Friday, May 10, 2013

TV, Blogiversary, Piri & Spring

About a year ago, I cut cable. Wait, it hasn't been a year yet. 9 months maybe.
We have a roku, which runs through the Internet. We can watch shows on Netflix, hulu and rent new movies from amazon all through the roku hooked into our TV. I actually even downgraded our internet service to save more money,  and we can still stream shows and movies!
I find plenty to watch, but there are a lot of cable shows I miss from time to time. We also cant watch live news or sporting events, but we have computers.
MCW told me about this show right after it started: Chicago Fire on NBC.  We both LOVE Parenthood, which is also on NBC. Parenthood hasn't been on in a while, but Chicago Fire has.
It is still in the first season and all the episodes are on Hulu. The new episodes are on hulu the day after they air, so its just like DVR, which I used to have. 
I love the storylines. I love the hot guys in it. ha. ALL show and MOVIE photos are from google images.
I love the character Kelly- This guy!  
(google images)

Then, a couple months ago I started watching Vampire Diaries. I watched 3 seasons of Vampire Diaries on Netflix. I haven't seen most of season 4 because its not available yet,  but I have been watching the latest episodes on Hulu.
I watched this show every night for hours after Anika went to bed. So addicting.

What other shows should I watch on Netflix and Hulu??
Yesterday was a very Big day. It was the 4th Anniversary of adopting Piri!
I started this blog RIGHT before we rescued her, and I think one of my first posts showed her photo from the adoption site!  All of that is on my old blog which is closed now, so I cant link :(( boo.
My FOUR year blogging anniversary was sometime last week!!
We also closed on our house FOUR years ago on the 12th of May! Which, was another reason that prompted me to start blogging.

So yesterday was HAPPY Family Day to Piri! Her name was Ginger when she came to us. Andrew wanted to name her Rata, which is Red in Maori (NZ native language). Piri is the Maori word for close, to cling and Piri wanted to stay very close to us when she first joined us, so Piri seemed fitting. I wasn't a dog person AT ALL, but it was love at first sight!   She was our baby for a while, and then she became the best big sister!
First Family pic! The day we rescued her.
First Kiss!
getting to know her little sister.
Meeting her little sis
I don't know how many times I can say it, but I LOVE SPRING!
I LOVE seeing everything come alive! Grass getting greener, flowers blooming, etc.
Anika in one of our peach trees! Look at the pink flowers on it!
A cherry tree out front. This was in bloom when we looked at the house right before the closing, and I loved it all in bloom. I wish the white flowers lasted longer.
I cant wait for Andrew to get home tonight from being away all week and seeing all the new color in our yard.
We are supposed to hike Tuckerman's ravine (Mt. Washington) tomorrow, but I don't want to go if its rainy, so we shall see.
Have a lovely weekend!

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  1. You should watch The Americans as well! Have a great weekend!