Thursday, February 21, 2013

Fun Randoms

I had another race on Saturday. I won again. Best female time by A LOT. And, I actually got 3rd overall. Only 2 men beat me. I beat the guy on my team I like to beat by quite a bit. He beat me last race though.   This league doesn't have the biggest competition, but it is fun, its affordable, and it boosts my ego :)
I had on a jacket I haven't worn in a while I guess!! Its actually my spring skiing jacket, and it really wasn't that warm, so I don't know what I was thinking wearing it. I was on the lift, and noticed I had a ticket from 2005 on the jacket!!! HA. the ONLY time I skied out West. This ticket was from Heavenly. I went out with my guy friend, T, and his friend.  It was so much fun and I was working really crazy hours at the time at my first firm, on a 3 month trial, so it was a short little break for a delayed birthday trip. I want to get back out there one day.

On Sunday morning, Anika dressed up in her hula gear my mom brought her back from Hawaii, and she did some hula dancing.
This was from last week. Anika got to have dinner with daddy twice while he was away via Facetime/Skype! She was trying to feed him some dinner! ha. She really doesn't get to use our iphones or ipad, etc, but I am SO happy the technology exists for times like this when Daddy is away. 
I have been coloring my hair blond since I was 15.
I'm thinking of letting it go darker/natural. Maybe.
Just to see.
The photo above was me in NZ in Dec. 2005.  I had been in NZ since July and had no hair color in those 6 months.  The roots are natural.  I wonder if that is what it would still look like.
 I have a hair apt. this coming Saturday so I think I am going to do low lights to start the transition.
HAHA- Actually, as I type this I forgot that my stylist reads sometimes! haha I haven't told her my plan yet. I actually had a nightmare about it last night.
This is my hair in late 2006. I LOVED It then.  The color, the feel, the length, etc.
Hmm, what else.
Andrew helped me fix up an old cast iron pan.
We no longer have any non stick in the house, except the bread maker.
We use cast iron and steel to cook on.  I even got a new rice cooker with a stainless steel bowl. Pretty reasonable on amazon. Our old one was non stick and the non stick coating was chipped- it gave me anxiety. ha
I had to cook some fatty stuff this week to season the pan up.
Anika came home with a new hat.
One of A's valentines. She also got one with a friendship bracelet in it and she has been wearing it ever since. I liked the idea of the bracelet instead of candy. I posted A's valentines last week.
On Sunday, we went to brunch.  I know its winter here, but Anika is ready for spring, obviously. ha My gram gave her a bunch of jewelry, like these yellow beads and she loves playing with them.

Monday, I worked for 2 hour in the morning after the gym. Then, met my mom and Anika for lunch.
Then, Anika and I headed south to do some errands.  One store included the NH food Coop.
All local and natural foods, but it was PRICEY!  Might have spent my week food budget on TWO bags of things. whoops.
We also went to Target.
That was fun. It really was, until the end.  Anika ran out of the store without me. I caught her and then it was so windy, my poster board in my hand blew away! I chased after it with A in one arm, my purse, my bags, etc but I finally gave up.
I put Anika in the car seat and drove around the parking lot looking for my poster board...
IT took a few hits. haha
While we were in Target, I would pick up things and say "Should we get this?" and Anika would say "No mummy. back"
Sounds like Daddy has been training her! haha
It was a REALLY fun day, even though we had a lot of excitement!
Anika's sitter gave her a gift card to the local bookstore for Christmas, so ANika went and picked out some books!
She also got some bath crayons!  Above is her drawing a rainbow.
Also, we had our FIRST tub poo. YUP, first one. She got so distracted by the crayons I guess. haha
She had brought her baby in the tub with her.  And after I saw the poo in the tub, Anika's reaction was "OHHHHH MY GOODNESS!!  GROSS. BABY, Gross!"
yup, she blamed her baby doll. 
Anika usually goes poo on the potty and has been wearing undies at the sitter, but personally, I think she has a long way to go with the pee. 
We shall see.
I love straws. I have some new stainless steel ones, and I love them. Anika likes them too.
Really loving Baby!
Brushing our teeth Tuesday morning before work.
 I tried these black bean spag noodles. Andrew wasn't a fan, but I liked them.
I also made some mashed cauliflower as a side. YUMMY!  The stuff on top of the noodles is leftover crock pot soup I made. I make a crock pot soup with veggies once a week in the winter- like this:


  1. Wow! Y'all are busy! Anika is so cute! It looks like she is ready for a sibling :)

  2. Those noodles look kind of gross.
    Anika and those yellow breads are so funny.
    Like the brown hair a lot.
    I can't believe you win the skiing! That is impressive.
    Bath poo is gross. I have picked up my nephews in the past.

  3. Little Miss A got so tall! She is still cute as ever! Those girls need to slow down all this growing up they are doing.
    And you go girl kicking butt left and right on your skiing competition! You rock!