Monday, June 25, 2012

Our Little Artist :)

There are often photos I will not Post on Facebook...BUT, I will post them here!
This is one of those photos!
Anika LOVES her doodle things. She has a small one and this bigger one.
She used the circle magnet to draw a pretty picture for daddy and mommy :)
SHe was a VERY proud artist.
As always, I have so much to share, but so little time! We had a great weekend. The in laws are still with us.  We went to a Fabulous birthday party (Will post pics later) and out on BIL's boat.  Went to dinner at a place in my town that was SOOO bad. ALL the good places had a LONG wait on Saturday night (Welcome to summer around here), so we settled and oh gosh! haha. It was comical at least.  Sunday we took Nana and Poppa to one of our favorite brunch places.
We also HAVE A NEW SITTER FOR ANIKA! She will start later this summer.  The visit this time went VERY well!!    We feel so good about it.
Later Friends ;)


  1. Are you sure Anika drew that not mama?! Haha jk :)

    Yay for the new sitter! I am so glad to hear you found one!

  2. New sitter? WOOHOO! More time for mama to enjoy her mommy juice! ;)

  3. LOL! Save could be in the MOMA one day. Or the Sex Museum.

  4. Such an artist!! MCW is right on. I saw a number of pieces like that at a museum in Amsterdam...