Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Videos- My love

More Videos from Our Weekend.

The Mall. That little romper was mine as a baby :)
The videos above are from when we went to the Maine Mall last Friday while up in Maine.  Then, on  Sunday, We went to a new outlet center in Merrimack with my inlaws on the way to Boston, where she took my MIL and FIL's bags and Walked around with them! lol. People kept telling Andrew he was in trouble...especially since the bags were Calvin Klein and Saks, I think. Andrew and I didnt buy anything so she had to use nana and poppa's bags.

Ok, so I just watched these again- and ONE, IM super loud in them. 2. I yell at my mom both times! lol. The reason being- Anika was going down the slide several times, and THEN, I taped it. Same with water- She was jumping to me in the pool for a long time. Then, I got out to tape it, and my mom "didnt do it right" lol.  I swear, im not that bossy all the time.  I want to record all the things she does, but they are never the same when I get the camera. I know it shouldnt matter, but I forget things!!   Really, I do. So recording EVERY little thing is important to me :)
Just feel lucky I dont put EVERY little thing on here! ha.
AND, A Reward to the first person who guesses What she is saying here:


  1. I just listened to it 10 times and annoyed my roomie and I still don't know.

  2. She is so darn cute, and such a dare devil! And I'm convinced she's saying 'titty'. I'm sticking to my story.