Monday, May 21, 2012

Our Weekend, Plus Anika is 14 months and VERBAL!

I got an email today from Baby Center...Sometimes I just delete those things and other times I will skim the email.
The Subject was "Your 14 Month Old" They know my kid is 14 months because once upon a time I signed up for those emails when I was like a day pregnant. 
The email talked about vocabulary today and said:  ""Ball," "dog," and "bye" may be your child's favorite – and only – words, though some early talkers have as many as 20 words in their vocabulary....."Bla bla...well, it prompted us to sit down and come up with a list of Anika's words for her baby book.
I sent my list to my mom and told her to add any I forgot.
SO, here is what Anika is saying at 14 Months:
Dog/Doggy, Daddy/Dada, Nona, Mumma, Keys, Banana,
No No/No, door, banana, cracker,
bird, ducky, dog poo, dirty, diaper, all done, more, water, Nigh nigh (Night night), Potty, nose (which sounds like noooooooooooo but she points to her nose or my nose when she says it), shoes (sounds like Sues), Down (dooooown), Up, ball, flower, hat (HER FAVE!), hi, bye bye, Uh oh, titty (thanks to Andrew, but I pretend she is saying Teddy with a nz accent), doll, Ow, Yum yum, bubbles, bum bum, hot, milk, toes.
So, that is like 40 Words. Of course she doesn't say them All all the time.
Sounds: Bzzz for her buzzy bee, Grrr for bear, vroom for a ride, Hoo hoo for the sound an owl makes
Signs: Dog, more, milk
Anika was with a lady this week who specializes in children development ages 0-3 and speech. The lady said Anika has a very big vocabulary for her age!   After the bratty behavior she has been exhibiting to me, it was nice to hear something so positive!  I do have to give Andrew and my mom a lot of credit for A's vocabulary list though.

Anika is a helper. At the grocery store, I hand her the food and she puts it on the belt. My mom let her carry a can around the store the other day and she said she carried it the whole time without dropping it and handed it the lady to pay! She picks up dirty laundry off the floor and puts in in the hamper sometimes or just picks it up and looks at me and says dirty.  She also LOVES to climb everywhere and everything. She has no fear.

Andrew and Anika put their shirts on their head as their bug hats :)  I had them demonstrate for me after they came in...they had more clothes on before, obviously.

Last week, Anika had a meltdown because she wanted to wear her doggy shoes, which fall off. When we got home on Friday, she took her practical shoes off, and doggy shoes on!

Saturday, I had a 5K race.  I was nervous. I have NOT been running outside lately.  The race benefited my friend's son who was in an accident last year and now suffers from a spinal cord injury. He is paralyzed from the chest down.  WHen I wanted to walk during the race, I thought of him being stuck in a wheel chair, and that made me push harder and deal with it!  Running 5K is the LEAST I can do to show support! The end was along the lake and I ran on the docks and it was GORGEOUS!
I actually finished faster than I thought- 34 minutes. My mom kicked my ass and finished in like 25 minutes. ha
Ew. Thunder thighs. I have Gained 12 POUNDS back. TWELVE. A LOT in the past 2 weeks. Wah. Kick my ass. Kick it.
After the race, Anika, Andrew and I went to breakfast....I got veggie eggs benedict so zeroed out all the calories I burned!
Sunday, we went to brunch with SIL, BIL and the twins. It was BEAUTIFUL OUT. We went down on the docks and took photos.

One of my old dresses. Made in America- can you tell by the colors? :)

We got a TON of Anika and her cousins...SOOOO CUTE!

After brunch we went to do a little shopping.
Andrew was looking for a new lawn mower, so we went to a few stores.
At the final one, Anika was done and climbed on the lawn mowers and had a tantrum when we wouldnt let her. She also climbed into a fire pit (display). When I pulled her away and she freaked out, I Did NOT GIVE IN. I just walked out of the store and out to the car where she calmed down and then we went back in to meet Andrew. I decided IM goign to do my VERY Best to not give in, even in public....which is where I want to give in to shut her up.
We also went to a store to get a bath mat and Andrwe was looking for jeans. Anika pulled a whole hat display apart and put each hat on her head.  When I was sick of cleaning up hats, I put her in the carriage and she fell in love with the mirror.
After all the shopping adventures, we went home to plant the garden...we were planting herbs and guess who put a handful of dirt in her mouth....
She didnt want to spit it out either!
Even though we were busy Sunday and doing lots of things, it was the PERFECT Family day!! I dont recall wanting to raise my voice at Andrew once! haha. I usually find SOMETHING to nag him about, but it was a good day. Saturday I took Anika to a graduation party while Andrew stayed home to do the lawns...and that is when the lawn mower broke :(
Oh, gosh- this girl is full of it. Today at the gym, a lady came up to me and said how my daughter was the cutest thing and asked if she acted as sweet as she looked! ha. I told her a couple weeks ago I would have said yes, but the past couple weeks she has shown her OTHER side :)

Anika had a package in the mail today from one of my "imaginary friends" - it was a Dr. Seuss bracelet!!  HOW SWEET! She loves it.

Ya, I got more stickers for the 2nd year :)
She has more molars!! She may be missing hair, but she has lots of teeth!!


  1. Are those her dog shoes in the last picture? They look big!

    And I love her in that little navy dress. So adorable!

  2. wow, that is a lot of words!!
    And you look fantastic - in that full length pic of you after the race - you look so fit! 12 lbs is a minor setback dont be so hard on yourself!
    what cute pics, and especially of her and her cousins - adorable!

  3. I was thinking the same as MCW.

    I already told you, but nice work with the 5k.

    And I love love how some of Anika's words include titty and dog poo. bahahahahaha!

  4. She's testing you for sure. Good for you on not giving in!! Keep it up!! As for the don't look like you've gained. I'm with Lauren. Look fit!

  5. She is looking SO big Ashley!!