Wednesday, March 6, 2013

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** I just found this post In my drafts from last year.  It was a post I just added things to as I saw them.  Might not be your cup of tea, and that's just fine. I have had babies on my brain lately after the midwife convention this past weekend. Plus, I don't have time to write a new post right now. I still owe you posts from NZ! ack.
Ps. I am suffering from my FIRST sinus infection, ever!! I am treating it naturally, but you know how I found out?? I had severe tooth pain and went to the dentist yesterday. He took one look and asked me a couple questions and said: Sinus infection! Since, I am TTC, I cant have xrays to confirm or antibiotics, so I am using a neti pot and a tincture my midwife gave me! My teeth feel better today, but last night was rough!!

 Documentaries I have watched:

The Business of Being Born- I watched this when I was pregnant with Anika.  It solidified my desires and need to have a natural birth.  I encourage every pregnant friend to watch the movie.

I just watched MORE Business of Being Born recently. There are four segments.
One of the "episodes" interviews celebrities,  like Giselle and Alyson Hannigan. I think Allyson Hannigan was my favorite. She was great! She is the girl "that time at band camp" and on the show How I met your Mother.  The famous NH midwife I got to meet TWICE now was actually in the First Business of Being Born.
I also want to recommend the movie, Birth Story: Ina May Gaskin & The Farm Midwives.

Fat Sick and Nearly Dead
This solidified me wanting to do juicing. I am not sick and nearly dead, but I am a overweight.
I have not done a full juice fast, but I have included juicing in my routine and I love how I feel.
When I was good about it and had juice for my breakfast and snacks, I was losing weight. I also hate to waste the pulp from juicing, so I use the veggie pulp in other meals and compost anything I don't eat.

Food, Inc.  About our food and meat in this country.

And, here are a few other things Ive seen and liked:  

I have been reading about how healthy bone broth soup is. I took the bones leftover from Thanksgiving turkey. I put them in my crock pot with water for 48 hours on low. It made a thick broth.
I then added butternut squash and some other veggies and herbs and made a soup. The soup is so filling because the broth is full of nutrients and marrow.

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  1. I'll skip the rice cereal and breastfeeding :)