Monday, May 14, 2012

A day at the Museum and Aquarium. belly jiggle

This is a few weeks late. AND, I posted like 30 something photos. I took 200ish, so be grateful I narrowed it down. ha.

Back in April, I took a day off and went down to Boston. It was me, Anika, my mom, and my niece.
We parked right near my old work and walked to the Children's Museum.
I remember my mom took my niece (K) when she 3 or 4, but I had never been. I only met them for lunch when I worked down there.
I wasn't sure if ANika was still too young for it, but NOPE!
SHE certainly experienced it!  In fact, in the 1+ year, I have been her mom, this was MY Favorite day with her, I think. At least one of them. THe only thing missing was Andrew :(  He would have LOVED It. Watching her take it all in. Laugh, learn, touch, watch, etc.  She does so well in new situations and with lots of people.  I love that about her. I'm so happy she doesn't have any sort of social anxiety. I mean, sure she stays close the first 10 minutes we are in a new place...but then she is good to go. In fact ,sometimes TOO Good to GO!  She even ran away from me at the museum! I didn't think she would go far, but she did...I had to run after her.
Here she is putting her hands in the holes to see what is in there.

There was a big Bubble Room! That was fun.

K pulled her up on the little seat.

Nona on the climbing wall!
What is also special about Anika is that she looks VERY fragile and dainty. She is a petite girl...but she is actually very rough and tough! Yes, I dress her up, but she doesn't really act like a little lady. People used to say the same about me- that I could dress up to look like a nice lady, but I was still rough (and a little crude!). ha. Anika is a tough chick- mostly. I think that is one trait people point out a lot about her looks are deceiving. And, then the other thing they point out ALL the livelong day is...guess! Yes, her eyes. She doesn't like her hands to be dirty- she does get disgusted by that sometimes, and comes to me saying "dirty. dirty" with a look of disgust...but normally she is not girly.
Did I tell you how she fell out of a bouncy house at a birthday party last week??  Yup, FELL RIGHT OUT on her face, but just got up, brushed herself off and wanted to get back in! lol.  IM sure others were horrified I didnt go be honest, I actually didnt see it happen because I was stuffing my face! Haha. It made me realize- maybe the fact that I have actually missed Anika take falls is why there is no reaction- her mother is so god damn oblivious!
Back to the museum, We went into a portion that was ONLY for 0-3 year olds, so we went in and my mom and niece went to do soemthing else. ANika walked right over and picked up these little animals (You can kind of see them in her hands) and said "GRRR" holding the bear up.   She loves a book called Growl goes the bear. I couldn't believe she knew what the bear was and made the connection.  I know, I just forget that this age knows so much, and I'm always shocked by it. Im pretty sure from here on out, I will continue to drop my jaw when she does stuff like that.
Right after this, she ran over to a little doll Across the room, took the hat off the baby doll and ran it over to me, "Hat! HAT! HAT!"  YES, a WHOLE GOSH darn museum of fun things- and the girl wants the damn hat!
I finally pulled that hat off of her...and she decided to go on this little climby bridge thing..
See, Anika's little hand ...yes, this bigger girl was jumping up and down shaking the bridge when Anika was trying to cross it.  Anika was actually enjoying the bounce and holding on to the fence trying to walk across it, but still smiling...i wish i got a video. Then the yellow shirt girl decided jumping in the middle was boring, so she started to RUN back and forth, as if ANika was not even there. And, yes, Anika fell down, or shall I say, was pushed down.   I was there, but Anika honestly didn't seem phased, so I stood  and observed (and took photos). Now, some people definitely gave me looks like they thought I was crazy for not telling the big girl to stop or to reach in and pull Anika out, but that's me. I give Anika a chance- obviously if she looked scared or needed help, Id scoop my baby right up. I would be there if she looked at me for help. She didnt.  OTHER parents were looking at me waiting for me to freak out. They were like "WHERE is this girls parents?!" about yellow shirt girl. I just shrugged...ANika had a smile on her face and seemed to enjoy the adventure!  ALL DAMN day people were asking me how old she was because apparently her size throws people off. Also, apparently, most parents don't dress their kids in dresses for such a place of play! ha. We had other plans for our trip to Boston- not just the children's museum, so ya, we were dressed fancy :)

Then, we went over to the little "House" where she cooked and tried to stuff a HUGE plastic steak in her mouth.  I am not posting pics of other kids if I can help it, but she was playing with other kids too!  Sometimes I am SOOO awkward in these situations. My mom was off with K and the parents of other kids talked to Anika. I never talk to other kids...should I do that?   I dont know what I'm supposed to do. Or, when they give ANika compliments- AM I Supposed to respond FOR her??!  

There was a dress up corner. Anika kept bringing me this costume. I was thinking- how many other kids have worn this...but she was persistent, so I dressed her up! lol.
By the way- I AM SOOO GLAD we did not go to this place during cold or flu season. HOLY germs it would have been! Kids touching EVERYTHING.

The play doh station. The lady was all "Dont worry, all the ingredients are edible"  OH, ya- IM not worried about the INGREDIENTS- I'm more worried with ALL 500 other grubby hands who played with this first...and as I said it (or thought it), a piece went into Anika's mouth and I POUNCED ON That and had my finger deep throating her trying to scoop out the piece of play doh.  Ya- my logic is off- I get that..."Oh, its ok, big kids can knock you down Anika, but Germy play doh in your mouth? Absolutely NOT!"
HA. I did get the recipe though...and the chunk of germ filled play doh out of her mouth....with MY finger that was also probably disgusting from touching everything.

This is when she was picking her piece for her mouth...she figured "Mom's got that camera in her face, she wont be quick enough to stop me..."

And, back to climbing and running around in there. At one point she was off in there and i was getting nervous I would have to get my fat ass in there...she doesn't always like to come when I call her (Ya, I have a dog named Piri who plays the same "game" with me)...IM pretty sure I'm over the weight limit to get in there, so I'm glad she came to my rustle of the treat bag. JK.

Bathroom break...

There was a room dedicated to sand (no pics) and then a room of water.

A fake air plane (no pics) and a fake School bus, above.

Pointing to Daddy's Country, NZ.

Playing with Magnets!! The people who worked there were SOO great!  They would engage with Anika even though she looks like a baby and I really loved that.

Different poops.
And, there was so much more, but you get the point.  It was awesome and I cant wait to go back and bring Andrew so he can experience the joy of watching our little girl take it all in.

After that, we walked down to my old work and had lunch with my old boss and work mate.  By then, you can probably imagine Anika was a bit tired. So, ya...THANK GOD for My mom. She kept Anika busy at her end of the table so I was able to socialize and catch up with my work people at our end of the table.  Then, my mom took K and Anika out after lunch and walked around while I finished up.
Us in front of One of my old work buildings. NOt my last job before moving to the sticks, but the one before that.  Nona got Anika to fall asleep in her stroller,  Where she napped while we walked down to the Aquarium.
My mom and niece went into the IMAX for a movie and Anika and I walked through the financial district...which was bitter sweet for me...walking the same streets I used to walk to work passing all the business people while I pushed my baby in a carriage.
We went through Faneuil Hall and Anika got a little bow...for her to wear when she gets hair!
THEN, we went to meet Nona and K back at the aquarium.
AS soon as we walked in,  there were penguins and Anika said "Hoo Hoo"
WhICH is the sound she makes for owls!! She thought the penguins were owls.

She also pulled a girl's pony tail in the aquarium.
This was outside while we were waiting. She was running around like a wild child.
 Actually, she made a friend out there...the dad was a hippie dad and we chatted.

look at her- smiling at the sea lions (above)

 My mom couldn't believe how interested she was in everything- so engaged. I remember going to the aquarium as a kid and being bored out of my mind! lol.

Touching a stingray.

After that, my niece wanted to go on the swan boats, but it was getting late in the day so we settled on walking down to the North End and going to Mike's Pastry for some treats.  We walked in and I started to order and the Italian lady behind the counter handed Anika an Italian cookie....ugh...I froze...and Anika took it out of her hand and put it right into her mouth- all while I was frozen....and then, I just smiled and I let it be.  These are the situations, I have to let be!  I didn't want Anika having a sugar cookie, but you know what? It was a special day and a special occasion...and, I Let It Be. And just so you know..I remember thinking about that later in the day when I told Andrew how I didn't want to be rude to the little Italian lady, and how I stressed for a few minutes, but then, I LET IT BE. ...and Ive thought about that phrase a few times since- "Let It Be".  Oddly enough, I just found out my Uncle's favorite song is Let It Be and my cousin's wife sang it at the, ya, that's my new motto when I start to get uptight.

Not to mention, while I was all "I Dont want Anika to have a cookie"  people were probably looking at me like, "GET a jacket on that baby!"  I SWEAR Anika runs warm just like me! lol. She would tell me if she was cold! Thinking back, she should have had a jacket. It was quite windy that day.

SO, that my friends, was a GREAT DAY!

Oh, actually, when we finally got back to the car, my mom asked me if she could take a right out of the lot and I said yes (Used to be able to) but she started going and it was a ONE WAY STREET! She started freaking out and even said some Swear words and as she said the swear words, Anika's little voice in the back seat said "No. No" and I mean obviously her timing was ironic.   I think I might have told this story. Sorry if I have.
And, to end this HAPPY post with some sad.
Miss B told me this morning that she is going back to her professional career...meaning I need to find new child care for Anika. If I think about it, I will cry.   I am really upset.  I have a couple months. I'm scared to death to put her in a regular daycare and Its hard to find someone I trust!  This is really bothering me.  I am going to go look at a Montessori school later this week, but we really wanted to wait until she was older for that. boo.

ANd, do you know HOW Many people find this blog by googling things like "post partum belly" or post baby flabby belly.
UM, ya. from that before pic I posted a while ago I guess. how embarrassing!


  1. Looks like it was a fabulous day for all! And the childrens museum, germ wise, freaks me out BAD! so i agree completely there!
    I wish we lived closer! I just started watching kiddos and would love to watch A! She is such a doll

  2. I think her little bald head makes her look younger too! I think I told you this, but my friend's kid had a TON of hair, like abnormal amount. The doctor warned her that people may think she is older than she is and therefore a little "slow." Looks like Anika is the opposite!

    Let it be. That was the right thing to do!

  3. I thought you already posted this entry. Anika makes me want a baby.

  4. What a fun, fun day :-) And by the way, that photo of Anna with the giant bubble? So cool - it looks like she's in the bubble!

    I'm a bit like you when it comes to Joe and "experiencing" things. When we're at the park doing our mums + bubs bootcamp, Joe is the baby that's eating leaves and grass and dirt. I keep an eye on him and if he grabs a stick or a bug, then I stop him, but otherwise I let him do what he wants. I think this kind of freaked the other mums out based on the # of times they pointed out to me that Joe was eating leaves :-)

    And I love Faneuil Hall! I wish we could have lived in the area longer and experienced more of Boston!

  5. What a fun filled day you all had - I can just imagine how wonderful it was watching A take it all in - kids are such sponges! The pics are adorable and your captions just crack me up - like Piri playing the same game as A when you call! Bravo to you too for "let it go" - its not easy for us type A personalities - takes a lot of restraint:)

  6. What a fun day!! I want to take the day off on Cooper's birthday and have a fun day going to the zoo or something, but Lee won't be able to take off and we have never taken him to the zoo before so I would feel guilty...

    Watching them see new things and learn is SO awesome. It's amazing how quickly they pick things up without you even knowing. Pretty much every single thing Cooper does, I'm like "HOW DID YOU KNOW THAT?!?!" Haha.

    And yes, you should respond to people that talk to Anika. :) When someone says anything to Cooper. I always comment for him. Like if they say they love his hair (which is our most often comment) I say "say thank you Cooper!" Although now that he talks more, he is starting to answer for himself a tiny bit. And typically I talk to any kids that are playing around Cooper. Mostly because I want their parents to like me in case Cooper pinches them. Haha. Sad but true.

    Longest comment in blog history, right here.

  7. What a FUN day! And I just love Anika's little dress! Its just adorable!

  8. That looks like SO MUCH FUN! I think Giada would go crazy around there too! I love that A is going around exploring everything and loving it all! I always thought it would have been for older kids, but then I remember going w my nieces a few yrs ago to the children's museum in chicago and I remember they had lots of stuff for little ones too.

  9. Um, the Children's Museum was one of MY FAVORITES!!! I want to go back there so bad! They use to have that play place in the middle that was a few floors tall and you could climb/wiggle/crawl all through it. I always got scared when I was a kid...oh, but I wish I could do it now!!

    And Mike's pastries...craving them now!!