Tuesday, May 7, 2013


Last weekend we did an annual 5K charity walk about 20 minutes from our house.
Above is from 2011. It is gram, me, Anika and my niece when Anika was about a month old. It was raining that year. Also, ya, I am wearing her in a bjorn. I know I talk badly about them all the time, but I used one for the first couple months until I got better carriers.

Piri, My niece, Anika and me last year. Piri, Anika and myself have on matching bandanas.
If you are wondering where my mom is- she runs the 10K race while we walk the 5K. Although this year I left my niece behind and ran a little :)

This year. What person takes a picture of someone from below- holy nasty chin, but whatever- its me. ha. I'm pregnant. Not that its an excuse, but here we are this year. Anika got an ankle chip this year and she got out for the finish line.

This weekend, my dad delivered  cow poop to our house for the garden! It is great fertilizer.
The poop did not smell because it is 7 years old. My friend told me 7 year old manure means its certified organic. YEY.

Andrew worked to spread it and did a lot of work outside this weekend. He really enjoys that stuff and he is really good at it. Unlike me.

I had Anika wash off the outdoor chairs with the hose, but then she thought it would be more fun to spray daddy and she said "I watering daddy" ha.
She was bottomless in this picture. She doesn't wear nappies or undies at home a lot and she does great taking herself to the potty when she doesn't have anything on. 

We went to our jeweler this weekend to have some pieces appraised and reappraised for our own knowledge,  and because we got a new homeowners policy.  I also had an earring turned into a necklace for Anika, so now we have matching necklaces- well hers is smaller :) I would prefer she had a shorter chain, but this was the shortest our jeweler had.  The necklaces are made of paua shell. We have a lot of paua shell from NZ, but my mom actually got these pieces in Hawaii.

Andrew was outside cleaning out his work car and truck and Anika was helping him. I guess she was being so silly and having so much fun, he grabbed the camera. I find them so cute. There are a lot of the same thing, but she is different. She Is being cheeky in some of them, which is funny.

Anika was kind of a grump this weekend. She has all her teeth and has had them since January when we were in New Zealand, so she isn't teething, yet she acts like she is. Irritability for no apparent reason.  Except the longest she was ever grump over teething was a couple days.  Maybe its just 2- but oh man, I didn't like it at all. Then last night after work, she had a bit of a tantrum. I ignored her and laid down on my bed and told her she could come to me when she was ready to stop. She came in, laid down and somehow we both fell asleep around 7. I woke up at 8:15 and I got up.  She even went to bed without dinner because she wouldn't eat it, which is NOT typical at all.   She woke up at 4:45 this morning. I stayed in bed until 6.  I got up and got dressed and she came in my room and said "Mommy, you look so pretty! who bought that dress for you?"
I told her It was old and that I had bought it. Then she asked "what store you buy it at? Walmart?"
HA. I don't even go to walmart that often but she always talks about walmart!  what a weirdo.
I talked to her about her whining and behavior this morning and she took my pinky with hers and said she pinky promised to be a nice girl today for Miss W (the sitter). WE shall see how that goes! ha.
I know what else she did this weekend- she will look at me with a shit eating grin and say "May I bite you? May I hit you? May I throw my food on ya floor and you pick up?" Its like, she is asking to do things she knows are naughty to get my reaction. I'm doing my best to ignore in the moment.
Anyway, this weekend was Gorgeous weather. Spring time makes me so happy and giddy. I just love it. All the flowers and plants blooming- not just in our yard, but everywhere. I pass a few lakes on my way to work, and I smile at the beautiful scenery.

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  1. I love the truck pictures! And her little pigtails. I was thinking you look skinny in that picture! I didn't even notice a double chin.