Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Easter Weekend Recap

Here is ANika the day before Easter wearing my old dress. She wore it as a shirt, but I wore this dress my very first Easter. I was a little over a month old. I would have put it on her last year, but I just got the boxes of old clothes from my mom a few months ago.  And, yes there is a big wet spot on it- she spilled her water.

 The Easter Bunny brought Anika a bubble maker, empty plastic eggs and a book!  HA.  The Easter Bunny is saving all her pennies for Anika's birthday party!

On Easter morning, Anika fed herself breakfast with a spoon! She did pretty well!  Not too much of a mess. But,  The more we go out to eat, the more I realize JUST HOW important Piri really is!! THANK GOd for Piri. Ugh, I always have to get on my hands and knees and pick food up off the floor at restaurants and at friends houses before we leave. I mean, she does an ok job, but she does seem to get a lot on the floor, I guess.
 Grampa came by in the morning to start fixing the closet!! He brought some goodies from Bunny Nona!  LOTS OF BOOKS and this adorable hat and matching slippers.

We were supposed to go to Church to watch my niece (K) sing, but it was RIGHT  at Anika's nap time, and we had brunch reservations too. I just didnt think she could do we only went to brunch. We went with with Nona, Grampa, K and my brother.

 She wore a bow from Danielle. 
 Eating her green beans! She also ate a bunch of fish at brunch. Girl loves fish, chicken and meat! ha
The flower on her dress fell apart, but we fixed it later. Dress from Nona.

Taking a stroll outside of brunch with cousin K. Anika ADORES her big cousin!! She gets so excited to see her.

 I dont know WHY I have major fat face in all these.  I didn't even drink the night before! ha

Back home, we did our Easter Egg hunt outside.

I used regular dye to do the eggs, but NEXT year, I am going to use natural dyes to color them...I have some friends who did that. Like, use beat juice  for red (We love beats).  Spinach juice for green, Coffee for brown, etc. I think that will make a bigger project out of it, but still kind of neat!  I saw it in the farmer's almanac. Anika got a kid's farmers almanac in her goody bag from Nona.
Looking at the bubbles.  You can make your own bubbles with water and dawn soap! This machine isnt as cool as I thought it would be. I had to keep dipping the wand in.

Had to put this on her because I did last year when she was a month old. ha

HOLY GINGER, huh???   I keep thinking its changing but NOPE, this picture is all red.

Remember how my closet fell down....
This was after it fell and AFTER I finally got the doors unjammed and pulled most of the stuff out!

 And this is the stuff all over the room!
 ANd this is THE NEW closet. My dad could do pull ups on the new clothes rail and the shelf is separate than the rail so the weight wont all be on one thing. Anika tested it out.
And, all put away makes a happy Ashley. The closet goes a few feet to the right and left (more than what you can see).

And, that sums that up! I have a post to do about A attending birthday parites-We went to 2 in the past 2 weeks and have 6 more coming up. She has a grand time.  
Anika is funny. She calls summer squash, bananas and spaghetti squash all banana. She gets the yellow, I guess.  She also started saying key and she always wants my keys, but I tend to not let her.
She was super hyper tonight. I was afraid she wouldnt go to sleep, but luckily she did. SIlly girl LOVES her dada. Geeze!


  1. I love Gingers! I have always wanted a read headed kid.

    Love the crap on your bed. hahaha

  2. She is such a doll!! Cutie patooie :)

  3. She is so adorable and happy. And you look great! I love that blue on you.

  4. That dress looks amazing on you! I love the color of it! Where did you get it?

  5. That hat and the slippers are adorable!! Also, I can't believe your Mom kept so many of your clothes from when you were a little?
    There are a few of my dresses that my Mom kept(and I use to put on my babies), but I guess b/c we moved so much she got rid of things.

  6. She is so freaking cute! I just love that first pic of her wearing your old outfit! Such a cutie! She looks like she had a total blast during Easter.
    Also, I think you look great in that blue dress. So beautiful lady!

  7. Oh my goodness that Easter dress is just so precious! And you are looking amazing mama!

  8. Omg, that hat and the slippers! I died!! So adorable! You look great in the Easter pics! Your waits looks tiny!