Wednesday, March 27, 2013

2 year old in the House

My baby turned TWO almost a week ago!!
Can you believe it!?
When I took her 2 year photos with her lion, she insisted on wearing her head light. She upgraded from the bows! ha.

Thursday Morning, I made her French toast shaped as 2's and had blown up lots of balloons for her to wake to.

She went to Miss W's house and they had a little party there. She made cupcakes with me the night before to bring to Miss W's house, and she loved doing that.

My friend Natalie sent her the Hape Salad to go with her Hape Kitchen. It is adorable! She loves making her babies' salads. N also sent her this adorable outfit above! It came with socks I forgot to put on.
My friend Erin sent her a xylophone. Girl loves mail and packages! I got lots of video.

Thursday night, Andrew made it home after work and we went to dinner with 3 of my girlfriends and my parents.
ANika got the Minnie mouse from her friends at Miss W's house and she wouldn't let it out of her hands!

My mom and dad gave her the Hape Coffee maker and some Haba wooden tea bags so she  made us coffee and tea at dinner :)

This is a picture of ME and My dad. I can See Anika in the face, can you?
Andrew and my mom threw Anika and I a party this past weekend!!
MY 30th and Anika's 2nd. THe photo above was part of a timeline of my life that they put together. IT was AWESOME! It started with my birth. There were also photos of Anika and me side by side in the same exact outfits :) I loved it.
This was Anika at a birthday party Last week.
Andrew took Anika to his haircut last week and Anika kept asking the hair stylist for a hair cut like daddy's.  She also has been asking for a pony tail haircut, so they made her dreams come true! how cute! ha. Finally growing to do something with it.
We got Anika a learning tower for the kitchen. She also eats her breakfast at the breakfast bar on it. She loves helping in the kitchen and I wish we had this for the past year. LOVE IT.

My friend gave Anika some Montessori work toys to get started with.  We are 98% positive she will be starting Montessori school in the fall.  We follow a lot of the concepts at home already, so we think she will love it. She loves her independence. Dressing herself, feeding Piri, doing dishes, laundry, etc. Everything is "Ill do it myself"
 I miss my baby at times, but she just keeps on getting better.  This age is just so funny and adorable. Last night she was talking to Piri and telling her "I love my mommy"  and she got a new baby doll for her bday she calls Baby Ashee (Ashley).  She tells me the funniest stories and when I laugh she says "Mummy, Am I funny?"
When I sing to her a lot of times she snaps at me, "I don't like that song"  ha. So i have to change it up.   She is in swim again and enjoys that but doesnt really follow the directions the teacher gives! haha. I try to get her to follow along, but oh boy.
Andrew calls a hug a cuddle and I call it a hug.  Anika now asks for a huggle! She combined our terms and I melt when she says it.  We correct her on other "baby words" but this one is sticking. Its just too cute.
I hope to post about our PARTY soon!!


  1. Hadley loves to help out in the kitchen. Her favorite thing to do is help take the stems off strawberries and then wash them. She also likes to was dishes. I hope that helpfulness continues into her teenage years.

  2. Her with the coffee machine is the cutest! I saw that on FB and thought, I need to get S one oneday!
    Just think, I started following your blog right around the time you gave birth :)

  3. She looks so much like you in that picture!

    Did you take your baby to a bar for her birthday???


  4. Oh my goodness, how is she already 2?! She's still such a doll, and I love hearing about how she vocalizes her independence. That girl has a mind of her own. :-) I'm so glad she had a nice birthday, and I can't wait to see pictures!

  5. I can't believe she is 2 already!

  6. She is so sweet, I just love all her outfits! Happy birthday to her!