Saturday, June 15, 2013

Time just slips away. 19 Weeks

Thanks for the feedback on my baby name post!! I appreciate it. I tried to write back to some, but your email was no-reply.

I cant believe it was TWO years ago I took this photo shoot of Miss Anika for Father's Day!
I took about 100 photos one night after work. Some for my dad (Her Gampa) and some for Andrew. I framed them for Father's day.  This year, I have NO Idea what I am doing!!  If you have seen any EASY ideas on Pinterest or something, please let me know! I need to whip something up ASAP for Andrew. He doesn't want a big gift (Aka for me to spend money), so something homemade would be perfect.


19 Weeks with this ....gosh, I was calling it Pippa because I was never going to use the name in real life, but now we might!! I don't know what to call it. Sweaty right after a gym class in the pic. They have a good full length mirror.
Time is going by pretty fast.  We have lots to keep us busy. I need to pull out some maternity clothes! I got an awesome new dress from Dee and I will post a photo of me in it soon!

 The two pictures below are 19 weeks with Anika/ Guzzi :)  I look bigger, but I wasn't, so these photos actually show nothing. They are too up close. ha

What was wrong with me?? Look at my mirror?  I didnt even have a kid yet and my mirror is NASTY in all the belly pictures pregnant with Anika. It never looks like that now :) I am spreading out just like I did with Anika- all up and down my belly and across. NO cute little basketball belly for me!! I spread across and up with both. I wonder if this means another girl...or if this is just how I do pregnancies.
I ran this morning for a bit. Not that long. Still feeling good. Same ole, same ole.  I have been eating like a pig.
For example, Anika and I ate this huge plate of nachos at Market Square day in Portsmouth this weekend! haha. I never get nachos, but nothing else on the menu looked good.

I have no idea why these photos are loading all weird. Ugh.
Then, we walked around a lot more and had ice cream.  We actually walked miles that day, but we ate a lot too :)
We left Portsmouth around 5:30 and drove up home, but then I got caught in bike week traffic and then decided I didn't want to head BACK down south on Sunday, so took Anika grocery shopping at 8 PM! ha. I was tired and she was tired, but we made it and got home around 9.  Long day, but totally worth it.
Sunday, all 3 of us headed down to the river to meet up with some friends. Anika was the only kid most of the time, but she had a blast. She kept the adults entertained, that's for sure!!
Andrew leaves notes for Anika when he goes to work.  She loves them. On Monday, she read her note (I read it to her) and she immediately asked to write back.  This girl just LOVES her daddy.
On Saturday when we got home from being gone all day, I was putting food away and heard her tell Andrew out of the blue, "Daddy, you my best friend'  He was obviously touched and she has him WRAPPED!  She says things like that to me when she wants something, but rarely just because. Their love for each other could just make me cry. Last Friday, she woke up and was jumping on my bed "Its Friday!!! Daddy come home today!"   Melts my heart. 
She is 26 months old and just as fun as could be. She has her moments, but what toddler doesn't :)
I do want to start video taping her more. We actually need a hidden camera for our family dinners. OH wow- she tells us some stories!  I know she wont do that if she knows a camera is on her. Sometimes I bring my phone to the table in case Andrew calls or when he is home, so I can video her, but as soon as she sees the phone on the table "Mummy, NO Phones at dinner table!"  and then calls me naughty. Geeze.


  1. You don't even look pregnant girl! Looking great :)

  2. Looking good! That's so cute about her Daddy. I bet Shelby is the same way! Can't wait to see the dress!

  3. I love that she loves Andrew so much. Must be cause he is away during the week ;)

  4. That is so sweet that they adore each other. She is just the funniest. I think girl again :)

  5. You look fantastic!! I think you're having a boy, not that you asked my opinion, but you should be good on the name if I'm right :) Although, I like Pippa. But I'm with you on it being short for something else. Anika and Andrew are so sweet! But truthfully, it's probably because she doesn't get to see him as much ;)

  6. You look great!
    I've loved the name Pippa from the start - even when Anika was Guzzi - so, there's my opinion on that one:)
    I love how she writes back to Andrew here and the jumping on the bed Fri saying he's coming home - seriously melts my heart too - they are so sweet:) I can't even imagine how much fun the 4 of you will have together - its going to be great!