Thursday, October 3, 2013

My once a week checkin.

I wish I was here more. I really do.
I will at least get in my 35 week bump photo.
Anika asked to eat dinner with her dad's mummy the other night.  Dad's mummy passed away right before I met Andrew.  It came out of nowhere when she asked, but I told her she can eat with her photo! We have a photo of his mom and dad. And a photo of my mom and dad next to each other in our living area.  So, then She wanted to eat with both her mom and dad's mummies! ha.  She told me the photo of my parents is from the day THEY got married! I was like, no honey, its from the day I got married, but whatever. Small detail.
IF you are friends with me on FB, you might have seen me post this, but still funny and worth noting on here.
Anika goes to the mailbox at the end of the driveway every night when we get home. We cross the street together, she opens the box and gets our mail, and then touches our neighbor's box-JUST touches it because I've told her several times she cant open his. She tried to open it a few times and she knows the rule, but still touches it as if she is testing me or herself! ha. Tonight our mailbox was empty and her reaction: "ohhhhh (disappointment in her voice) , no paychecks today!?!? That a bummer" and her ohhh/awww is like drawn out and so funny!
We have direct deposit, so we don't get checks in the mail! But, I was talking to Andrew about it and the past few weeks he has asked me to take a pic of his pay stub which does come in the mail, and text it to him so he can make sure his hours are correct.  She has probably heard him on speaker phone ask me that.  And has seen me take a pic.

She wore her bathing suit on the outside of her clothes ALL day Monday.  She went to the library, store, pet store, etc and she rocked that outfit ALL day! ha.   She wanted to wear a dress to bed last night. I said fine, then she wanted to wear the same dress today to the sitter today.  I said no, you cant do that.  You need clean clothes. Little does she know that before I was her mother, I did that kind of thing ALL THE TIME! haha.  My friend Molly and I call it my magical dress nighties. One time we were at the Cape, and I wore a dress to bed after a few drinks and I told Molly it was ok because it turned into a nightie at night. Then the next day we got up early to drive home and I wasn't feeling well,  I told her it magically turned back into a dress. HA! My magical dress nighties :)

As if this kid cant keep ME from laughing all the time. I got this text from her sitter today.



  1. I hope you are writing down these things she says! So freaking funny.

  2. Kids say the darnedest things! Chase is currently napping in jeans and a sweater. He insisted so whatever. I can't believe you are 35 weeks already!!!!