Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Update on that last post.

Remember how in my last post I mentioned how well A goes to bed and its pretty effortless…that was the truth. THEN, Sunday night at my friend’s house around bed time, I took her in the guest room to nurse. I nursed her on the bed …I thought she was falling asleep, but oh no- she stood up on the bed like she was in party mode. I thought “Oh no”. But, I just put her down in the pack n play that my friend set up in the guest room. To my surprise, Anika just rolled over, got in sleep position (On her knees with butt in the air) and NOT A SOUND was made! I walked out of the room and she was silent. My friend was putting her baby to sleep too. My friend’s husband and friend’s mom were in the living room RIGHT next to the guest room. They looked at me and asked if we should shut the guest room door since we were watching tv, and I said no because it was dark in there…Andrew and I are VERY loud at home so Anika really can sleep through noise. I even clean her room when she is sleeping…I was more concerned about a dark room because I personally am afraid of the dark. Lol. Anyway, she slept right through until 6:30 the next morning.   Quiet as a mouse! She is usually good at home, but this was a new place so I’ll admit, I did have a little anxiety about how she would be. She was MORE than perfect!

On Monday night,  after the marathon and a 2 hour ride back home, I told Andrew, damn- Anika was a SHOW OFF at bed time!! Then, Monday bed time came around….she did NOT WANT TO GO TO BED. She fought it and fought it. She ended up in bed with us until midnight sucking away at me. Then, last night- 2 hours of trying to get her to bed. TWO HOURS! FINALLY, I gave up all I wanted to get done and gave up the crafts I had planned to do, and just went to bed early with her …she would only shut up if she was nursing, so I let her nurse ALL NIGHT LONG. We WERE Done with night nursing. But, it was the only way for me to KIND of sleep and keep her quiet. This morning I was not happy and when I dropped her off at the sitter’s, she was surprised because Anika was such a sweetheart yesterday. NO issues. This morning she was a joy as well- got right up all happy, peed on the potty, all smiles…meanwhile I was looking at her with the stink eye.
I Just wanted to put this on here before I forgot!! Although, that shit better not happen tonight. I got some new NZ wine I am DYING to try and I keep having to go pacify her and go to bed early!
* Also, correction from my last post. The cake I made had ONE more ingredient I forgot to mention- milk. I used coconut milk or almond milk. Can’t remember what kind, but one of them.
We did have so much fun at the Marathon and hanging out with my friend and her daughter.


  1. Maybe you should drink the wine and then let her feed and it will put her to sleep.

  2. ohhh this made me laugh but also makes me wish i was there so i could watch her while you get some sleep!! just breathe... you know she's just doing this cause she loves you ;) drink that wine tonight girl!!!