Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Every Rose has a Thorn...

And that rose comes with the name Anika.
My sweet, sweet girl showed her naughty side today. I know, I bet many of you were waiting for this day! lol.
She started at the new sitter yesterday. Two girls from the old sitter are at the new sitter with her. I call them her fiends. Apparently, Anika thought BITING her friend was a good idea!
YES, SHE BIT her friend today. On the shoulder. I'M a bit horrified.
I cant believe she did that. AND, on the 2nd Day!
When the new sitter, Miss W, was telling me, she looked at Anika and asked who she bit, and A said the girls name!  Miss W said she knew she had done something wrong when she got in trouble.
Later in the car, when I was mad, I was talking to Anika and I said "Do you want to be a naughty girl or a good girl?" and she replied "naughty girl" ya...that was reassuring.

We played outside for a bit and we were going to go for a walk...but the tires were flat on the jogger, so I went to get the pump thing.  Anika got right on the pump like she had used it before! I was pretty surprised! I didnt even know how to use it at first.

Then, after about 40 seconds in the jogger, she wanted out. So..ya. No walk. I did go to boot camp this morning though. I have also put on some pounds. (OMG, you guys have probably read that on this blog like a million times, because its the story of my life- I lose, I gain, I lose, I gain). Ugh, I work out all week, and then pig out all weekend. Oh, and wine. Wine doesn't help.
Something is going on with A's sleeping.
Friday night, she SCREAMED her head off when we put her to bed. We cant handle listening to that. She usually goes RIGHT DOWN. She smiles, says night night and she is out.  I mean, some nights its a little more work,but I'm talking about the norm. BUt, oh no, Friday wasn't fuss for a few minutes,  she screamed bloody murder. We brought her back down and she played and looked at books, very quietly. She seemed like she wasn't tired. She eventually just went to sleep on the floor. I took her to bed.

Then, Monday night. The same shit happened. SCREAMED. We have not really let her cry it out in the past. Its not for us. Fuss it out, yes, CIO, not really. But, Monday night, I let her go for a while. The thing is- when she was an infant, she had no way to communicate her needs, so It didn't seem fair to let her cry it out. BUT, now? SHe can communicate ANY basic need. She tells me when she wants water, has poop, has an ow, etc. So, when she was screaming and I asked what was wrong and she just screamed but was ok when I picked her up...I knew she was ok.  After listening to her go though, I had to go back up. When I went back up, she was standing up and sweating. I took her out, she stopped. I let her stay up for a bit, and then she went right down when I tried again.

Last night, she screamed when I put her down. I took her out and just placed her on the floor and walked into my room where I was hanging up wet diapers. I ignored her, but continued to hang diapers.  I was annoyed, Ill be honest, so I spoke my annoyance and said "Anika, You know what I want? I want you to go to bed! how about you go to sleep for mommy. Just go to bed"
SHE LAID down right on my bedroom floor, said nigh nigh and shut her eyes! WTF.
SHe didn't fall asleep, but I picked her up that way and put her in her crib. Slept though night.
TONIGHT- Screamed. I took her out, she laid right down on her BEDROOM Floor. I left her there. I shut the gate at the top of the stairs. Came down here, did dishes and such. Went back up and she was sound asleep on her floor and I put her in the crib.

So, It seems she hates her crib all of a sudden? Or at least doesn't like to fall asleep in it? She would rather sleep on a hard floor with an itchy rug?

Weird. Whatever, if the floor is where she will just go to sleep with no fuss, then I'm fine with it. Its not hurting anyone. Its not fresh or making a mess. Its a battle I wont fight.

Lastly, in my last post I mentioned how busy we have been. I wanted to note that its not always BUSY like running around and doing stuff and working (that does happen) but also, we are busy JUST hanging out and spending time together.  When I get home from work, I try to give A my Undivided attention. Just playing, reading, doing cards, looking at pictures, letting her comb my hair, crawl on me, sing songs, etc. I gave up my twitter account a while ago and I guess blogging has also taken a hit because when I have free time After the stuff that HAS to get done- like work, gym, chores, errands, etc- I want to live in the moment with her (And Andrew) haha. cant forget him. Don't get me wrong- I think I'm still on the computer too much, like FB,  but I making the effort :)  I know everyone says it, but these days when they are young just FLY BY.
So, back to my rose with a thorn- Who has a child who has bit another child? Did it just happen once? Please tell me it just happened once!


  1. My nephew bit my sister and my mom spanked him. He never bit again!

  2. Cooper is a biter. Well, was, I guess he doesn't do it at school anymore. He had a really bad period for several months. He still bites me and Lee occasionally. They do it for a variety of reasons. You know what discipline works on her, just do that and she will get it. Or you could bite her back. Lots of people mentioned that to me. Didn't work on Cooper. No punishment works on him, he doesn't give a shit. Stinker. I can't believe she is almost a year and a half! So big! Maybe she is ready for a toddler bed? Our first sign with Cooper, besides climbing out, was him sleeping on the floor.

  3. Thankfully, lexi is a pretty nice kid!! She but a few times but thankfully it was short lived

  4. Our niece had a horrible time with biting. She almost got kicked out of her daycare for it. I can't remember what stopped it but they were told to bite her back! HAHA!

  5. Hang in there mama! They sure love to challenge us sometimes!