Sunday, May 13, 2012

Mother's Day...and the week before it. ha

Guess what I am signing below....


You probably cant guess based on my smiling face....But I was actually executing My WILL! ha. I had them take pictures since it is kind of like a milestone...part of being an adult!
I had a will, but I decided to make sure it was LOCK I had it witnessed and notarized at the firm. With the passing of my uncle, my mom wanted me to make sure Andrew and I had our wills taken care of.  I guess my uncle's will was done in another state and was a Pain in the ass to work with.

Anika outside playing while I was doing dishes in the kitchen. THe girl LOVES to be outside, so I just let her go out and I watch from the window. Our back yard is big and I don't let her out of my sight.

I wanted to do an entire post for Piri's "birthday" last week, but I didnt. Poor Piri.  Anyway, Wednesday marked 3 years since we rescued her.  Here she is posing with her gifts. Homemade treats form Foxy Treats...and the stuff in the baggy is not Pot for Piri- it is doggy detox tea my friend made for her. She also sent the bottle of neem oil because it is used to help keep ticks and other bugs away.  We have so many ticks around here. yuck.
Last week, I heard Anika talking and talking in her room...I walked in and she was "reading" her books. I love to see her "reading" to herself.

This weekend, we had a funeral Saturday for my Uncle. We got to see a lot of family. It was a nice service. We went back to my Gram and Grampa's after for a while. We left and went down to MA for My friend's daughter's first Birthday party.  The party started at noon, but we didn't get there until 5.  It was 2 hours away, but I really wanted to be there for my friend and I love to see her family.  Andrew was such a sport about the jam packed day and he drove us all over. HE was obviously good during the funeral and took anika out when she got a bit restless. Probably for the best since I started crying my eyes out when people got up to talk, including my mom.
We got home at 10:30 Saturday night and I slept in Sunday (Mother's Day).
When Anika and Andrew thought I had slept in enough, they came up to get me.
I asked them what they had been up to and Andrew said they were playing outside ...and then Andrew added "and playing with dog poop" as a joke because I tell him to watch her around dog poop.
As soon as he said dog poop, Anika said clear as day, "Dog poo" so we laughed. AND, then SHE SAID it again. ANd then I said it all day so she would say it. lol. I know, bad, but It sounds so funny. My mom wasn't impressed.
Before brunch

 I thought my dad and Grampa were coming to brunch, but they didnt! So, ANdrew was the only dude!

 Yes, it was the same place we went for Easter.  We dont have a TON of choices around here. ha

 So, after brunch and out little photo shoot, we all went to leave. My mom and Gram had come in my mom's car. Andrew, ANika and I went in Andrew's truck because we went to the dump first. 
Andrew left his keys in the truck and used the key pad on the door. He put in the combo and it wouldn't work!! We tried several times and it was dead. The lights wouldn't even light up.  Where are the spare keys? At OUR House. How do we get in the house? With the garage door was in Andrew's truck and the other was in my car...IN THE locked garage.  THe house was all locked- we have a spare key for the front door but the dead bolt was locked and we didn't have a key for that!  CRAP. 
We started to panic. My mom drives a 2 door bmw convertible. She did have Anika's seat in it, but it was HARD to get ANika in her car seat, ME, Andrew and Gram in the car. Andrew's knees were on the dash and Gram sat in my lap! haha

Gram kept laughing the whole way to our house. She was on my bladder. I had a martini at brunch by the way :) At 10 AM :) I dont like bloody mary's and not a huge fan of Orange juice for a mimosa, and I had antioxidant martinis. They didn't even have the stuff to make them down in the function hall where they had brunch, but we usually get them in the main restaurant. I guess they thought we were lushes.

SO, when we got home, we were trying to find a way to get in the house.
Eventually, Andrew had to move a picnic table over near the house and put a ladder ON TOP of that and got it up close to Anika's room window...and then hopped in from there. I twas the ONLY window in the House not locked...but it usually is- he had opened it that morning. Every other door aND Window in our house was locked up like fort knox!  I wish I got a photo of Andrew getting in the window. My gram said she will NEVER forget this Mother's day! ha. IT was exciting I guess...even if Andrew and I were blaming each other  a bit :)
After we got in the house, we went BACK to the restaurant with the truck keys.  On the way home, we stopped at the beach house to check it was just opened this weekend (For the season) and we looked around to figure out how we are going to set it up for the party.
I was SOOO tired. Anika had fallen asleep in the car. I brought her in and put her to bed and then I laid down. I NEVER DO that. I NEVER nap.  She woke up soon after I fell asleep. Andrew was out dong the lawn so I brought her in my room...and fell back to sleep. I woke up to her Reading parenting books. Too bad she cant give me a summary since I have never read them, and probably never will! She was actually flipping the pages...and there are no pics! lol.

I made a couple videos for something else and decided to post them here for you guys. The last one is actually from a while ago...Andrew reading Anika's favorite book, but he talked over her making the owl sound. Then she was all done ...haha. Anyway, watch if you would like :) 


  1. She is so adorable! Sounds like a good time :) except locking yourself out, of course!

  2. Love hearing Andrew's talk! I wonder if Anika will say anying with a little a accent?

    Gram and your mom are good sport's. I think you should have put gram on Andrew's lap!

  3. 1. where do you even start when trying to write a will?! can you help me write one? ;)
    2. i finally got to hear your voice!! i feel like your my long lost friend. and hearing it makes me happy lol
    3. i like andrew's accent.
    4. i want your backyard. =)

  4. Poor Piri :( LOL! Buddy's 7th birthday is tomorrow!!

  5. She is so cute!! I can't believe you all crammed into that tiny car! So funny!

  6. Aww all the ladies look great and Anika is so stinking cute!!! Love the videos

  7. Oh my goodness...she is so adorable in the videos!!!

    And seriously, what a Mother's Day to remember:)