Tuesday, April 30, 2013

A little project

The picture above is old and horrible of the people in it, but I am showing you my before table. Also, Andrew does not usually wear a bandana like he is ghetto- he had been working outside in the yard. The table usually has a table cloth on it, but I make everyone push back the cloth and placemats to eat,  because... hello-I don't have time to clean and iron that shit all the time.  The only reason the table has a cloth on it is because I ruined the finish about a year ago. The table is older than me. It is made out of New Hampshire maple. Its old, yet special.  And, we are too cheap to buy a new table. Well, we talk about it a lot, but Andrew wants a high table with high chairs and I cant wrap my head around that with kids.  Anika sits in one of the chairs now on a booster.  Anika and I eat dinner at the table every night, and we all eat together when Andrew is home. Dinner time is family time in our house, so we should have a decent table!

This weekend, my friend S came over to get this table fixed up!!
These are before pics.

We were thinking about doing the chairs, but I ended up just washing them. They are not worth redoing. They will work until we get something new.

Before my friend started the work, we made breakfast! We both LOVE eggs benedict.
Andrew, Anika and I had smoked salmon, asparagus and tomato benedict. My friend S had hash on hers.
She got to work with her hand sander. This part took a long time. This table had a LOT Of stuff on it to sand through. Probably because it is so old.
This was me while she sanded and I watched. ha.  Her son was also there playing outside with Anika.  He brought over all his trucks and boy toys. And his chainsaw! haha. Andrew had more fun with his toy chainsaw I think. They were cutting down branches and picking up sticks. Anika, always the girl, had to put on her play heals to play in the dirt though. Of course.  

We added in the extra leaves to sand and stain too.
After S sanded, we vacuumed all the dust off, and she used a tack cloth to remove the rest of the dust and stuff.  THEN, she used an old shirt of mine to apply the walnut color stain. We thought about leaving the natural maple and just putting the top coat on. BUT, we didn't want to sand the legs and the walnut seemed to match the legs. Kinda.

This is after the stain and one coat of polyurethane.

Andrew did 2 more coats that evening and we moved it into the garage for the night.
He did 2 more coats on Sunday.

We ate dinner outside while the table was drying.

Sunday evening we brought the table in. I took the leaves back out.

Look how clean and nice it is.  Anika picked me some daffodils and they look perfect on the table.
Andrew wants to sand it and put one more coat on this weekend after we have looked at it inside.
LOTS OF thanks to my friend S who did this for us! We are very happy!


  1. WOW! Looks fabulous! Brad made us an outdoor table. I think you saw it in my weekend post. I need to post about it! Pretty easy! woot!

  2. It looks so goods! I need you all to come redo my table!

  3. looks great! almost every night when we eat dinner Rick and I say we are going to refinish our table next chance we get...but you know how that goes;)