Tuesday, May 1, 2012

My Little China Doll

We have been busy around here!  We sold a car (private sale). We then bought a car.  Last week I took Anika to the Boston Children's museum and the Boston Aquarium.  I have TONS of photos from that day. It was one of my Best days, Ever. Watching my little girl experience that was truly amazing! And, as a mom I could NOT have been More proud of her!  She just amazes me. We had lunch with my old boss and coworker between the 2 main events...and well, Anika wasn't on her best behavior at the restaurant!! I wASNT proud of that! My coworkers kept saying how I must have my hands full with her energy! ha. Thank God my mom was with us and was able to watch her, so I could at least socialize and catch up with my old work mates.   Full post on that day to come. IM still smiling ear to ear from that day though. One big thing was missing from the perfect day- Daddy :((  He was working.

My old roommate and very dear friend, Erin went to China last month. She brought back something for Anika and it arrived in the mail last week!
Anika now has her own little silk China outfit!  (I washed it well first, don't worry :))
Erin went to China with Ally, who has a blog here!!  I know Ally through Erin.
Why yes, that is Anika's placenta tree! Growing along nicely, huh?

It kind of looks like silk PJ's.

Mummy was in her cleaning clothes :)

This yellow tree is called a forsythia. My mom was named after it! Her name is Cynthia....she was born in the winter and my Gram likes spring in summer. The forsythia is one of the first flowers to bloom in the spring up here, so my Gram was thinking SPRING! ha.

That is all for today folks. Hope to be back soon!


  1. Adorable as always. How old were you and Andrew when you got hair??? It's so funny how some kids get it right away and others get it when they are older.

    Love her little outfit.

  2. such a beautiful little girl! Love the pictures of her with her tree - so special! Looking forward to reading about your adventures in Boston!

  3. She looks PRECIOUS. I was in the market when Erin bought that. :)

  4. Bought a new car?!? Where have I been!

    And I love her little outfit! So adorable!