Tuesday, April 2, 2013


Above is me at 7 Months. Big baby! ha.
Here is Anika TODAY at 2 years old in the same dress...but as a shirt. The elastics in the arms have worn a bit. hah
At the party for my 30th and Anika's 2nd, my mom had a timeline of my life up.
It started with my birth.
Here are a few pics of me that I can see Anika a little....See below
 The top left.
 The one of me in the bucket- that looks like one of Anika's smirks or looks.
Here is me at 15 months and Anika just shy of 2 in same outfit- well same pants.
Me at 3 and Anika at 2 in the same sweater my mom made me.
My mom full term with me and me 42  weeks with Anika.
Next posts: photos from our birthday party and Easter!
It is starting to look like spring!


  1. You two do look alike, but A does look more like her dad!

  2. love these! Fiona is wearing a ton of my clothes too and it is so fun!

  3. I only see Andrew when I look at A.

  4. Oh my gosh you guys look SO much alike!! Love all those pictures!