Thursday, June 14, 2012

Checking In.

Oh, Man, I have been MIA! So sorry. Just busy around here.
Andrew's dad and his wife (My in-laws) arrived LAST Monday. They are not staying at our house yet though, but we have done a few things with them. Last Sunday my BIL put his boat in near our house and we went out for a bit. My MIL and FIL are coming to our house tomorrow to stay.  They brought Anika lots of fun stuff from NZ. This cool dude jacket is one of those things!

It is actually bike week here, so this jacket looks the part :)

Last weekend we went to Portsmouth (on the seacoast) for Market Square day. In the past I have run the 10K in the morning. I didnt sign up in time this year.  My friend Molly used to live in Portsmouth before moving to CA and my friend Ryan still lives there. AND, a few other friends have moved there. Its a cool place to be. Andrew worked there for a bit last year and even said HE WOULD live there, even though its KINDA a small city  :)

Anika and one of the twins

Anika and her Poppa. This was taken outside of lululemon. Can you believe there is one in NH? Haha. My mom and I tried on running skirts. They are actually the same price as other running skirts. I want the Tall one so its longer and they didnt have tall in black, so we are going to order some online.  We also went to a little jewelry store owned by a friend from HS.  I haven't seen her in YEARS.  Andrew bought Anika a little silver bracelet and its DARLING. Also, the shop owner/friend is going to make Andrew a new wedding band since his has not fit in years.

A little tuckered out. The dress I have on is from NZ- made there and is a merino wool blend.  A little too short for me to wear without leggings :)  My in laws brought that over for me.

We had lunch and walked around, etc. My mom also came down with us for the day.
She bought Anika a balloon animal- it has little legs so you can walk it. Anika was SUPER afraid of it at first....but now she will at least be AROUND it. hahah
She calls it bawoon but is wary of it.

The new babysitter search has been ON!!  It has been stressful, but as of yesterday afternoon, I THINK i found someone PERFECT!!!! I will tell you more once I know for sure.
Anika's PARTY is this weekend!! I Want to do a post on it soon after. I AM SOOOOOOOOO Excited for it. I dont check the weather because there is nothing I can do to change it, but people have told me it is  going to be GORGEOUS!!
I am off tomorrow COOKING and Prepping all day for the party and having my hair touched up :)


  1. Um. Hello skinny. You should do weightloss update!

    The fact that Anika is scared of the balloon is hysterical.

  2. Yay for her party!! Looking good mama :)

  3. You look skinny in that picture!! So excited for her party!! And I love her little jacket, too adorable :)

  4. That dress is cute! You look good! I hope the babysitter works out! Have a great party!

  5. OMG - bike week jacket - just perfect timing and oh so badasscute! Love the dress they brought you too - merino wool is my absolute favorite! and you look FANTASTIC!!

  6. oh, and such cute pics of A and one of the twins!!:)

  7. Looks like Anika is loving her visitors!!! AND, yay for taking the lulu plunge, I can't believe they have it in NH - about time :)