Thursday, June 6, 2013

Name Game and Help with Reader!

Oh man, I have been out of the loop again. Its been a while since my last post.
I am now 18 weeks pregnant. As of last week, I was up 4 pounds.
This week, I am up 6, but I had a big food week :)   I need to get back on track with food.  I am still spinning, running a little and doing Tuesday night Tabata/boot camp class.
We are not finding out the gender. Of course I want to, but Andrew doesn't and I am such a nice wife.
If this baby is a boy, we will name him what Anika would have been as a boy:
Lennox Thomas.  Lennox after Andrew's dad's first name and Thomas is my dad's middle name.
If this baby is a girl (Which, I think it is) we ARE Screwed.
For those of you around last time, Anika wasn't named for a few days and Anika was a total compromise name.

Andrew wanted Pippa then, and he wants Pippa now.
I am OKAY with this name, I guess, but I need a full name for it. Pippa can be a nickname, but I need a REAL name- like for a resume and stuff. The most common full name for Pippa is Phillipa. No. I don't like that.
I wish I was still a good blogger, so I could get feedback. I know SOME people still read here, so please give me your input :)  I got a lot of feedback when I was pregnant with Anika.  Any suggestions?
I still love the names Ivy and Adele.  Andrew does not.
A compromise name would be Josephine, after Andrew's Gran.

Help a fellow shitty blogger out, ok? Thanks! ha

Over the past 5 years, I have added 200+ blogs in reader. I don't read them all  daily, but I like scrolling through reader when I get the time.  I will never know how to find blogs I have been reading for the past 5  years without reader. What can I do? What is everyone else doing?
Thanks in advance for the help!
And, what is a post without are some from this past weekend at my parent's camp :)


  1. I'm sad we didn't get to use our girl name lol! That's terrible, I know. I do equally love our boy name though. Good luck with the name game- it's hard! And sounds like y'all have a hard time agreeing :/ I love your boy name. Very unique and strong name.
    I'm jealous- I 20 weeks Tom and up 11 lbs- eek!

  2. Everyone is doing BlogLovin for Google Reader replacement. I LOVE Lennox! Girl names were hard for us too. I like Pippa. Reminds me of the royals :) I Like family names but Brad does not.

  3. I like Philipa. Sorry. Ha

  4. I love Lennox. For a girl we've talked about Amelia, MacKenna, Brylie, Charlotte and Kate. Most names we like are full first names with cute nicknames. That's how my name is and I rarely go by my formal first name. Y'all could always go with Guzzi.

    Good luck!

  5. Maybe I'm way out in left field here but why not Lennox for a girl? I think that name could go either way. That's a really cool name, I've never heard it before.

    I do love Pippa though. It's cute and feminine. I don't know what it could be short for???? Philipina? Phylis??? Ha ha! I really don't know. Just Pippa.

  6. Oh and I just though of Leni for short if her name is Lennox or Lennix. I think Heidi Klums's daughter is called Leni.

  7. Could you just use Pippa as a middle name & call her by her middle name. I know lots of people who do this including my husband) So there is a resume name & then the name she "goes by" ???? Just a thought.