Friday, May 3, 2013

Big News for us!

Back on February 28th I made this video when Andrew got home. He had been gone all week.
Did you get it?
I showed this video to my friends last night and they didn't hear him say Ye-haw, and then he kissed me. I had the camera hidden, but then when Piri ran out the door and all that mess happened, I picked up the camera to make sure it didn't miss his reaction because he was kind of stuck at the door. Plus, he had to catch Piri when she ran outside, so he had obviously seen her shirt. He told me later he thought I put it on her to keep her warm! Um, no.   Once he saw the camera, I'm sure he wasn't as genuine, but I still love it. He is SOOO excited.
I found out on February 26th, so I kept it in for a few days and didn't tell him.
Then, I won my championship ski race the next weekend.
And, I drank fake champagne at my birthday party. ha.
THis is SOOO cliché, but baby #2 was conceived on Valentines Day! haha.
I told Andrew if he got me my ring, Id give him a baby! I was totally joking.  I got my ring, but I didn't think it would happen the same day, but the timing of the month all worked out that way! 
We are calling this baby Pip while he/she lives on the inside, or I am. ha. Andrew still wants to name a girl Pippa and I say no. Just like I said no to Guzzi as a boy and that's how Anika was called Guzzi until she was born...because that's the only time EVER I'd use that name.
Now, the only time he will have a baby named Pippa is while in my belly. He still thinks I will cave, but I wont.
Lets see. I am due early November, but Ill just say mid November since my first wanted to hang out for so long before entering the world.

If we ask Anika, she says we are having a brother/boy, but I haven't really started to tell her that the baby is in my belly. I think Ill hold off on that for a while until she can see it more. I did show her some pictures of me VERY pregnant with her and told her that was her in my belly and she looked at me all serious and confused and then told me I was silly.
So far, this pregnancy is pretty identical to Anika's. No sickness. No tiredness during the day, but I am going to bed a lot earlier at night.  I had a few weeks where going #2 was a bit of work, but that has passed. I had that with Anika for a couple weeks early on too.  Still keeping up with the same work out routine and trying to keep my food intake at a reasonable level.  I haven't gained anything yet, and I want to keep it a lot lower than I did with Anika.
Last night I planned a special night for some of my local girlfriends so I could announce to them.
In the end, only two could come, but that worked out great, and I was happy to have my friend N and S there. S is the same one who did my table last weekend. 
I opened up some non alcoholic cabernet sauvignon and Anika even had some of that. HA. she loves girls night. This morning she saw the girls' empty bottle of wine on the counter and said "Did Nicki drink all that wine!??!" HA.

Um, She has a beige nappie on above. Kinda looks like she has nothing on. ha.
I don't really have a desire to do all the weekly belly shots and all that stuff this time. I will just feel bad if Pip ever asks why I did all that for Anika and not her/him. If its a boy, he probably wont care, but I could see a girl getting all upset about that down the road.  I also used to write to Anika  A LOT and I have all kinds of things for her, so I will definitely try!


  1. YAY YAY YAY YAY!!!! Congratulations!!!!

  2. Glad I knew the secret :) I love PIp!!! And also love Piri running around ruining your video.

  3. Congratulations!! I kind of like Pippa, it's cute but you don't have to tell Andrew that.

  4. Yay!!!! I have been waiting for you to announce!!!

  5. Congratulations!!! I so guessed this (for some reason) when I was reading your bday party recap! I love Pip. :-)

  6. Glad the cat is out of the bag!! Can't wait to find out the sex and I LOVE Pippa but Brad would never go for that.
    We're not having anymore so it doesn't matter anyway! :)