Friday, April 20, 2012

New words...and a little of this and that

This will be quick. I Just want to record it before I forget.
I Just got a call from my dad all excited. (I actually got a call from my mom first, but I pretended not to know what my dad was calling about).  Anika is with my mom today (and most Mondays and Fridays).
I picked up the phone:
Me: Hi Dad.
Dad: Guess what Anika just did and said?
Me: What?
Dad: I walked in the door for lunch and she came running to the door and said "HI Grampa!"
ME: how did that sound and how do you know?
Dad: Mom looked at me and we BOTH heard it clear as day! She said it!
ME: Well, I Know MOm and ANdrew "hear" Anika say a lot of words I don't quite make out.
Dad: SHe said Hi Grampa. We all heard it and she came to me when she heard me coming on the porch.  THen she kept saying "Quacka" when I was eating crackers. I gave her a few,  but then Nona said no more and she got really upset.
ME: Yes, she likes to throw little temper tantrums now when she doesnt get what she wants. It is really fun! Well that is exciting she called you Grampa. Did Mom give you the money?
Dad: what money?
ME: I gave mom $30 to give you. Remember you invoiced me for the supplies to fix my closet? I gave her the cash.
Dad: She probably spent it out drinking last night
ME: (Laugh out loud) ok.

(My dad did spend several hours fixing my closet by the way, but he did invoice me for the supplies, which is fine! lol. I am very grateful for his help!)  It is so strong now. He said if the clsoet falls down NOW, my whole house is going with it. My dad also had to redo my closet in my Boston appartment :) I had the same issue there.

Last night I had my weigh in. I was UP another 2.2  pounds. That is a grand total of GAINING 7.5 POUNDS! YEs...I am now like 20 pounds away from goal- or the weight I want to be before conceiving another baby. I was so upset by my gain, that my mom suggested we go out to eat! lol. (That is what my dad meant by going out drinking last night).  She was down and she is  pretty much at goal weight.  We went to a nice restaurant, but I was in my gym clothes (From weigh in) and Anika was REALLY dirty from a day at Miss B's and playing outside. LOL.  I didnt care. Anika and I shared the salmon dish. My mom ordered mussels (I cant eat them), calamari and a big special salad...oh and she got a special martini. I drank water. Then she got creme brulee and I watched her eat it. lol.  In all fairness, she works out A LOT  and she is usuallly really good. I ate a WHOLE thing of Chocolate covered almonds from Trader Joes Monday and Tuesday.  I also ate some bon bon ice cream things from Trader Joes in 2 days. SO...Its no wonder I gained. lol.  IM back on track today. Bla.  This morning at spin, I tried to work extra hard.

Anyway, back to Anika. I guess we can add 2 words to her list- (allegedly) she is saying Grampa and baby talk.
The one that is getting me to smile a lot lately is "All Done"  after she eats and "All better" after getting her nappie changed.

Anika also had her FIRST dentist appointment yesterday!  It was a place just for kids. We really liked it. LOTS of fun things on the wall and toys. Little chairs for kids- so cute! There were Murals all over the walls. She was facing a mural of SKIERS!! How appropriate, huh?  The dentist did want to brush her teeth with Fluoride toothpaste though. I declined that! She is MUCH too young. Fluoride should not be consumed and she is much too young to spit it  out!  They were very nice and accommodated my request. I told them I only brush her teeth with water right now because the toothpastes marketed for kids have weird stuff in them, like saccharin (fake sugar) and glycerin, etc.    They gave me some stuff that I am ok with the ingredients (branam I think),  but I still might wait a tiny bit longer until she can spit it out and not just eat it.  She got her photo taken (not the one above i took) for the NO Cavity wall!! There is a huge wall of pictures of kids in front of a bear that says "NO Cavities" I mean, I figured she wouldn't have any! Actually, I would have died if she did already!

And not to update on an update, but Wednesday night she went to bed like a dream. ON the way home from our La Leche League meeting, I gave her a pep talk that went like this "Anika, if you pull the same crap tonight that you pulled the past 2 nights, I will leave you to CIO for the first time, pour myself some wine, and go hide in the basement where I cant hear you"
We got home, I put her PJ's on, laid her in bed- and OUT. Not a peep. I'm glad my threat got to her :)
I was seriously considering letting her cry it out since I KNEW she was fine and not sick etc.
However, at our LLL meeting, she would NOT SIT STILL. The other kids her age sat with their mommies like good kids. NOPE, she kept going over and taking food and toys from the other kids.  I basically chased her the ENTIRE TIME.

We have another busy weekend planned! Hope you all have a good one. Ill be back some time to post about Easter! lol.  It will probably be a few weeks late just like her Birthday post.


  1. wow, she has a serious vocabulary for a kid her age - I love that she greeted your dad at the door and said Hi Grandpa, must have melted his heart:)
    Love your pep talk, obviously it worked:)

  2. Such a cute photo of her! I'm with you on some of those toothpastes marketed for kids. I'm trying to find one over here to use with Joe, but not much luck. Though I guess that in NZ, kids generally don't go to the dentist till their 2 years old. What?! At least that is what the Plunket nurse told me. Not sure if your hubs knows anything about that!

    Sorry about the weight gain, but you'll get there in the end! And yay Anika for going to sleep so well! Glad you got through to her ;-)

  3. Cute picture! And I love your natural parenting style :)

  4. Look at Anika...just building that vocab!! And don't worry about the weight..with summer coming our appetites are going to decrease with the heat...though we may make that up with liquid diets...margaritas, daiquiris...yum yum yum

  5. I love you telling the dentist not to use toothpaste. When I have kids you will have to send me a list of things to do. Although I will not be breastfeeding or using cloth diapers, so figure out some other ways to help me make my kid smart and healthy. Don't worry you have plenty of time :)

    PS - as I am writing this I see on your little traffic feed you have a visitor from Abu Dhabi!

  6. Yes, you, as MCW says.. we need a list of things.

  7. I always have to laugh at how our parenting styles are so different :) Cooper loves that kid's toothpaste. I put it on his toothbrush, and he basically just sucks it off and straight up eats it. Haha. Whatever. Of course, Anika is much better behaved than Cooper, so there is that ;) I love all of her words! She is so smart! I think their baby talk words totally count as real words!