Thursday, February 28, 2013

Trapper's Dinner

Saturday night, Andrew and I went to the NH trapper's dinner.
Every year, the association gives a fur coat to M.iss NH.
She helped with the raffle and stuff.
I also got to meet a famous Midwife, Carol.  I read her book a while ago and LOVED it.  I am actually going to watch her speak this Saturday at the Midwife convention! I have a ski race that mourning way up north, and then ill drive way down south, but I REALLY want to attend both things. She was in the photo above, but I cut her out of this pic, but she had a skunk hat on, and I had my fox.

My dad in his beaver coat. My mom had Anika and my niece at my niece's ski team party, so my dad brought a date. HAHA. She was in this photo, but I cut her out too. She was very pretty and is the wife of my dad's friend who couldn't make it.
Me and NH.


  1. Mouring or morning? Ha.

    Only in NH. I want a fur please.