Wednesday, February 13, 2013

A few little projects

And, I mean little.
Our house came with this ugly tile. Just one strip above the kitchen sink.
It is UNDER the window trim, so cant remove it without taking off trim.
After a while, I just forgot about I do with many home renovation ideas.
But, this past weekend after A FULL day home because of the blizzard, I decided it was time.

Andrew sanded it a bit, put some primer on (the kind meant for shiny surfaces) and Then, he put white paint on.

But, we thought the white was boring and just blended in with the rest.
He took a look in the basement and we had some light green from our living room, so he painted it light green.
We kind of want to make it a bit brighter. Any suggestions??
It was quick to paint so we can paint it again very easily.

Before and After:

Andrew has this big chunk of Amber. Might see if I can get something made out of it, like jewelry :)
My niece turned TEN yesterday! I cant believe it. It seems like she was just Anika's age.

I have always wanted to make these Vday cards!
I saw them somewhere even pre pinterest days.
Anika can give them to the kids at her sitter.  They are all older than her and can have lollipops.

I saw this on FB and thought it was interesting. I eat all of this stuff regularly, so I should be super skinny, right? ha.
Guess what was going on a year ago this week??
MY husband was in the hospital with his mystery illness. The only thing I wanted last year for Valentines Day was a healthy husband and for him to be home....
This year, I am back to normal and want flowers or a gift! haha.
In all honesty, I am SOOO grateful for his health and that entire episode made me appreciate so many of the small things in life and about him.  He is one helluva a guy and I really don't take that for granted like I used to. At least, I try not to :)


  1. I am so glad Andrew is Ok and that you realized he was a catch. Ha. Hope you get flowers and then some!

  2. I'll say this - the paint is a vast improvement over the old tile!