Tuesday, March 5, 2013

A busy weekend

Andrew took Anika skiing on Friday. My mom was at the mountain too so that is why she is in the pictures. Andrew actually skied with Anika a lot this weekend but he is not in ANY photos.
The big pink helmet kills me. its funny.

She LOVES the magic carpet- how she gets up the little bunny hill.

 Saturday, I had a race at Wild Cat up North. My dad actually went with me. We left at 6  AM.
We got some of the FIRST tracks of the day! It was awesome!

Mt Washington (Tuckermans) behind me in the pics.

Beautiful view.

HAHA. This makes me laugh.

The race started at 10 and I was one of the early racers.  At 9:50 I decided we could take one more run.
And, the lift BROKE!!
We were stuck on the lift for 20 minutes. I could hear the race starting. 
They finally got it moving, but VERY Slow. I got to the top of the course pretty much with a minute to spare... but still had my dad take a picture :) 

Most racers take their snow pants off, but my snow pants are so tight right now, I figure they are find to keep on :) My baggy jacket would slow me down, but I'm sure my pants are fine. haha
 It was a longer course than the other races this season, and it was the championship. I won.

THEN, we left RIGHT after my run. We made the 1 hour 45 minute ride back to our area, dropped my dad off, and then I headed a little over an hour south  to a town on the border of Massachusetts to attend a midwife convention I was invited to. I REALLY wanted to do both, so I'm happy I was able to. Anika was with Andrew. With him gone all week, he loved all the alone time with her.
I really enjoyed the little bit of the convention I attended. As you know, natural birth is a passion of mine.  I know I don't work in the birth field, but I still find all of it fascinating.  I also learned that the hospital I had Anika at was  the forerunner for bringing the natural birthing practices back into hospitals in the 80's. One doctor in particular was responsible for the changes, and I met his wife (a midwife)...again and I really enjoyed listening to her speak and seeing her photos.
On the way home, I stopped to look for a dress, but I just took photos and was NOT in the mood. We live far from real malls, so I figured while I was down south, it would be good to stop in, but I had been up since 5 AM and I felt gross.

Sunday, Anika and I made a delicious breakfast. I used nutritional yeast instead of cheese. Does anyone else use nutritional yeast? I have used it on kale chips too. It is still new to me, but I am trying to eat eggs without cheese, which is hard for me.  I made the salsa too. Anika ate a raw clove of garlic while helping me! ha She said it was spicy. Ya, I bet!

We had a slow morning and then headed over to our local ski mountain. 
I get really tired if I hang around my house all day, but if we are out and about I have tons of energy. Plus, I wanted to ski with Anika since everyone else had been.

My iphone was taking blurry pics

And, two videos I think are funny. The one on the bottom you have to have the volume up to hear, but I laugh, but then again, its my family :)
Anika skied about 20 feet all on her own. She thought I was right there and when she realized I wasn't, she didn't like that. She is actually very good with her balance and has the concept down, but she needs a little more confidence I think. She has plenty of confidence in other areas of her life :)

We only stayed at the mountain for a few hours, so we had some time at home in the early evening.
We have so much fun with our little love.  She continues to be a chatter box and loves to tell us stories. Some are true. haha


  1. I can't wait to get Shelby on skis!! HOw cute is Anika?!

  2. On my iPad so I can't see the videos. Love her skiing. Wish I had skied more when I was little. You going to become a midwife???