Tuesday, May 29, 2012

A little of our weekend

Our weekend was FANTASTIC. We celebrated our 5th Wedding Anniversary on Sunday as a family.

This video was last night. After dinner we were just sitting watching Anika put on her own little show. Of course, it was after 5 minutes of watching her and laughing that I thought "I should tape her", so as the law of nature goes, once you get the camera out, its just "Not as funny" but, she was still being silly.
ANdrew was whispering at the end "touch the roof" because every day when he gets home he says "have you touched the roof yet today?" and He holds her up to touch the roof. (Ceiling)  ha. But she was looking up at the ceiling before he ever said that.

Happy Memorial DAY!. Outfit was a hand me down and bow was from last 4th of July that Danielle made!
Sandals were bought THAT morning at Stride Rite and HOLY cow! Kids shoes are expensive! Andrew had bought Anika 2 pairs of sandals at walmart for her birthday and well, they were plastic!  Since All of Anika's shoes up until this point have been gifts or hand me downs, I sucked it up and bought her nice sandals for the summer. They cost $27! More than mine! ha.

On Sunday out on the river! That life jacket kind of cramped her style.

I brought a salad for lunch and Anika took over. She loves using a fork and stabbing things...well, stabbing her food! She hasn't stabbed me yet. ha.

Andrew walked her around on the river beach trying to get her to sleep. He finally did and we set up a bed in the canoe. ha. We went back to my friend's campground on the beach after and had a bbq.  It was a LONG day, but she did pretty well with only an hour nap all day.  There was a group of us on the river. A few of the adults had A LITTLE too much to drink :)   I probably would have been one of them if I didn't have a baby to care for. Ha. Andrew cant drink because of his IC. 
AND, We went down to Boston Saturday and that was the highlight of the weekend. I will post about that separately later. ITS an AWESOME STORY and IM STILL on a happy high from it.
Hope you all had a lovely long weekend and thought of those who served.


  1. I was with Mermaid over the weekend and we got to pairs of cute leather sandals for her little one at Marshalls for 7.99! Check there or TJ...

    Your weekend looks great! Anike is such a peanut in the canoe!

  2. Love this post! A's outfit, the picnic and being on the water. Happy 5 years to you guys!

  3. Great pictures! Your weekend definitely was better than my last week was :)

  4. I am shocked it's been 5 years! Can't wait for your next post :)

  5. 5 years of marriage! Wow! I bought Chase some shoes at Nordstrom that were $42 but the thread started coming out after one wear so I returned them and we got him shoes for $13 at payless.

  6. We celebrated five years in May too! Love her patriotic ensemble!

  7. Happy happy anniversary girl!!! That canoe looks awesome and sweet girl looks cute in anything!