came in last since everyone else ran.

We all won prizes though- I still won something for the walkers lol. ANd we won for our costumes and Anika won for her age group since she was registered as a walker, even though I pushed her.
We won gift cards to restaurants, but Anika won a gift card to the local book store so we walked over after for her to get something.

She chose a craft and a Dora Halloween book.

We had to rush to my parent's town for me to get to a bank there and my dad wanted us to stop by for him to see Anik's costume. My other niece was there so her and Anika crafted.
Anika decorated a mirror she picked out. She was very serious!

My dad was at the table and kept commenting on what she was doing.

She was squirting a lot of paint- like making piles of it and my dad called them paint poopies or something and that's probably why she gave him this look. lol

These are so out of order. lol. More beads.

We got lots of deer meat from my dad!  Free meat- yes please!!

We went out to dinner on Sat night with my family to a place in my town my mom won a gift card to. ha.

Anika was so sweet. She tried putting her barrette in what little hair my dad has.

I saw this on Fb and just liked it. ha.

Me minutes after I woke up. I was putting away laundry and caught my beer gut belly in the mirror.

We went to a farm in our town to do the corn maze, eat lunch and turn in Anika's paper for a scarecrow scavenger hunt she did in my town with my mom. She went around to tons of local businesses and had to answer questions about each scarecrow on a scavenger hunt paper.

Her and dad looking at the sheep.

She LOVES bouncy houses.

Andrew and me

corn maze

AND, Red Sox won world series last night!
Lets just say- not as exciting as 2004. I lived in Fenway Park's back yard. Attended DOZENS of games that year, knew every player and their bios., etc.
I don't even have CABLE up here in New Hampshire, so I didn't even watch games.
I miss living in the city for exciting sports.
This is my apt. back then. ha
ANd, I took this photo 9 years ago at the parade on my street of Ortiz.
I hope you all have a wonderful Halloween.
We are trick or treating tonight and then Ill eat all Anika's candy!