Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Pregnancy update and Weekend

Oops, I did it again. Its been 11 days since my last post! I am the worse blogger ever!
Last week, I took this photo when I was 15 weeks.
Now, I am 16 weeks.
I had a midwife appointment yesterday and heard the heart beat for the first time. I heard/saw Anika at about 10 weeks, so this is a different experience for me.  The baby actually kicked and we heard it and I felt it, but I had no idea that feeling was kicks! ha.  You would think I would know what kicks feel like after doing this before.  So, baby has been kicking! so neat.
We are not finding out the gender so I don't even know if I will have an ultrasound for this pregnancy.  I would like to know the gender, but Andrew really did not want to find out with Anika, and I did. Now, he really doesn't want to know this time since it is our last. I am not doing another nursery and I feel I can let it be a surprise this time.  If its a boy, I'm sure my mom will rush right out and get us some boy clothes, so I am not worried. I do need a few baby things, but I already have gender neutral items picked out anyway.
We got our first congrats on new baby card.  People don't seem to be as excited when its your second child. That is ok. I haven't even announced on Facebook yet.  We have been telling people the old fashion way when we see them.
I just realized, I don't even think I did a mothers day post!! Oh my.  Well, it was fabulous. haha.
We spent a lot of it furniture shopping. We ordered a nice new couch and love seat. I cant WAIT for them to arrive!!! We are trying to retrain Piri not to get on the couches. Um, ya, that is not going so well. I am afraid her claws will ruin our new leather though.
This past weekend, we had a party on Friday night.  We got home at 10:30!! late night for Miss Anika, but she had a blast.  Then, we had a Birthday party on Saturday for her friend Fi. It was at a bouncy play place. SHE had so much fun.  I was having a hard time getting pants to button, so I opted for a dress. Andrew said the leggings looked funny with the dress, so I didn't wear leggings. Then, I couldn't go in bounce houses with Anika. Luckily, Andrew had pants on :)
She was having so much fun and keeps talking about this mushroom.
After, the bouncy house, we went back to Fi's house for lunch, cake and more play time!! Anika tried to open all of Fi's presents! 
She was trying to put rocks from outside in my indoor plants. Caught ya!
Oh, these are from the indoor bouncy place.  She was scaling that thing like a Mt. climber!
I said she was ready for Mt. Everest.  Sir Edmund Hillary was the very first person to climb Mt. Everest and he is a Kiwi (New Zealander). My parents and some other friends think Andrew looks like Hillary and he is his long lost father or uncle! haha. Google Edmund Hillary and you be the judge. Its kind of a joke, but I had to make the reference.
On Sunday, Andrew needed to stay home and get our lawns and gardens sorted out.  He is so good at all that stuff.  Anika and I left home early and had lots to do!!
We went to the southern part of the state (one town away from MA) and picked up some bar stools we had ordered. It is about an hour, 20 minutes from our house. Went to a big Target and a big mall. We got a new floor lamp and a curtain rod to hang curtains in our living room! Mommy got some new BB cream at Sephora!!  I have always used Laura Mercier tinted moisturizer (for about 10 years), but I want to try this BB cream I hear about. I will let you know what I think.  I got a belly band at the maternity store. I never had one with Anika.
We also went to Trader Joe's while down there.  
THEN, we got back in the car and drove another 20 minutes south (MA) to attend a birthday party for Addison.  AND THERE WERE more bouncy houses!! Anika was in heaven.

A little one and big one. She liked the big.
And she drove this little car.  She could BARELY reach the pedal but if she sat all the way up, she could. She loved it and said "Daddy, I want one"  haha. Daddy wasn't even there, but I did say, let me take a picture for daddy.
This time, I had on leggings, so I went in there with her if she asked. She kept telling me she was bouncing with her friends. She just met these kids! ha.
 At one point, I looked at her and she had blood in her mouth. I asked her to come out and I saw a big bite out of her tongue. She wasn't phased at ALL!! And would not stop bouncing.
Oh, DID I MENTION, ANIKA WORE KNICKERS ALL WEEKEND!! YUP- Even on all the long car rides!!! I had to get her out of the bouncy house to go at times, but she went in the house, Peed, and went back out to play.  I am SO proud of her. And proud of me for giving her the chance because I do NOT want to clean my car seat.  She did get to pee in a parking lot at one point because there was no bathroom. Now, she keeps talking about peeing outside. Last night we were in the house and she asked to go pee outside, and she did! On my porch. Then used water to clean it off. seriously.
Piñata time!!
I asked Anika if she knew what was in the piñata and she said, toys!
I said hmm, I don't know.
It was candy. When someone finally broke it open, she went in and grabbed one piece of candy. ANd gave it to me. Then, someone handed her a couple bags of skittles.
here she is having them and me trying to limit them. haha
We left around 4 and We got home around 5:30 and daddy was making dinner.  And, Anika was OFF.THE.WALL!
Andrew loves it when she is super hyper because she is pretty silly too.
On the right is our old ugly bar stool- we had 2.
And the left is our new one. The counter is a mess because we were barely home all weekend- just enough time to make a mess.
We should have gotten 3, but we only got 2 because of her tower. And, we don't plan on staying in this house for a lot longer, so this tower will be here for our remaining time here, I am sure, between Anika and new child.
Hopefully I can post our new living room soon. I meant to get before pictures, but we already rearranged some of it.  Buying bar stools, couches, curtains is big for us. haha. We have been here 4 years, but  neither one of us likes to decorate. Well, or spend money on it! ha.



  1. I love her little pigtails! Where are you all planning on moving?

  2. We will need a tower before too long! Where did you get it? I've seen people post about these before.
    So, are you having the baby in a hospital, at home, or in a birthing center?