Thursday, June 7, 2012

A Perfect Night

Oh man, This post is so late!  I had such strong emotions when this happened, and writing it almost 2 weeks later was not what I had in mind :( 
Just so you know, I don't think this post will have ANY mentions of a certain baby I always talk about on here. I mean, arent you sick of hearing about that damn kid? geeze.

SO, this goes back to Memorial Day weekend.
Saturday was a busy day. I had an association meeting in the morning. A 5th birthday party (we actually missed).
Then, A 30th Birthday Party in the afternoon...Andrew, Anika and I went for a couple hours and then Andrew and I left from there to head 2 hours South to Boston. MY parents were at the 30th too, so we ditched the kid and she got to hang with Nona and Grampa for the afternoon and night.

Andrew and I got to the city and parked near my old Apt. on Westland Ave.
We walked over to Fenway where we met Erin, John, Jen and her bf at Tequila Rain. 
Erin was my college roommate freshmen, sophomore and midler year. THen we lived together again the year after college. Erin and her boyfriend of 9 years live in Austin now, but moving to Chicago Soon! I don't get to see her much, so this was a VERY special occasion. SHe was in town for a wedding.  E was in my wedding and was a co-host of A's baby shower. I dont think I have seen her since last summer actually!
Jen is one of Erin's friends and who I am friends with through Erin.
They were already eating when we got there, so Andrew and I ordered some food and I ordered a cosmo at Tequila Rain.
I remember going in the bathroom and having flashbacks...I am pretty sure I MIGHT have gotten sick in that bathroom before. The bar was pretty empty that night, but I remember being there in my past life when it was VERY Full. LIke strobe lights, loud music, drinks spilling all over, etc.  Ya..I was having some drunken blurred memories. Funny to be back there as an adult. haha

At one point, ERin went to the bathroom.
While in the bathroom, John told the rest of us he was planning to PROPOSE that night!! He said after the game.
My eyes got watery and I was like "WHY are you telling me this now? I planned on drinking! This will be hard to hold in all night" ha
I NOW had to keep this a secret the WHOLE game?  I said "I have my good camera in the car. I can get it and take photos of you proposing" and he just smiled. So, I was unsure if he was telling us just because he was excited, or because he wanted us to be there? I didn't get to ask more because Erin came back from the bathroom.
WE finished up there and walked across the street to Fenway.
I decided I would follow them after and stalk them even if he didnt want us there. lol
Us girls went and got beers and the weather was perfect.  The beers were like $8 a piece which was a slap in the face. I truly forgot how expensive the park was! BUT,  IT FELT SO good to be back at Fenway. I went to A LOT of games back in 2003-2005. A LOT. I lived nearby and always stumbled upon tickets. ALso, a few friends from school worked security there, so we could get into good seats often even when we had shitty seat tickets :)
The law firm I co-op'd at had firm seats I got to use sometimes too.
I was feeling on top of the world- being back in Boston during my favorite season (Spring), with my old college roommate, watching a sox game and also with my was the night before our 5 year wedding anniversary. AND, knowing something BIG was going to happen that night made it sooo much better. I couldnt stop smiling the whole time. I kept telling Andrwe how happy I was.

Erin, Jen and I were posting pics on Facebook. At one point I was posting this of Erin and I and the song "Like A Rock" was playing .. (Fenway always plays music) ...the song Like a Rock  came on by Bob Seger...if you dont know, here is the song...go to the chorus..

SO, as I was loading the pic, that song was on and I was singing it (kinda) and so I wrote on the caption what I heard "Like A rock. Like a Rock" except, in my head it was the song, but if you read it was just  2 dumb sentences. Did I mention I had 2 cosmos and a beer by then?  Well, we thought it was hilarious.
THEN, ERIN Commented on it "At least someone is giving me a rock"
AND...I almost died. I was actually surprised she wrote that because I never really hear her say she wants one! ha.  I thought she was happy with the way things were,  and wasn't worried about getting a ring.
WELL, LITTLE DID SHE KNOW, she was going to get one, THAT night!
Oh, and I was texting Jen that when John Proposed, I was going to hide in bushes and then pop out and say "Like A rock. LIke a Rock" . HA. We were laughing a lot. The 3 of us kept saying the phrase and laughing but saying it in monotone, not like the song. ha, maybe you had to be there?

The sun went down....

This is a picture of a girl who I thought looked like my good friend Carolyn who I used to attend games with. She lives in Chicago now, but I kept taking double takes. Andrew ALSO thought it was Carolyn.  She was very pretty and her boyfriend was...well, NOT.  I couldn't get her face to show C. Andrew assumed they were VERY smart. hahah
The almost engaged couple!

The sox were losing 2-1 in the 9th inning and the Sox were up to bat for the last time...AND, HOME RUN and the SOX won. Perfect ending. It was also John's FIRST sox game. HOW he went to our downtown Boston college and never attended a game is beyond me! He lived there for 6 years!

So...where to go after the game?
I knew that John was planning to propose over on the street they met on...which was over near our old campus...which was also near where Andrew and I parked. 
Erin wanted to head to a bar, but there are not a lot of bars over that way near campus. We headed that way through the Fens- a sketchy area to go alone at night, but fine in a group.
I said Lets go to Our House, which is a bar near campus- its the campus bar, in fact.  IT is located ON THE street John wanted to propose, so me suggesting that was pretty genius. haha.
Did I mention I was VERY nostalgic the whole night.

Erin and I in front of one of our old apartments on our way to the bar. It was on Hemenway.  This is where we lived when the Patriots won the Superbowl and there were serious riots outside our apt. Like, you couldn't even move in those streets behind us in the photo.  We lived on the first floor and my bedroom window was to an ally and a car that HIT and killed someone that night, also hit right below my window. Crazy. We got to see more riots in the years to come when the Sox won the World Series. Those years were crazy times to live there! Very historical sport times.
They dont have riots like that anymore.
Anyway, so we got to Our House and since it was Memorial Day weekend, the bar was practically empty. I remember a lot of late nights there when we came back from downtown bars and getting in for last call. ...and it was so packed, you could barely move. Well, we had a table and the few other patrons there looked VERY young. They made Erin and I feel old. Andrew reminded me that HE felt old when I brought him to that same bar way back when I was a Sr. in college when he came over to visit me for the first time! haha.  Oops. . ERin and I realized we were kinda getting old- It had been ELEVEN, yes 11 years since we MET freshmen year at our little dorm. Since our freshmen dorm was RIGHT down the street from where we were- at the end of St. Stephens street, I suggested we walk down after and take a photo outside the dorm! 

Oh, guess what- St. Stephens Street is also the street John wanted to propose on! He had contacted some local musicians to play music on the door steps of the same apt. he used to live in- where he and Erin met!  You want to know how they met? He was playing his guitar on the door steps of his apt. while Erin was waiting outside the same apt. for a friend...NINE years  ago.  I believe Erin had been drinking that night...but I don't remember for sure. COOL, huh?
We sat at Our House drinking some beer and talking about old times. Erin and I remembered finding a girl on St. Stephens sTreet passed out near a bush one time our freshmen year.  Erin recognized her from one of her classes, so we helped her and she let us get her into her apt./dorm and we put her to bed. Actually Erin put her to bed- we were both drunk too...but thought we were SOO helpful. While Erin was getting her a puke bucket and writing her a note with her number, I went into the girl's kitchen and looked for treats! She had green tea ice cream, which I took out of her freezer and started to eat! lol. IT was nasty, by the way.  Erin and I got ourselves out of there before I ate all her food.  HA. I remember the girl called erin the next day and thanked her, even though she had no idea who we were.
Oh man, Anyway, When Erin went to the bathroom at Our House, John said he just had to text the musicians a half hour before he planned to be there, so I told him to do it. IT was midnight and Andrew and I still had a 2 hour drive home! (ANdrew doesn't drink anymore  due to his IC, so I had my DD).
We left Our House and started walking down St. Stephens to our old dorm. There weren't a lot of college kids around and it was a quiet night due to the holiday weekend.   I could hear music playing and I thought it was the musicians...AND, Then I SAW ERIN walk by them!! and John tried to tug her arm to pull her back.  I panicked and yelled her name! lol, I guess John had it under control, but ya know...I couldnt help myself. I was excited!!

It was SOOO Exciting. She said yes! After saying "You're Shitting me" a couple times. Yes, he got down on one knee!

The musicians. They played 3 songs that were special to Erin and John. I forget though. ha

Oh, and YES, the video sucks!! I Felt awkward TAPING their special moment and freaked out and started taping the people playing music! LOL.  I couldnt tell if they wanted to have the private moment or not! I told ANdrew to take pictures on our shitty camera but they didnt come out well...I wish we got my good one out of the car. 

Us Girls!
We walked towards our car and said our good byes...and that was that. I stayed awake the ride home and talked to Andrew...and actually made some phone calls to my West Coat friends who I figured would still be up! haha

Ok, Ill be back hopefully sooner rather than later to fill you in on the happenings around here.


  1. How fun!! I bet he was a nervous wreck about pulling that off!
    So, what's happening around there? Anything new?

  2. That is the best video! I love that they are laughing the whole time. So cute!

  3. So cute! And it's so awesome that you were able to be there and witness it!

  4. OMG - what a special night! That is so wonderful for Erin! I'm sure John wanted you guys to be a part of it or he wouldn't have told you or done it when you were around. I'm sure he felt that was part of what would make it special too - having her best girl friends there!