Monday, May 7, 2012

3 Years!!

Can you believe I have been blogging for THREE YEARS!? Yup, this past Saturday marked 3 years.
My very first post is on the old blog.  I will copy and paste it at the end of this entry.
I think it goes without saying how much blogging has brought to my life.  So many great friends!
I used to write a lot more often...but you know, life gets busy!

You know what else I love (besides imaginary friends?)   SPRING!!
I LOVE when everything COMES ALIVE!
Here are a few things in bloom in my yard right now..
 Daffodils. These are kind of in the woods and they are about to die anyway.  This Saturday I slept in a bit and Andrew had Anika outside.  I was just waking up and they came up to my room and Andrew was holding Anika. She was holding a daffodil and started to hand it to I started to take it and say Thank you, and then she SNAPPED it back, put it under her Arm, and looked at me with stern eyes and said "no. No." ...nice, huh? I thought she was giving it to me, but I guess not!
Oh, these are not alive in my yard, but they made it in the iphone dump of photos. ha.
Anika calls all 3 of these bananas. Spaghetti squash, summer squash and a banana. She gets all excited over bananas ...and other yellow veggies!

THIS Tree in my front yard. The cherry tree. I love it. I really want one with pink blossoms, but this white one will do!

 So pretty!
And now for something not so pretty....
Last week my uncle died. My gram found him at his house, dead.  That was Tuesday. Wednesday, I brought dinner to my grandparents house after work.   Anika was a doll. She was putting on a show being all sweet and smart. My Grampa was even so impressed and happy to have her.   I was glad to help get my Gram's mind off of things.
THen, on the ride home, I heard sounded like choking...I reached my hand around and felt the yuck. I pulled over and I found this!

I had put Anika's Jammies on before we left my Gram' know, so she would be ready for bed! Something I have NEVER done before! YUP!  She had one avocado and lentils for dinner. BOTH foods she eats all the time.
 IT WAS EVERYWHERE. ALl over my new car. All over her seat and her...I had to take the whole convertible seat in the house with her in it.  We both took a shower. I put her to bed and took the monitor down with me to take apart the seat to clean it.  ANd, then I heard it again- I ran up and she puked ALL over her bed.  I just put a blanket down because I still had to clean up downstairs.   I ran up when I heard her gettins sick again. The poor thing.  I was afraid to let her sleep alone in case she choked, so I brought her in bed with me and laid her on towels. Yup, she puked more and more. I was awoken quite a few times with vomit (by then it was clear, not green) splashing my face.  That lasted until 3 AM.   She nursed between it all so she didn't get dehydrated, but she was dry heaving and the sound of it was so sad. I felt so bad for her.   I thought she had a bug so I called into work and we slept until 8:30.  She woke up HAPPY as a clam and never got sick again! No more symptoms- nada.  That was a week ago and no one else got sick...and My Gram and I had been kissing A's I think it must have been something she ate....OR again, I have an awesome immune system and my milk has super healing powers and cures the bug in 7 hours. Who knows.
It was definitely the sickest she has been since we've had her. 

This was her- EVEN CUDDLING with me. That is RARE!! She will never sleep like that with me. I covered my face because although she was the sick one, I looked like death in this photo.
I had another gift card to Saks. Two years ago I got a pair of Jack Rogers sandals with a gift card. I have WORN Them into the ground. I used the gift card to get the blue pair this year....I didnt know how dirty and worn my old ones were until I got the new pair!

MY First! So, I have been saying for a while, I wanted to start a blog! I read so many of my friends' blogs…and the blogs of people I want to be my friends! Haha. I was hesitant because I am self conscious of my writing abilities…and my life is not very interesting… But today, I decided we have a lot of exciting things going on, and I wanted to document our exciting happenings! We bought our first house (First house together, anyway) and we just adopted a DOGGY that we will meet on Saturday and bring home! I think our move and new addition will provide me with many exciting stories! I actually decided to finally start a blog about….1 hour ago- while I was the gym! I emailed one of my Bestests, Erin,, from my Blackberry, while on the elliptical, asking what she thought a good name for my blog would be! I had Kiwi Lover in the air… due to the fact, my husband is from New Zealand (and New Zealanders are called Kiwis, for those of you who do not know!). Well, Erin suggested the Kiwis and Cocktails! She is always on top of what I love most! I mean, My husband is definitely my first love, but Cocktails are definitely high on the list too!  I will write more about meeting my husband in New Zealand, Our wedding TWO years ago, and being a newlywed in later posts. I just needed to start something ASAP before I changed my mind again!

There were wedding photos in that First post, but they wont copy over. AND, WOW- this month will be 5 years of being married...and this Wednesday is Piri's "Birthday"...the day she came to us. 


  1. OMG. I am cracking up over the throw up picture. Poor Anika, but so funny you took a picture.

  2. Yuck!!! That puke picture is priceless! The good news is - there may have been something bad in her system so at least she got it all out! Glad she's feeling better. Happy 3-years blogging :) My blog is 3 and 1/2 now ;)

  3. That poor baby girl (and mama!)! Thats alot Of Vomit :( Glad she is freling betteR and no one Else got sick! Wht kinda car did ya get?

  4. Poor Anika!!! That looks horrible!! I'm glad she wasn't scarred for life, but geesh! Glad she recovered so quickly. Happy blogging anniversary!!!

  5. Oh my gosh, poor thing! Breaks my heart to see them so sick. I'm so glad she feels better though! Happy 3yr blogaversary friend!

  6. Wow, 3 years. Oh how the time flies!!

    And poor Anika. Though lets be honest, I was kind of dry heaving just seeing that picture;) I can only imagine. That is one duty I'm not sure if I'll ever be able to handle