Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Oh, Hey There!!

I am so behind in blogging. I Just have so much to say and so little time.
Anika still continues to be such a joy.  A little bratty at times, but overall she is a pretty good toddler... so far. VERY busy and into everything, but she is learning what is ok to get into, and that makes life A LOT easier.
This isn't her 1 year post. I still need to do that!  IT should be special.
So, here are some random photos from the past month.
We went to a Fancy nancy tea party.  Anika and Nona both had purple head pieces!
Nona made her hat for a tea party shower a couple years ago!

I have cleaned out Anika's clothes...AGAIN.  I cant get over how stuffed her dresser drawers always are.  THIS is After I cleaned them out! STILL FULL. AND, GET THIS- I STILL AM NOT buying ANika clothes! Sure- the name shirt from etsy here and there, and Ive bought her a pair of leggings or a dress...but all up, Ive probably bought her 15 pieces of clothing, EVER!!!   She is getting hand me downs and still wearing GIFTS!  We are so blessed.  I gave some to people,  but I'm keeping most in case our next is another girl.

This is her closet- also jam packed!  Girlfriend has TONS of shoes!  Also, hand me downs and gifts.  Favorite kinds are the stride rite and riley roos. Her first good shoes were Robeez. But for walking, the others have better soles.

Daddy got her a baseball hat. She is STILL obsessed with hats and the word, itself.

This is a sneak peak for her Birthday party!!  Above are wood blocks my dad actually cut for me. Then, Andrew sanded and painted them.  I cut out the letters from scrap book paper and modge podged then on . Then, I glued on the other embellishments.  The font is not the standard font that comes in Word....It is a Dr. Seuss font I downloaded :)
 I Have also been busy making this Banner out of cloth!  Cutting out the letters was a pain!  We have lots of other good ideas as well. Surprisingly, neither of the ideas above came from that site Pinterest.  The banner came from my blog friend, Ashley. 
A couple weeks ago, I went up North to my ski awards.  I got my 1st place mug again. That is my 3rd one in the 3 years I have been doing the league. I missed last year due to being pregnant.  If I keep winning, I can use them for a dinner party :)  I blacked out the ski league name and my name :)

One of those hot days a couple weeks back, Anika and I went to the park after work.  This is us on the swing.

Over the weekend, my downstairs guest room closet FELL DOWN. AGAIN!  It has been almost 2 years though. I store all my old business attire, suits (I dress more casual these days), dresses, jackets, etc.  Also, overflow kitchen stuff like crock pot, special dishes, waffle maker, recipe books, etc.  There were cleaning products on the top shelf to keep out of reach of Miss A. Ya, one was bleach spray...and it SPILLED/leaked...ON A FUR JACKET!! I cant even talk about it. I wanted to just go back to bed that day and make it go away, but...I couldnt. I had Anika to take care of. Andrew was away. There was  JUST LOTS oF stuff  in the closet because it IS a 10 foot long closet!
AND, now, its ALL Over the guest room!!  I want someone to fix it!!  I dont know how long I will have to wait.

Wearing her little leggings from Jenny DB and the print matched this dress she got as a hand me down, just perfectly!

This is one of my old outfits and a really soft hat from NZ.  This was actually this morning when we went out to dump the compost bucket (that sits on the counter) into the BIG compost bin that Andrew got me recently!!

The black thing is the bin. Its in the garden right now.

Piri coming back from her little run around. IT was quite chilly out. She probably should have had a jacket on. She's no wimp though  (Like her always cold dad :))

Last night we went out for Nicki's bday! A girls night! She was PRETTY good. We left before everyone know, because she is 1 and had to get home to bed! lol.   She did however, manage to eat HALF My dinner before we left! I brought her food, but she wanted we split the salmon :)  See that blue mat in front of her- AWESOME idea for people who eat out often.  I put her food on it and it even has a little catch part on the edge of the table to catch what she drops.  It has suction cups to stick to non cloth tables.  Think of what they clean the tables with.....I used to be a waitress (a bad one a long time ago). The restaurants  used yucky chemicals and we used the same cloths all night.  That's not the only reason though...its just neater and makes clean up easier on me. I have only had this thing for a month or so...I used to let her just eat off the table :)
There was a group of 10 girls. I think Anika likes girls night...she just has to turn in early :)
When dada is not home, Piri takes his spot! ha

I feel like I'm forgetting so much. Hopefully I will be back soon to do a full write up about her turning 1.  OH, her doctor who is actually an ND and my new midwife (No, IM not pregnant, but I found found my midwife for when I am) wants me keep a food journal for her (Especially when introducing new stuff) because her cheeks are getting rosy and  dry sometimes. Almost looks rashy.  It might be a reaction to something she is eating...that is what her ND thinks. People have brought it to my attention before, but I thought it was from the dry winter air.  Last night my friend said after Anika ate, her cheeks got like we'll see!  I thought she had a UTI last week.  I gave her some D Mannose powder (as advised) and the symptoms went away. The symptoms were VERY VERY Smelly pee and a little irritable. She DID NOT have a fever though, which is a sign of a UTI.  I don't think she really had one but she had something going on downtown. Nothing visible though.   The D Mannose is actually something Andrew is supposed to take for his bladder issues.  It is a simple sugar that occurs naturally in some plants, including cranberries. Although small amounts of D-Mannose are metabolized by the human body, much of it is rapidly excreted in the urine. In the bladder, D-Mannose can adhere to undesirable foreign substances, preventing them from sticking to the lining of the bladder.
I stuck my finger in A's mouth the other day, and she has molars!!  What the hell.
I also let her brush her own teeth after I do, and when I turned around she was trying to brush the dog's teeth! Yup, brush in the dogs mouth. Poor Piri.
Ok, more later friends. IM REALLY pissed right now. IM supposed to be watching the VERY last episode of One Tree Hill (Series finale) but that ONE channel is out on my cable! WTF. IM so pissed.
We got our photographs back!! I don't know if I'm going to post them on here. Too scared. lol.  Well, we don't have the prints or disk back yet...I just made the order today from the ones she posted on her site for us to see.


  1. The closet would have made me totally sick too. So, are you trying to get pregnant again?

  2. I loved the prints I saw on FB. Also love A in your little blue overalls. The pictures of all the crap on the ed is hysterical!

  3. *The pics on fb turned out wonderful! Were you happy with them?
    *lexi's closet is the same way and we havent bought clothes either! Such a blessing :)
    *we have the same placemat- it is so perfect!!
    Glad to see you all are doing well. I am Mailing Anika's bday gift tom. Sorry it has taken so long!

  4. I love that she was trying to brush Piri's teeth...too freaking cute! And, that placemat is phenomenal. My friend has one for her son and it is so clever. She does look like she was enjoying girls night. :-)

  5. Yay! A post!! I canNOT believe she is 1. That guest closet mess gives me anxiety, I hope you can get it fixed soon!

  6. Aaaawww I love her little leggings!!! :-)

  7. That girl has a lot of stuff! You are so lucky, and trust me, you're saving a lot of money!
    She is such a cutie and she looks so mellow. Total sweetheart!