Sunday, October 6, 2013

One Month to Go

My friend S came over to our house today. She was only here for about 20 minutes!  She took some photos of us during her quick stop by. I am just going to post all of them. Some are silly and ridic but I like those ones to laugh at.
One month from today is Leni's guess date!

cute of Anika- Andrew looks a little creepy.
I had  cried not too long before these. ha.

Choking me out. And Andrew's arm looks like A MILE LONG! lol. and he is grabbing my leg. Not nearly as crazy as our maternity photos with ANika where he just made us laugh the whole time.

His hand again! ha
This also shows my pregnancy symptom of being hot!  Me in short sleeve and him in a jacket.

see something in my teeth?

lol crotch shot



And, my friend and Andrew told me AFTER all the pics I had something green in my teeth- kale! ha.


  1. Some of these made me laugh! The crotch shot, Anika's face and Andrews long arm. Hahaha

  2. These are really good! You're glowing and look really good!

  3. You look amazing. Anika's faces are just adorable.