Friday, July 13, 2012

Thomas the Train and Baby Wearing

Last weekend, we went to see Thomas the Train. He was a little over an hour north of us. It was a hot day.

At first, we thought the 20 minute ride would be too long, but it was just long enough! :)

Anika went in a bouncy house.

She played with train sets. She also has one at home she got for her birthday but we need to set it up.

Riding in the little trains.

And below is just to show how much my little girl has grown.
July 4th last year- 3 months and this year, 15 months.

I am actually writing this post from our campsite. Anika and I are up in Maine with my Mom and my niece. Just for a couple days.  We went to a HUGE water park today! We more went for my niece, but it was fun. Anika had fun and then she took a TWO hour nap in her stroller while we did rides and stuff.
We went to the Maine Mall last night and OMG, Anika was such a ham! She is just too funny and was attracting lots of people. I guess we should go to malls more often :)

I also wanted to share this article about the benefits of baby wearing. I wore Anika a lot because the car seat was really awkward to carry and I couldn't be bothered. SINCE then, I have learned of all the other benefits. CLICK here to read if you care :)  I was laughing my butt off last night because I put the Ergo on My mom to carry Anika in the mall, and it was SOO wrong. I couldn't figure out how to put it on someone else and they just looked silly.
This post was short and sweet...and I hope it makes sense. After ALL day at a SUPER crowded Fun Town and Water Town, I am sipping (gulping) an adult beverage :)


  1. Internet at a campsite? You are really roughing it!

    Her face hasn't changed at all!!!

  2. I have the Bjorn and it hurts my shoulders so I don't use it much, but with the crazy toddler in tow wearing Gunner would be so much better. Gunner also doesn't really like the bjorn he stiffens up init and he just doesn't seem comfortable. I don't want to spend a ton On a different one if he won't like that either. What carrier do you have and does it Burt your shoulders?