Friday, February 1, 2013

Freakin FRiDAY!

I already cried this morning. Anika hasn't seen my mum in 10 days because my mom and Gram went to Hawaii for my Gram's 80th Birthday! When we pulled into the gym this morning, Anika saw my mum's truck and she got excited "Nona's truck! Nona's Truck" And when we walked in she was looking and calling for her, and then she spotted her across the way and just smiled huge and ran and ran into Nona's arms and gave her the biggest hug and my mom was exploding with happiness.  I stood there with my arms full of gym bag, diaper bag, lunch bag, her jacket etc and fought back tears (I had the about to cry feeling in my nose- does anyone else get that?)  THAT moment just reminds me no matter how much we want to move, we can't ever take Anika away from my parents. Everyone at the gym looked on in Aww. They all know us- its a small gym and we are friendly with the other members and employees. Anika knows most of the people who work there by name. 
 I recovered and got myself to spin and every time I pictured their reunion, my eyes started flowing again, along with my sweat...all down my face. My heart ached and stomach felt it- i could literally feel their love for each other. I'm crying again now thinking of it.
Anika is just so, so lucky to have them, and so am I. I am also very close with my Gram (My mom's mom) so its a wonderful feeling.
Now, instead of crying, I am just SOOO excited for Tonight. Anika and I are driving down to Boston to meet some friends and staying at a fancy hotel!  Something is VERY speical about these friends!!
Happy Friday!

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