Monday, September 9, 2013

Weekends- they just dont last long enough!

I have been busy trying to do stuff with our harvest!  I really did not need to do our farm share this year, but I had no idea our own  yard would be so bountiful.
Above, more zucchini honey bread. More peach cobbler, more canned tomatoes and peaches boiling for peach jam!
Peach Jam- I will use this as Thank you gifs after we have Leni (if anyone brings us food this time!) ha. If no one visits, then I will give it as Christmas gifts. I need to add some ribbon.
Veggie and egg casserole. I froze this.
31 weeks last week after spin.
We went to a town wide yard sale this past weekend. I have been going since the September I was pregnant with Anika. I went with my friend that year and scored some major deals. Andrew started coming the year after and Anika comes too. We met my friend J at 9 Saturday. We asked Anika what we were going to find yard sale'ing and she responded a sail boat. Ha. I thought that was kind of clever. Yesterday she asked to put on her Halloween costume and I said no, its not Halloween yet and she responded, "So, I went to Santa Village with Nona and not Christmas"
She went to Santa's Village with my mom last week!  I thought that was a good argument! ha. She will keep me on my toes.
They were selling these cast iron pans for $2 at a yard sale!  We have one cast iron pan we use all the time. I don't think I would use these sizes but I loved the wood handles (so I don't burn my hands).
 Andrew seasons them for me and I am kinda bummed I didn't get these...but I don't need them.
If I knew how to redo furniture, this would have been a great buy to make into a changing table/dresser.
Miss J bought Anika this tutu and head piece. She wore it the rest of the day.
I didn't get this doll stroller because Anika has a stroller, but I really want this style for my 2 real kids! haha. A jogging stroller with one behind the other. Ever see one?
This Mickey glass for Anika.  She has 2 small glasses she uses now, but they have beer logos on them from a beer tasting event we went to. She likes having special glasses. She has already requested this one a couple times since we got it 2 days ago!
I got the pyrex bread pan for .50 cents. I have been looking for a NON  non stick bread pan for a while.  Andrew got the tea pot- its cast iron as well and he loves the bright color. I guess the make of it is really good, but I had never heard of it.
AND, I really have been wanting a HIGH chair- not one with a tray. We have one, but she stopped using that a while ago.  Anika sits on her knees right now at our table because she wants to be at the table with us. The booster we have is really uncomfortable for her.  This chair  came in this blue color and cost $5
Andrew painted it green.
Anika has had one tea cup and saucer since her first yard sale as an infant. She has been using it in her room for over a year. She drinks her water out of it when in her room or at night when she gets thirsty. We found 2 new ones this weekend so now we can have a tea party.
She got this doll house bathroom/bedroom set. its pretty old and we need some people. I have an old doll house at my mom's house. I don't really want it at our house yet (its huge).
Our loot. One stop had bins and bins of baby clothes separated by size and gender. J helped me go through the bins (I don't have  much patience with that) and we filled a big bag for $10. We got some gender neutral clothes for Leni. I have been looking for more white/cream/ivory clothes rather than green and yellow for Leni. I found some.  We also got Anika some clothes the next size up.  The lady also kept tossing in shoes- a pair of Merrills, ballet shoes (A loves ballet right now), some ugly Dora shoes I don't care for, but A loves and some black MJ's.  I spent $40 all day. Andrew got a brand new in the box thermos he is excited about for work and some diving gear- HA- I have no idea why he wanted diving gear.
HE also made A HUGE purchase on Ebay last week. Made a bid and won...he wasn't expecting to.
I almost killed him when he showed me. I am trying to let it go- he works hard and is usually So damn  frugal.  
Some of her new shoes
A green one for Leni :)
A puzzle A got for $1 and we put it together.
AND, this dresser for $15!  We were planning on going to Ikea to get a dresser for the kids' closet this month.  Since they will be sharing a room for a bit, I wanted something that fit in the closet.
We weren't sure if this would fit, but for $15 who cares- we would just use it in the garage for tools or the basement for toys and stuff. Above is when I first put it in.  Then, I pulled out all her clothes and reorganized and put the shorter clothes above dresser
This is still all clothes that fit her now.  She can still wear dresses from last summer- and I like to keep them in there because I add leggings and cardis for winter.  We have been so so lucky with gifts and hand me downs for her. I don't know what we will do when we have to buy clothes for Leni- well, its its a boy! ha. Even if Leni is a girl, I do want it to have a few pieces of clothes of their own.
This is Anika's dresser- I had pulled out clothes from drawers to go through this too.  Lots of organizing this weekend.
Sunday, Anika and I went out to do some errands while dad mowed our lawns.
The fabric store
The bank where Anika deposited her piggy bank money.
HA. She loves going there.
The grocery store...

"Don't forget Daddy's coconut water or he will be very sad"
We forgot it last time.
Home depot to get some paint...
She saw the huge carts and waned to ride in them. I got one of these at walmart a while ago and it was SOOO loud and would not turn. This one was a little better, but I told her we didn't need a cart because we were just getting a little paint, but she begged and said she would buckle up and be safe....
Simple things that make her happy and we weren't in a rush for once.
I saw this paint -well Anika saw the pink and wanted it, but Spray painting cribs. That is something I haven't seen before. I am not sure about it....
Later at home, I was down in the basement organizing. I was also looking for my hypnobirthing CD from Anika. I was looking in one of my binders from being pregnant with Anika. I found this birthing preferences sheet my hospital had me fill out pretty early in my pregnancy with her. I was laughing so hard.
Especially the part where it asks what I want to do after birth and I wrote champagne (that never happened) and dress up and take photos! lol. I never turned this in. By the time I was ready to have her, I had typed up a half page bullet point sheet with my preferences.
I made pumpkin soup with garden pumpkins!!
Andrew picked up some lamb at the farmers market and made this ground lamb, rice, spice and garden veggie meal. His flavoring is always so good and tasty.
And..more peach crisp. I made one with some of our pears, apples and peaches too.


This was last night - dance party with dad before bed....
This morning we were STILL Trying to use up some of the stuff from our yard! Its never ending. We made juice with Kale and squash from our garden. Apples, pears, peaches and plums from our yard.
I need to do a post on the bachelorette party I hosted Labor Day weekend.
Always behind.

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  1. You got so much staff at the yard sale! For some reason I keep thinking Leni is a girl, so was confused on why you need white clothing.
    That girl has some great dance moves ;)