Wednesday, June 27, 2012


Remember how I did this at Anika's Birthday Party? All the photos of her growing?
Well, I wanted to show you the photos close up, even though you have most likely seen them before if you have been around here for a while.
I just cant believe how FAST IT goes by!!!
IT makes me want another baby, STAT. I miss my baby. I love my toddler, but I miss my baby in a big way.

Yes, I took photos of photos! haha Lame. Aww, I actually KNEW the day I met her that she was gong to be a spit fire and active. I mean, hello- the day she was born, she was active.

I AM including these 2 other 3 MONTH photos because LOOK AT HER!  THE SIGNS WERE THERE!

I should have been more consistent with the lion- the side it was on and the way it sat. OOPS.  6 Months is when she was crawling.

 Standing and taking Steps
 At 9, REALLY walking!

"Ya, IM over this Lion. Get out"

Oh man, well my last update at 14 Months, she was saying 40 or so words. She says new words every week now.  This past week Watch (loves her Poppa's Watch) and WHAT?! are new.
She loves saying ALl done and all better still. She says all done when she is bored with something and her Poppa thinks thats a hoot. Her Nana and Poppa visting from NZ think Anika is a VERY busy little girl. They said she is "Full On"
I guess Andrew and I are used to it, but yup- Busy little bee.  She is a great helper too. She picks up trash for me that she finds on the floor and I tell her to go get me things or put things away for me. She understands A LOT of what we say, so we need to be careful. She likes to mimic us A LOT!   

My mom (Nona-not to be confused with Nana) made us Matching Aprons!!

SHe hit me on the head with the stainless steel measuring cup! She is doing the hitting thing right now. ugh, trying to nip that in the butt!

I went on a friend's jet ski this weekend when we were out on BIL's boat.  Anika does ok on the boat...for about 2 hours, and then she is done :)


  1. I like the one of her with the spoon. Looks like she is getting ready to scold you!

  2. wow, seeing the pictures in order like that really shows the changes. Love the matching aprons - so so cute!

  3. I'm ordering my stickers this week. I sure hope our child likes boats b/c we spend a LOT of time on them!

  4. I love those aprons! And yall in them, of course :) ADORABLE!

  5. 40 words?! Do you know how smart that is? If you have another one and they are slower you are going to think they are dumb!