Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Updates and 17 big ones.

I hate how I never get to blog anymore. Life is busy. We are busy on weekends. I am so busy at work. I even got a new big monitor to hook my laptop into at home, so I can work at home after A goes to bed. Its impossible to stay late at work since I have Anika. And to be honest, I dont want to. I only get a couple hours at night and a couple hours in the morning with her each week day!
Andrew has been Crazy busy with work too.
As usual, I will play catch up on this post.

Anika tripped over Andrew's computer cord a couple months ago. It got jammed in, and it would have been more money to fix than the laptop was even worth. SO, Andrew bought a new laptop. They have some great laptop deals now. I think he got it for like $300!
Well, not even a month after he got it, he left it on the arm of the chair, and the power cord got knocked again! This time it may have been me, not Anika :)
This time, Andrew just had me hold a head light while he used pliers to CUT the plastic off.  HA. ITS all open and shady looking, but we got the power cord where it needed to be, and it can charge.
We were laughing so hard saying how we should go into business together as computer repair people...you know, we just rip the casing off and call it fixed.

We had 4 cords of wood delivered a while back.  Anika and I did some during some week nights, but mostly Andrew has been doing it on weekends. Anika loves to help! It took a few weekends, but it is finally all stacked!

 The pink wheel barrow was a gift from my baby shower. It is usually in her room with toys in it, but we brought it outside that day to put it to use!
Anika loves looking at photos.  She can say all of her cousins names and ID most of them. She called a guy at the store the other day Poppa- he had glasses and was kinda bald like her Poppa :)
She LOVES glasses and says glasses and then tries to take them off people. Working on that.

Helping in the garden.

This past weekend, we had a SURPRISE 80th Birthday party for my Gram. My camera is still away being fixed. I took photos with my mom's camera, so I only have this one iphone pic! ha. lame.

 I got to my Gram's house to help set up at 8 AM. The party started at 1. We really hauled ass while she was gone to get it all done. It was a total success.  My Gram's older sister flew in from CA with her daughter! That was a huge surprise because my Gram has not seen her in many many years. Also, her best friend from Ohio flew in!  SO FUN,  and I cried when my Gram saw her surprise guests.
I realized how lucky I am to have so many healthy older relatives! I obviously brought some GOOD genes to the table here :) hahah
THIS little lady turns 17 MONTHS TODAY! HOLY COW.

As I said above, she LOVES to help with everything. She helps me hang her diapers to dry. She helps me cook. Helps daddy do stuff. 
She talks a lot. She says new words daily. She will say ANYTHING her dad says. She loves to mimic him.  I mean, She Identifies a lot of things, but other things she just copies people.
Like, Sunday I had to go into work for a bit. Andrew and Anika came outside as I was pulling away and he was holding her. He said "Ok get to work so you can get back sooner" and then she looked at me and said "Get to work"  ha.  Or  I was on the phone with a friend tonight and instead of saying "what an asshole" like I wanted to say about someone she was talking about, I said "what a dumb dumb" and then my little copy cat said  dumb dumb.
She has also been telling me she is going to poop the past couple days!  She looks at me and says poop, so I take her to the potty and she poops. She never tells me she is gong to pee, but she loves to talk about pee when IM going pee. She has been playing rough with Piri and I think Piri is getting a bit fed up. We have to remind A to be gentle. A gets ON Piri to ride her, Piri bucks her off, Anika hits her head...then gets up and gets on Piri again.  Ugh.

She has had a lot of different baby sitters the past couple weeks. We are in between the old one ending and the new one starting. She did really well with all the new people watching her, so I am VERy optimistic about her first day at the new place today!  My friend, L, even took her for a day last week. She has a daughter about A's age so she was brave :)
A's sleeping times are all over the place. Friday, she did NOT want to go to bed. She ended up staying up till 10:30 and eventually just fell asleep on the living room floor!  I took her to bed when we went to bed. Then, Saturday, she had NO NAPS all day and Sunday she had a 3 hour nap. Tonight I had a hell of a time getting her to bed as well, but the past 2 nights, she went right down. Who knows.
She definitely is showing a LOT more affection to us these days. I love that! I still love taking her on errands with me, especially the grocery store. I think its so much fun to just hang out with her! ha.She just LOVES to be outside. And, yes, she still nurses.
I miss you friends. I do. I hope to get back into blogging- writing and reading-very soon!
I leave you with a video of Anika saying Kaelyn, her cousin's name :) She LOVES her big cousin!


  1. She is such a talker- too cute! After we talked the other day I did some more research. We decided to try Gerber training pants in size 18 mos BC all the underwear start at 26 lbs :/ I will let you know how they work for us! I love the wheelbarrow pics. That is adorable!

  2. What are cords of wood???

    And she is a doll as always. I am sure she will just fine with the new babysitter!

  3. Baby in a wood pile with a dress and bow on! LOL!!Only you guys!! Baby Anika is getting big!!

  4. Hi there. Long time no....type? I have been so MIA lately, but I wanted to stop by and see how you are doing. You look great and Anika is so adorable. She is getting so big!!! Mr. Pickle and I are getting close to start trying for a little one. I am sooooo nervous!