Friday, February 8, 2013

Another Friday Here

Knock, Knock!
I was looking at my old blog yesterday for some things.
Wow, I used to write a lot. And, people used to comment! HA.
I guess that's what happens when I fall off the  face of the blogging earth.
That's ok. I do record a lot of things on a calendar I keep near Anika's rocker, so at least I have a lot of my memories about Anika stored away there.
My memory is SO, SO bad, so its imperative I write all the little things down. Even the things I don't think I could Possibly forget.

I have become a master at Legos...well, the toddler version.
I put this together by looking at a photo that came with them.
And, it was pretty sad that I was really really proud of myself and then looked at the box and saw they are for children, age 3.  So, I guess I shouldn't be so proud.

Yesterday before we went to Miss W's and work, I took a this picture of A.
I got that Alpaca sweater in NZ at a market for $10 NZ dollars, so that's like $8 US. Its so cute. The rest of the outfit is hand me downs, as many of her clothes are. Or gifts- she still wears a lot of gifts!

It is snowing might have heard about the blizzard on the news, but I still went to spin this morning and captured this beauty of myself. Its not too bad here yet, but I guess it will be coming down for a while.
I was supposed to have a ski race tomorrow, but it got cancelled because of the snow! In my 20+ years of racing, that has NEVER happened.  OH MY GOSH- I had a race two weeks ago, and I WON. BEST Female time of the day.  I forgot to tell you all that.
Anika has gotten in a few ski days too. I need to post pics.
Last wekend, I spent a fabulous weekend in Boston with my friends- my INTERNET FRIENDS turned real life friends!!!
YES!!  Except one Internet friend is actually friends of friends with someone I know in real life, so that was cool. Two friends came from California and one from Ohio for the weekend.
One of the girls has a son that was due the EXACT SAME day as Anika, but he was born  a week early (Homebirth) and Anika was 2 weeks late so they are 3 weeks apart.   SO Cute together.
I hope you don't get hit with snow too bad where you are.
I wish I could just give someone my photos and speak my stories and have someone write them all here for me :)


  1. I want snow!!! So jealous.

    Anika's face in that picture is priceless.

    I am a Lego master. Seriously. Built the 3000 plus Death Star for Bryant. Maybe one day you will have my skills. Ha.