Friday, August 10, 2012

Summer Fun

Can you believe how fast this summer is going by?
Wah. Make it stop. Wait, Its not like I'm on summer vacation? haha, so why do I care so much?

Last weekend, Andrew and I drove to upstate NY for a wedding. 6 hour drive.
We got to the hotel and had time to get fancy and stuff :)
We didnt even have to rush, which was nice.
The day before (Friday) I went to my hair stylist...just touched up some roots quickly (I waited until kind of last minute to even call her) and had her wash and dry it. I was pretty happy she squeezed me in :) I Just CAN NOT blow dry my hair and make it look good. Sad, I know.  I always get 2 days, or even 3,  of good hair after seeing her so I knew it would be fine Saturday...and I just ran the straight iron through the parts in the front that got crinkled.
Oh, and I had to bring Anika to the hair dresser with me. She was ok at first...for a while, but then you know...she got antsy and was ready to go.
The dress is Calvin Klein. I got it in April at TJ Maxx for $29.99. Shoes were bridesmaid shoes from that New Years Eve wedding I was in a couple years ago.

my old roommate was a bridesmaid.
Oh, by the way, MY Camera is still away being fixed, so I only had my phone :(

So, E was my college roommate- randomly assigned freshmen year :) Then, we lived together sophomore and middler year. Junior year she studied abroad in Italy. She met a group of girls who she is still good friends with. One of those girls is Ally, who I met through  E about 4 years ago. We have been blogging and Internet friends ever since :)  I started a blog after Ally. I actually talk to Ally on the computer, but haven't seen her in real life in FOUR years, but when I saw her at the wedding, it didn't feel like it had been 4 years. In fact, I forgot! ha. Funny how that is.

I studied abroad in NZ my senior year: July- December.  My last semester of college was January-May.
I got engaged to Andrew the week I graduated college. I took a job in Boston that same week. He went back to NZ after a 3 month visit and then we were apart for 9 months until we got married! I took a 2 week trip over to NZ once during that 9 months.

I moved from my city apt. in Boston to the burbs that summer  after college (end of summer). I moved in with a guy friend and his roommate and I thought I would live there until Andrew came over from NZ and we got married. BUT, plans changed and after living with me, both dudes decided to move in with their girlfriends. ha.  Apparently, my friend's other roommate didnt want me there...lack of communication on their part- not my fault. I think I was an awesome roommate :)
SO....I hooked back up with E who was looking for a place with AR, her ITALY friend.
We got a beautiful house in Porter Square (right outside Boston) E, AR, me,  and a girl we met on CL, who ended up being super cool too :)
I lived with those girls until after I got married.

SO, That's how I know the bride: AR.
AR and her groom were at my wedding 5+ years ago.

Flowers held up for them to walk through :)  It was at a chapel on their college campus where they met.

Me and E

IT WAS SOOO HOT! We were ALL sweating. NO Ac in chapel or at reception.

The Italy girls. I met 2 for the first time at the wedding.

Sweat face and Im wearing my own wedding earrings :)

Dinner was under a tent. I had the salmon and it was delish.  THis is me, Ally and Andrew.
It was funny because Ally was talking to Andrew and I,  and was telling him how she knows ALL ABOUT US and what has been going on, etc because of my blog, etc. I was giving her the look,  like, NO, not about Andrew, just me :)  wink wink, hahah.  He didn't care though!  He actually hasn't asked about my blog in a really long time. He probably forgot about it because I just dont get on here like I used to :(
PS. E and Ally didn't bring their men : )
It was fun to chat with Ally :)
As far as I know, no one got really drunk. Thats a change for weddings. lol. I mean, I had a few of course, but I wasnt out of control. Wow, I have matured so much :)  And, Andrew cant drink, so you know.

The groom singing for his bride.

So many nice people. Very smart and very nice.
The bride taking a dip in the pool in her wedding dress. I told you it was hot! Funny, her dress looked the exact same after she hopped out. Held its form and all.

Ok, so one of the girls posted a picture on FB of Me, AR, and E. She tagged us. THEN, MY ROOMMATE FROM studying abroad in NZ, Jess,  commented on that photo and asked how we knew each other. At first, I thought she meant the girl who posted the pic, BUT NO, SHE MEANT the bride! HOW did I know the bride? I was like, huh???
So, the bride and groom have been living in Philly for the past year or so...maybe longer- i lose track of time. Well, my NZ roommate lives in Philly. Apparently, they have been working at the same DAMN Company and are friends.
So, MY College roommate's Italy Study abroad roommate worked with MY NZ study abroad roommate.
Small world, right? Make sense? Jess was not only one of my NZ roommates at University, but after our classes ended and we had to move off campus,  she actually Came and stayed at Andrew's house with me! Yup! Her and I took some mini camping/hiking trips together.
I searched my wedding photos trying to find a pic of  AR and Jess in the same pic- haha...
This was the best I got:
Red circle on LEFT is AR and her new groom.  Red Circle on RIGHT is Jess' boyfriend and My groom is blocking Jess in this pic.  
Oh, and AR, Jess and I are all with guys with the same first name :)
I love things like this!
 The wedding was fun- it was weird being away from Anika, but fun. AND, I know Ani is in good hands with my mom, so I dont worry at all. I didnt even really call!
When we got back on Sunday, Andrew had to go do work stuff. Anika and I went over to my friend's bbq. She has a little girl 2 months younger than A and OMG- so cute!  She has this GRIN that MELTS you. She also LOVES to bounce. A never bounced so I find this SO stinkin cute. Her little girl ALSO said Anika when we were there. Anika has also been calling herself Anika a lot lately. She looks at herself in mirrors or windows and says "HI anika" ha.
And I leave you with a video of my lady....

Speaking of watermelon, I put one in the cart next to her the other day at the store (Not a full size one) and she picked it up and hocked in the back of the cart and squished all my sushi I had put in the cart! ugh.
Oh, and she has been saying sorry a lot. After she hurts me and Piri! I dont even tell her to say sorry, she just does it. Id prefer she just NOT hurt us!


  1. I love that you got to see Ally! I hopefully will meet her soon since her family lives in MD. Wedding looks like fun and I have a very similar dress! CK???

  2. What a fun wedding! The groom singing to the bride and the bride jumping in the pool! Such a pretty bride too! You have to check out the blog the small things. She has great hair tutorials.

  3. LOVE that dress on you - so pretty! And that wedding looks like a blast - the bride looks beautiful! Love that she got in the pool! haha!